near death experience ? haha

Last night was quite dramatic to say the least…
Could have almost died haha.
The concept of almost dying didn’t even unfaze me, but perhaps I was in shock?

After dinner, my eyes felt kinda itchy so I thought I should sleep it off.
I was suddenly down in a sneezing fit too.
My back ached like a bitch this morning, so I popped in the usual muscle relaxant and a cold pill.

Starting coughing a bit so I took lozenges.
While reading the bible, the coughing got worse, almost like an asthma attack (X_X)

Decided to go to the toilet after coughing like mad.
Then as I passed the mirror, I realised my eyes looked like mosquitoes attacked it (T___T)

Freaked out and told dad who was watching TV.
Starting feeling very breathless very fast.. (X_X)
Throughout the whole ride though, my dad kept nagging and being annoying (=__=)
It was difficult to talk back and I had to keep taking in deep breaths to calm down my quickening heart pace.

When I got to the clinic, damn nurse didn’t seem to understand me.
I told her I’m having an allergy attack, can’t breathe, would appreciate kindly if she could hook me up to some sort of respiratory system … but all she did was slowly take her time to see if my insurance covered the costs in the clinic.. WTF? I don’t even…

Thankfully there was no queue, so I was up next.
Quickly (as much as possible while breathing like a mad pervertic person)  I explained to the doctor and he did the usual checkups etc.

I think he thought he was funny, because he said:
Doc: Your airways are swollen and slowly closing in, don’t you think it’s quite worrying?
Me: Uhhh yes, that’s why I’m here. Initially I wanted to sleep it off…?


And then he said I needed a fucking injection!
I laughed like, “ARE YOU SERIOUS? HAHAA *wheezing*”
My face:

I was totally not expecting that at all!
I tried, the best that I could, to get him to avoid giving me a jab :(
To no avail!

After cursing like thrice, it was over and done with.
Actually it wasn’t painful, it’s just the idea of the jab that freaks me out :/

Then he said I needed to go to to the hospital incase the meds he will give me doesn’t work.
I laughed even more.
He went on to say, I had to go to the hospital for observation as if my airways closed up anymore I could die.

When he said the word “die”, all I did was laugh.
It was like words didn’t even register… or maybe I was in shock. Haha.

After taking 6 tablets of medication [WTF?!!], I was out the clinic and my mum called to check on me.

I was laughing all the way to the car.
“Hahahaa *wheeze*, mum haha I have to go to the hospital … haha *wheeze* .__.”

Went back home to pick up some stuff incase I had to stay overnight..
By then, my breathing was slowly getting better, thank goodness!

Went to the hospital with my lil bro and parents and the only painful thing was my jabbed arm.
Hurt to even lift it :(

Before leaving to the hospital I asked the clinic staff probably like 5 times if they were completely sure I needed to go there.
The whole idea of going to the hospital didn’t sit well with me at all. :(

Thankfully after doing some weird tests like sticking stickers and shit on me, I could go home.


Feels weird now thinking back..
If I didn’t raise the alarm to go to the doc’s, I would probably not be here anymore (;A;) coz I arrived at the clinic as in time before they closed. If not, I won’t be able to even breathe while finding a 2nd clinic. I became breathless so quickly it scared me (X_x);;

And my parents… bless their souls, were all making stupid fussing before driving me to the clinic.
“Which ones does Aviva cover”  etc
And they were being grumpy about everything.
Was so annoyed in the car with my dad cause he kept going on about stupid stuff and I’m like “ok dad, i cant breathe and talk to you..”
There would be like 1 min of silence then he goes back to it again..


I swear this is the middle-child syndrome.
If it were my brothers, they would have gone to the hospital straight haha.
But super thanks Kymmie for accompanying me virtually throughout everything (X_X);;
Didn’t expected it to get so bad so soon (@_@)
I mean, I could even tweet about it, but right after I hit “send”, everything went downhill from there haha.

Didn’t even have oh “life flashing before your eyes” moment, probably because I had to get a jab and all I was thinking was “OMG HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS D8”

When I got home, I used the internet as per normal, chatted with people as per normal, it was like it didn’t happen at all. Haha.
But it kinda reminded me life could end anytime :/ Gotta treasure moments man..Don’t think I’ll make any “whoa” life-changing shit, but I’m just happy that I’m alive and not breathing through a hole in my neck haha.


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