MAMA2011 !


Shall not go into details about what a bad start the day was for me :(
Was super duper sick!
Sorry to bestie who had to tolerate my :( face haha.

But after throwing up, felt better, THANKFULLY!
Couldn’t get into the limited red carpet area, so we went to get some MAMA stuff!

Like this light-stick thingy!


They were also giving away free iPhone covers, so I took one for my elder bro who wanted a new cover:


They were also giving away brownies:

I ate one today and it was freaking sweet. Gross!

Our tickets were bumped to the front!
Thank gawd! Even though I was grumpy about it, these were AMAZING seats~!
With our tics:

We were actually freaking near the stage… TOTALLY REGRET NOT BRINGING MY CAMERA!!!:


Spotted this dude just chilling like a boss at the moshpit area while everyone was squeezing their asses off!:




He was actually just 1 block away from us!!
We were at T07, and he was at T06 preparing for the short intro to their performance and his “flight” to the stage!

Coolios max!!!

Screamt so much during the show!
Dancing and yelling in my chair! Was fucking amazing!
Loved 2NE1,, snoop dogg, SNSD, b2st, Suju and Koda Kumi’s stages!!

Best performance is a tie between, suju and 2NE1!

So happy !! It was totally worth my money!!
I was actually upset at first coz the groups I support (more actively anyway) weren’t going, but the whole exp was amazing!!

Suju saying goodbye:

(T__T) Too blurry ! My Eunhyukkie oppa!!:


It was a freaking nightmare getting a cab out of the area but I saw Jun-kun!
Totally didn’t see him till he shouted my name haha.
But he was with a client, so we didn’t catch up much (>_<);;

Anyways crashed at my granny’s!
Watched 1 episode of Running Man and then went to sleep!
Glad bestie liked her belated bday gifts keke!

She also gave me a gift from Aussieland:

Love!! I love forever new!!

The next day we met for lunch ~ And spent the next day still high about MAMA!
And we watched SNSD’s concert on DVD and Working!! Season 2 ! Keke!

After Kym left, nua-ed a bit before going out to buy dinner~
Granny came home with cookies from my Aunt!

Cannot escape the cute ! Kyaaaa~~

Ok so that’s all for MAMA, too damn tired~
Still missing the MAMA experience (T_T)



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