Breakfast foods for dinner

..always makes me happy!

Long overdue post!
Went out to catch up with Aussie buds at Wild Honey, Scotts!

The first time I’ve been to Wild Honey was the one at Mandarin Gallery..
I ordered pancakes / the canadian, and it was the WORST PANCAKES EVER.
Maple syrup slid off the rockhard pancakes =_=

I was skeptical about how this restaurant fared, i mean, COME ON, ITS BLOODY PANCAKES.
But I heard a lot of friends, who ordered other food on the menu, say that the food is fantastic, so I decided to give it another try… (and order anything but pancakes)

The Scotts outlet allowed us to make a reservation! So we did so for a weekday night, afraid that it may be packed!
but it wasn’t!
One thing great was, it wasn’t “self-service” anymore too D:

Anyway coordinate of the day, the theme was Chocolate caramel vanilla-iced cupcake:



Back to dinner!
I ordered the English set, because it has scrambled eggs and baked beans!! Plus it sounded the safest haha:

The scrambled eggs tasted kinda funny to me. I didn’t like the baked beans…
The potatoes were kinda meh too.

Over all it was very “meh”, but I was really hungy so I ate everything but the 2nd slice of bread (whcih I made only half way through) haha.

Prolly will not excitedly go back again. But I do love all-day breakfasts very much, so we’ll see~


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