neater living areas

Been spending a lot of my time tidying up my living space.
Somehow I feel like if my living space is messy, I also feel messy inside haha.

So I threw out more junk and arranged my TV space properly. Tada:

Daiso is truly my friend. Been visiting daiso almost every week!
So glad there’s one a 15-min walk away!

I also found out I have 2 guitars in my room (>_>);;
Argh. So maddening! Taking up so much space D8

I also went to take more pictures of things I wanna sell away!
Though undecided about my sandplay luka set for now.. since I havent even worn the gown yet (@_@)
But it didnt really suit me when I tried for STGCC ;A; so I don’t know.. kinda sitting on the fence with that one!

Anyways find all my sales items here:

Cosplay & gyaru stuff:

Ball jointed dolls:


Today’s also my dad’s bday wheee!!
Though we were gonna celebrate but we didn’t really haha.
I went to get him a cake and help him around the house though :3

Forgot to take a pic of the cake though |||ORZ

Anyways met up with Rhoda for korean nomnom yesterday~~

Ahhh so much food!
Recently I have a very very small appetite, it’s not even funny (@_@)
So couldnt finish everything.. and look at the kimchi fried rice, SO MUCH RICE OMG.
But the soup is really yummilicious!

That’s all ~ keke.

Can’t wait to:
1. Get new TV cupboard so I can re-organise my bags
2. Go for Qi Gong classes
3. Eat CNY cookies
4. Do a photoshoot

I am determined to bake cookies on Monday .. which means GOOD BYE rilakkuma nails! ;A;
Good bye long nails ;A;

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