Dolly wink eyelash glue review

Saw that the dolly wink glue was on sale at Watsons a few weeks back!
And I was out of eyelash adhesive so I purchased this on a wimp!
I have been using eye puchi as a replacement haha.
Do note this is the older version of the eyelash glue.
Apparently Dolly wink has released a new improved version!

Review under the cut!

What I didn’t like about the adhesive was that the brush tip is so thin!!
This is especially troubling when I like to have a bop of glue on the back of my hand to help in putting my lower lashes easier (those that comes in bunches)
What one brush of glue looks like on the back of my hand:

As you can see not much product comes out of it :/
While trying to “plant” my lower lashes, I gave up and just brushed them on slowly one by one (that drove me nuts!)

Trying to get more product out of the container was a pain too as the inside of it looks like this:

I couldn’t swish the applicator around to get more glue coated on it (X_x)

One coating of glue on the lash band:

As the glue is difficult to get on the brush properly, you can see that there are gaps after on swipe of the brush on the eyelash band.

When you compare to using an adhesive out of the tube it looks like this:

More product goes on the lash band!

Evenly applied glue = better holding!!

Besides my problem with the applicator, the glue takes a bloody long time to dry!

In my normal routine of using duo adhesive, I would apply glue on both lashes, then leave them aside to get drier.
I would then start working makeup on my eyebrows, cheeks. I would then blow a bit on the lashes and stick them on.

For the dolly wink one, I realised if I followed my usual routine, the glue is STILL not sticking on my skin well.. So I carried on to do my highlighting and shadowing work.. EVEN after that, still no go.

I would do everything then wait impatiently, blowing on my lashes to make the glue dry faster.

During my days out about 5 horus or so? The lashes would start dropping out. =__=
It’s really maddening!

What I think works well is waiting for the glue to really dry ALMOST clear.
You would have to have patience with this glue!

I have NO such patience haha.
So I went to buy my trusty duo adhesive after suffering with this terrible product for a week.

Overall : ✭/5
Would NEVER buy this again EVER.

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  1. 1

    naeunnie said,

    I didn’t lke the duo glue! I actually moved onto Shu’s glue, but tried the tester tubes of dollywink glue in my lash packs… =/ it’s okay. i thnik it dries way too fast though D:

  2. 2

    Annonymous said,

    Is it just me or does Dolly Wink’s eyelash glue seem like there’s not enough in there? I just bought an eyelash + eyelash glue combo kit and my eyelash glue doesn’t look like it’s enough in there…

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