New Dolly wink false eyelashes: Baby Girl review

I finally caved in and bought the new Dolly wink range that FINALLY came into Watsons!
I purchased No. 13 Baby Girl
Costing S$24.90 per box~ The same price as all the other dolly wink lashes brought in so far~

I have more or less given up on the upper lashes for dolly wink (mainly because they have all soft lash bands and so doesnt support my hidden double eyelid @_@) BUT I’m so in love with their lower lashes keke.


Close up of the lashes: 

When worn:

Close up:


This range apparently is targeted at older gyarus.
For a more mature makeup look that you can wear to work.
So it is really for the otona-style!

As you can see, it instantly makes your eyes bigger.
It also gives a dolly vibe, like its name, “baby doll”
It reminded me of dolly wink’s other lash, that I wore here:

And here:

That is the “Baby Cute” lashes from the previous series.

More close up:

Ahhh I think they are one of my favourites now!
It comes on a long transparent band so you just need to pick it up with your tweezers and place them under your eye~ [I didn’t even need to cut them!]
This is much more simpler than “Baby Cute” so those comes in bunches and you have to “plant” them one by one on your eye.

However, I personally think “Baby cute” gives more of an anime- doll effect.
So choose that if you are going for that look! Remember that this new range is more a more adult / natural look~

Overall : ✭✭✭✭✭ /5
Great for beginners and great for a gyaru look easily!
I’m eager to purchase No.12 Feminine Girl too!
But I’m waiting to ger a job / sell more stuff first! Haha~

Will post a review on the older range’s dollywink eyelash glue soon.
All I can say for now is that it was a terrible buy!
I know they came up with a new glue though but I already bought my trusty duo eyelash glue so I’m not spending unnecessarily ~ >_<


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    naeunnie said,

    you are so cuuute *_* those lenses are amazingly BLUEEE – what are they?! wow those lashes are expensive in Singapore ;_; i guess about the same as online and everywhere but sigh dollywink lashes are so $$$….. I love these lashes ;~; but I hate dollywink glue. it got into my eye today somehow and wasn’t good! (esp since it dries so fast)

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