figuring out vday gifts

Totally having a mental battle as to what I should do for vday gifts~~
Currently thinking between:
1) Deco pocky

Most likely will do this coz I ALWAYS wanted to do deco pocky!

2) Bottled chocolate

From Sweet Anne 
Although i would personally, use different bottles and use cloth and ribbons to decorate~
I’m not a fan of printables and stuff @_@

3) Piped heart cookies
– No pic because I’m just going to make dragon cookies but will pipe it in a heart haha-
Prolly will do this as I need to make use of the milk powder I bought last week. It’s organic so it expires real soon (x_x)

4) Chocolate coated strawberries~
– no pics coz everyone knows how it looks like haha –
Another idea I’m considering to do for my family but I’m too lazy to do:
5) Strawberry hot chocolate

More pictures & recipe from Baking Dom 
But ahhhh it’s so pretty!!!! ;A;

We’ll see.. we’ll see..
So far deco pocky wins hands down!

Too lazy to bake ;A;

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