Gintama – Takasugi Shinsuke cosplay shoot

Shot this about 2 weeks back!
Finally, my Takasugi cosplay gets an official debut haha!
I did the cos-test so long ago (@_@) And I cosplayed him to be featured in my childhood friend’s uni project about identity and cosplay.
I heard she got an A!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
I’m always happy to help for such projects if you are sincere and nice about it!
I talk ALOT during interviews and I know how difficult it is to get the statements you would need, so please feel free to look for me if you need help in your project about cosplay haha!

Anyways, this was my first studio shoot!
I never really fancied the idea of studio shoots and it never crossed my mind, but my wonderful friend, Yee Long, has an amazing portfolio of cosplay shoots taken at his home haha. Please see it here! So I was willingly to give a studio shoot a shot!

This is by far, the MOST COMFORTABLE SHOOT EVER. Hahaha!
Reason being, we took our time doing everything and I sat down on a chair 90% of the time when not shooting haha!
And there was aircon! BANZAI! (。・ω・)ノ゙

^ My favourite picture!
Alot of people on deviantart have been asking me how did the butterflies turn out so nice?
The answer is:
1) Yee Long is fucking amazing with lighting
2) These are iron-on butterflies

In reality, this outfit reminds me of a brinjal with golden butterfly stickers plastered all over it haha.

Had so much fun laughing coz the lighting which was peach-coloured made some photos look fluffy.
In other instances, the photo looked like a scene in a brothel.
Although the idea of Takasugi in a brothel wouldn’t be so far-fetched.

Also the katana photos was a pain!
The first few shots were great but we realised the scabbard (or saya) was in the picture and it made the whole pic look kinda awkward haha. So we took the saya off and begun trying to get the same pose and angle all over again haha!
Pretty hilarious though.

The katana is heavy as hell! It’s an actual katana apparently?
So man… it was heavy like (*#$(*@*&* haha.

OH gawd and the licking sword photos (which turned out really fucking hilarious) !!! I never laughed so hard at a shoot before HAHAHAA. Omg thinking about it makes me laugh like mad. I totally killed the image of Takasugi right there and then. It was really “Bakasugi” hahaa!

You can see the whole set of pics including my camwhore pics on FaceBook! 

After the shoot:

Finally gotten a stool in there, and I laid there like a dead fish while Yee Long went around to tidy up haha.
How come I look so thin here? D8:

Camwhoring with Yee Long and what “Bakasugi would look like” :

Every shoot, I would definitely have regrets! Because I have a perfectionist mentality when it comes to cosplay haha!
So what I regret this time would be: MAKEUP!!!! I think I could have done a better job ! (>人<;)
Somehow I didn’t do the kind of makeup I was aiming for, like in my cos-tests!

I think the whole problem was I didn’t draw my double eyelid higher.. and I didn’t line my whole eye (.___.)

But the photos came out great so I can safely put a “DONE” stamp for this character haha!
Also I would have really liked it if Yee Long liquified me so I look thinner HAHAHAHA!
None of my photos were liquified!!! D8 What horror is this hahahaahahah!
Kidding! But for non-liquified photos, I think these are fantastic!
Goes to show that camera angles are important!
Get it right and you never have to PS your photo haha!

Thanks Yee Long, for always shooting for me since my Ciel cosplay, for listening to me whine about my nose HAHA and bitch about 29849283482942 other things.
And for understanding that my vulgarity is a part of me and how much I love little girls. HAHAHAHA!
Anyways, I’m selling this outfit and wig! Please go check it out on SGCafe! 

I’m also going to be shooting Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt in April!
Can’t wait!!! (*´ω`*)

I also hope to shoot other cosplays soon:
1. Konan! Waiting for Rhoda (╥﹏╥)
2. Alois! Gotten everything ready, just figuring out locations to shoot…
3. Inga! The panda hat is taking up a lot of closet space (X_x);;
4. Date masamune (but i need to do a cos test first D8)

I also opened a Star Driver team (specifically for the Glittering Crux Brigade) for Cosfest 2012:

If you are Singaporean or are coming to Cosfest, I warmly invite you to join us!
I’ll be as the President! Secretary has been taken! I’m looking for Banker and the other members!
Visit SGCafe to apply if not please leave me a comment or something!  (♡´◡`♡)””

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