miss my elder bro!

Last night, he skyped with me for a bit, and I realised omg, I really miss my elder brother (T_T)
He will be graduating end of this year though! (>w<)

Can’t wait!

Forgot to post pics of the day we sent him off to the airport!

Coordinate mostly from Taipei haul XD:

Top, skirt, shoes and bag (not featured here) all from shopping in Taipei haha.
Necklace from taichou sama!
Hair clips from random places!

Make up:


Somehow the lighting makes me look really fair..
In reality I’m not T^T *sobs*
Btw this is with dollywink lower lashes, baby cute (only 3 bunches of it each side) and also candydoll blusher!
I’m really into using dual coloured blushers now! =3=

On the way to the airport, with the lil bro:

At Saboten with my elder bro:

Elder bro is NOT photogenic AT ALL haha:

The Siblings in order:

Mum asked us to do whacky poses:

My lil bro says that is his whacky face =_=

Saboten, in my personal humble opinion, serves up one of the best katsus EVER in Singapore.


Come back soon elder bro, miss you lots T_T Please stay away from psychos while you are there.
You know who I’m talking about =_= haha!

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