year of the dragon

The year of the dragon is here~~~
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

This year I baked German cookies & Danish cookies~

The front 2 tubs are for Kym and her cousins.

I baked another batch of german cookies but they were so fail because I used cheaper butter ;A;
Should ALWAYS stick to SCS or Lurpak! Booo!

Thus I lost all motivation to bake dragon cookies :(

When Kym came to collect her CNY goodies, I received my belated bday pressie!:

It’s the rilakkuma I was eyeing since I first laid sight on it! WHEE!
Also she bought me zooland biscuits.
It’s so expensive in msia though! Like SGD2?
I saw it at ntuc for 75cents D8

Anyways! Had to go attend childhood friend’s dance performance at NLB~
Family (minus lil bro) and I went to Raffles Hotel for some dinner.. and there, our first yusheng:  

Wasn’t super amazing though!

My starry stockings that I love love love! :

Went to KTV after that~
Def canceling party world out of “KTVs I’ll visit” list haha

Anyways, DAY 1 cordi! :

Though… I’ll admit my mickey top is not new haha.
Was too lazy to go out and shop for a new top :P

I didn’t do my makeup until like the afternoon, so with a fresh face, I went visiting haha.
But at a relative’s place, a really cute toddler came up to me, wished my happy cny and said I was pretty! KEKE.

On my way out of the place, I was stopped by a diff relative coz she said the little boy wanted to say goodbye to me personally haha.

Sooooo cute!

After makeup:

Nails for CNY:

It’s really messy though so I took it off later at night haha.
The dog dressed up too! His clothes had the same pattern as my lil bro!:

In fact, elder bro, lil bro and I all were wearing the same colours hehe.

Mum bought a fishing game for my nephew!
Adults were all trying to play it. But it was MADDENING!
The speed was WAYYYYY too fast!! I’m proud to say I caught the most fish though haha :P

I realise I really behave like a man with regards to the way I’m sitting D8 haha

The octopuses were really difficult to catch! But my cousins were so good at it D8:


The BBQ mood was dampened by the rain! We had to even build a tent with canvas sheet haha.
But it was great fun with the cousins!


Home-made yusheng by my Aunt IS THE BEST!!

I had a stomachache suddenly at night so I retreated to my room early (>_<);;

Cordi for day 2:

Had to go visit God-grandmother and childhood friends~
Had a good time catching up with everyone ^^

Later onwards, went home to entertain more family friends~
Was really fun and had good laughs.
Family friends encouraged me to cheer up and not overstress myself haha.

Everyone said I lost a lot of weight, the thing is, Ive been pigging out on cny goodies and kueh lapis before CNY, so I don’t get it ? Haha. I was actually worried I couldn’t fit into my clothes for day 2 haha coz the shorts fitted me just nicely when I first tried them on in Taipei~

Managed to talked to another childhood friend of mine that I haven’t talked to in ages!
She’s my junior but she is really mature !
Really cute! Remember her following me around and all and picking the same type of foods I took. Haha.
Really really cute girl~
Wish her well in her studies & her new relationship! Hope to meet up with her again soon!  =3=

Not really an eventful CNY, but I had fun catching up with everyone!
I truly love gatherings like these~ Keke!

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