Korean yumyum

Been craving some Korean chicken lately, even though I’ve been sick.. like for 2 weeks..

I cannot go out of the house, not feeling nauseous and I have difficulties breathing like a normal person (=_=)
It’s been on and off for 2 weeks!

So anyway decided to see if I could survive a trip out with my elder bro!
(And also our friends who came later)
Went to my favourite korean chicken restaurant, woorinara.

It’s THE BOOM! And recently their servers are doing a MUCH better job.

Ordered a whole soy garlic chicken:

Man.. looking at this pic makes me hungry for it again!

Jared was being all, “I need rice! Don’t underestimate my eating ability!”
But in the end, he didnt’ ask for rice and he was full t(=_=t)

I didn’t eat much cause I wasn’t feeling super okay.
Just that it wasn’t as bad as previous times 8(

So distract self.. camwhore time 8D

These days I feel my makeup is incomplete without lower lashes D8
Going to stock up some at Taipei !

After Korean chicken, the guys still wanted some ice-cream so we went to Udders.
Nigel came over and it was just fucking hilarious!
You can’t have Nigel there and NOT have funny conversations. It’s IMPOSIBIRUUUU!

I hope I won’t be sick in Taipei or anymore .. (=_=)
The other day I was supposed to meet my cousin, kazesuki-nii but I fell super ill.
Threw up as soon as I got out of the cab and went home straight (T__T) then to the doc’s…

But nii-san is the best seriously!
Look at all the goodies :

Yum yum!
Will make it up to him and treat him belated bday lunch/dinner!

Going to be really inactive these days due to Skyrim!
Been playing as a Wood Elf haha.
UTTER REGRET. I should have been a Dark Elf. NABEIII.
And if I’m bored of Skyrim, Im going back to Harvest Moon and Pokemon.
I havent gotten any alpacas and I finally found a buddy who is playing Pokemon Black so we can trade pokemon!


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