parfaitprince as inga from un-go!

… but this is just a test WAHAHA.

It was a bit difficult because I had only one hand to click shift and the mousepad on photobooth haha.
Plus I only had one eye!! Haha. This is my set of 25 Inga expressions. If it was just myself, this would be a whole diff set of photos. I think being in character is something important when it comes to cosplaying. It’s not only just about the costume you don on ://

See bigger version here: 

Going to change some things with the makeup.. mainly the lower lashes !
And also the wig needs to be styled even more.

Hope to do a shoot for this soon!

Also I finally styled my Konan wig. HIPHIPHURRAH.
Just need to fix on the flower, get me some scandals and I’m done babeh.
Oh wait, and organise a shoot haha.

I feel so super fail because I havent been working for 2 months but I havent done ANY shoots at all ORZ
Blame my epic laziness haha.

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    Jaja Chan said,

    Hi ^_^
    Can I share your KANAME☆ photos by uploading them in KANAME☆’s OFFICIAL FAN PAGE ( ) ?

    I will CREDIT you by linking your fb acct. ( or whatever you prefer )
    I will just add our watermark so the fake pages won’t steal them/ so we would know if they stole your photo from you or from the page without your/ the pages’ permission. But I will not crop or remove your watermarks.

    the fan pages are :
    (old) (new)

    We made a new one since the fake pages imitated even our title. And it is suggested by KANAME☆ himself Both pages are managed by the same admins including KANAME☆

    Yes, KANAME☆ is aware and part of the page. The head admins are communicating with him. For proofs that we are official , visit the pages’ “about me” section.

    Thank you for your time. ^_^

    -Kaname Official Philippine Admin, Jaja Chan-

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