Nutella hot chocolate recipe


Came across different recipes for Nutella hot chocolate, but decided to make my own..
Too lazy with cinnamon and all that haha.

What you will need:
– Milk
– Nutella

1) Pour the amount of milk you want to consume into a cup to measure how much you will need
2) In a pot, heat up 1/4 of the milk and stir continuously

Milk burns quite fast, so remember to switch your fire to low heat.

3) Once milk turns hot, stir in one spoonful of Nutella spread [depending on how sweet you would like it, feel free to add more. In my first attempt, I used 2 spoons of Nutella and found it wayyyy too sweet!]
4)  Start melting the nutella by stirring continously

5) When chocolate is melted, add in the rest of the milk. Stir until well combined then pour to serve~!

It’s really yummy!

You can make it more “complicated” and fancy by adding cinnamon powder, whipped cream and dusting off with cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles.. but I’m too lazy for such things and just wanted a quick hot chocolate fix :P

Enjoy your cuppa! <3

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