Cosfest 2012 day 1

Ahh… my plan for BGS failed again.

I was really upset .. arghwqgdjhajd.
So I pulled out a Kagura cos out of my closet.
In fact I have a few costumes just sitting in my closet collecting dust D8


Went to meet BRS team mates and caught up!
Because Ning and I didn’t finish the cos, we had to do a punishment… (invented by yours truly, coz I was so confident I would make it >_>) so we spent our cosfest time carrying out our punishment (X_x)

With Ning~

Also met YL and Garion (FINALLY) ahha

Hmmmm what can I say about Cosfest…
It was HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!! Like madness.

In the tent area, it was equally hot! And stuffy!!! It was like the air conditioning wasn’t working.
Actually, I’m pretty certain there was no air conditioning at all (X_x);;
It was only then I was half thankful I didn’t do BGS… I would be sweating buckets.

Decided to forgo day 2 because of that!!

Anyways some pics:
Picture credits: The cosplay chronicle

Picture credits: Lawrence Yin

After suffering in the heat, went to take purikura with our BRS team! =3=
It was free purikura, because when we put in coins, the machine didn’t work so when Ning pressed the lever to get back our coins, we got back $8! D8

After that, I went to bum around in their chalet =3=
We had a lot of fun talking and laughing! Keke! =3= Gotta love these peeps !!!

Anddddd… that’s it for today.
I have no mood to blog recently @_@;; Heh… ._.

Until next time~!

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