The elder scrolls: Skyrim – resurrecting Faendal / your companion

I’ve been away for days… playing this epic game, we all know as Skyrim.

I chose to be a Wood Elf, seeing as:
1. Why yes, I like archery
2. I wanted to be an elf / some other race but a human
3. They were the nicest looking elves
4. The Khajits all have weird spanish/mexican/what-have-you accents that reminded me of puss in boots
5. They didn’t seem like they were snobs or are racists (HAHA?)

I began on a wonderful journey!
Socializing, and getting 202422094 different quests.

After prancing around, avoiding the “main” quests, I decided, that, I, the Dragon-born, should go forth and meet with these Greybeards people.

The journey was treacherous… But I had with me, a fellow Wood Elf brother, Faendal, who was also an archery trainer!
Bless his soul, for he gave me free lessons in the art of archery. I could not have been happier.

(When I say “free” I meant, giving him money and then taking it back later. If Faendal is your companion, ask him to “trade some things” with you and you get back your coins)

On my way to the greybeards, we were attacked by all sorts of monstrosities !! Trolls, 209340294 bandits, wolves, EVEN MUDCRABS and the like! But Faendal and I persisted on, crossing land and rivers until we met up with a Redguard Mage who seem unstoppable. (Bitch killed us 3 times in a row)

After getting sick of loading, I decided that I should part ways with Faendal. And I would then dash past this nuisance, and get to Ivarstead on my own. Seeing as Faendal, a NPC, should make it back to his own home on his own. Experience with RPGs tells me that the only way he will die, is by my own hands. So we parted ways…

Faendal continued walking the same route as I.
Confused but trusting him to take care of himself, I sprinted past the mage and onwards to Ivarstead.

Upon reaching the cursed place, I realised my journey was not yet finish, I had to climb up a mountain to speak with the Greybeards. That journey was littered with sabertooth cats, dragons and trolls. Perhaps I needed Faendal after all.

As such I completed other quests before returning to Riverwood to seek his aid.
Days become weeks, weeks felt like months.


I half expected him to have died by the hands of the Redguard, but upon scouring the interweb, companions died only if we kill them by accident, so where was my elf brother?

I came across this article, that completely expressed my sorrow at losing such a friend.

After a day of mourning in the human world, I went back on to find out how I could find his body… If he were dead.
And alas, he was.

To be honest, Faendal is not the greatest companion, he is not even featured in the best Skyrim companions to have list.
And I have surpassed him in archery (Faendal only teaches you up to level 50) so there was no need for me to have him around.
But he is my elf brother.
Though we share different parents, we shared the same Brosmer blood.

A quick console command did the trick to confirm his untimely death.
By opening the console menu, for me it’s the “ ` ” key, type in:
player.moveto 0001348C

and press enter then close the console menu by pressing ` again.
(if you use a different companion, just replace the numbers to their IDs you can use UESP to search for their IDs
e.g player.moveto xxxxxxxx )

I was suddenly teleported to his corpse and had to face the truth.

(I use the Windows OS on a MacBook Pro… so there was no screencap key and Shift + Apple + 3 did not work.. so bear with me)

I had to fight off trolls and hide from a dragon while trying to save his ass.
No matter what I clicked or type, I could not resurrect him at all.
I even dragged his body to a path… only to be killed by a dragon.


Where Faendal died :(

My attempts at resurrecting him gave me a headache. And it took me hours to save him.
And I kept having to fight off enemies while at it and I kept screwing up.

The best way to resurrect your companion when surrounded by enemies, is to change your game settings to Novice.

I took out the troll easy now and moved Faendal.
As soon as I resurrected him, I accidentally pick-pocketed him and he attacked me..WHY BROTHER WHY! It was an honest mistake!
I loaded and started over.

Then as soon as Faendal resurrected, HE HAD NOTHING ON HIM.
All the gear that I bestowed on him VANISHED!
I loaded and started over again…

Other screw ups include:
1. Dragon killing us both
2. Troll falling on top of Faendal, unable to drag Faendal’s body or Troll’s body

It was a headache when Faendal’s ID did not show on my console menu.
I realised how to get past that easy, you don’t need to move your companion’s body. Alot of people have problem targeting the body proper, DO NOT GIVE UP AFTER A FEW ATTEMPTS!  Just click everywhere on the body / around the body with the console menu open. 

Before that, please take EVERYTHING from your companion’s body.

1. Open your console menu. ” ` ” key
2. Using your mouse, click on every part of the body and around the body until their ID pops up. Faendal’s ID is 0001348C. It should show “0001348C” somewhere on the top of the console menu. I clicked madly till I saw the numbers.
3. Type : resurrect and press enter 
4. Close the console menu “ ` ” key

If you are using Lydia, and still have trouble, check this video:

(This DID NOT work for Faendal though :/ May just be a Lydia thing )

My brother lives!!

Quickly, while avoiding the dragon, I fast-travelled us both back to somewhere safe.

Oh my elf brother!
It’s great to see you again ;A; *tears of joy*

Taking no chances, after selling off all the gear I gave him, I fast-travelled him back to Riverwood while we finally parted ways.
Live on elf brother…. Live on.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hope that helped everyone!

Also I have to report that after getting Faendal back, HE WAS GLITCHY AS HELL!
He would not stay put at ANY place I wanted him to, and kept following me around or popping up in cottages I want to steal from…. :/ But it makes me happy to know that at least he’s alive and safe now :)

Always remember to, keep calm and… FAUS RO DAH!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

9 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    EnVinceble said,

    Hilarious story buddy, I loved the detail! Don’t think i can tell the same story as good you. I came across this because i was trying to resurrect my Faendal too. However after finding his dead body on the ground, taking back my items and resurrecting him, he seems to remember i killed him in his past life and won’t follow. The only dialogue i get from him is the option to train archery. Did you come across this?

    • 2

      Haha thanks!
      Oh I had so much trouble with Faendal after, it was like he was a bit buggy? He could follow me with no problems, but when I told him to wait at some place, and he kept following me around like he had separation issues (perhaps he remembered “my betrayal”).

      For conversation options…The archery training option wasn’t open to me, as I already surpassed him. But I could still trade items with him.

  2. 3

    CJ said,

    Yeah. I have him following me right now and I have no interest in archery so I was like hmmmm….I shall take you with me. But I’m guarding him like a hawk because I’m afraid Camilla who likes him will curb stomp my ass if he dies while by my side hahah

  3. 4

    PeachyAenne said,

    OMG! You saved our brother! :)

    Thank you greatly for the link to my article, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved Faendal (and archery).

    Do you have any suggestions for resurrecting him on the 360 version?

    I must save him too! <3

    • 5

      John Doe said,

      Unfortunately, the Xbox has no Command Console, so you can NOT ressurect him. However, if one of your friends have a PC copy, the Xbox save can be converted to a PC save, so you can use a PC console command on PC to ressurect Faendal on your converted Xbox Save, and convert it back to Xbox, so you can continue on Xbox with a live Faendal. Google it.

  4. 6

    Abhijit said,

    Thanks my lydia is saved because of you. :D … next time you visit whiterun first round of mead is upon me .

  5. 8

    Useful info. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I’m shocked why this accident did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  6. 9

    nunya said,

    I know that this is an old post, But I LOVE Faendal.
    I am a level 81 hacker & slasher, and I have had Faendal with me from the beginning. I will stand in a doorway with a block up, and Faendal will pepper the bad guys with arrows! We both have dragon armor & daedric weapons. I have a legendary great sword, & he has legendary bow & sword & shield. I know that there are better companions, but as a Marine, we never leave anyone behind, & he always has my 6!

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