I’m such a Narutard right now, words cannot explain!
I’m so so so excited for Naruto SD!

It comes out of the 3rd of April in Japan!
I actually don’t like Rock Lee so much, but I’ve seen the previews and it looks super cute!
Chibi Naruto charas!!

Since I was so excited for it, I decided to read the manga too haha!

They made Neji silly too haha.

I laughed so hard and so long at this whole chapter, where Lee tried to use Byakugan:

OH GAWD. Haha.

And Neji being shit silly:

Aw man Neji is so cute, I don’t even…

When I read Neji going Hmm?” I SQUEALED LIKE NO TOMORROW.

But not as hard as when I saw Chibi Gaara! I kept wondering if Gaara would make an appearance, and he did!
AND OMG I squealed nonstop for about 3 mins? OMG SO MUCH CUTE.


I have so much love for Gaara after reading his fight with his dad ;A;

And of course the forever cool ninja, Kakashi!:


Ok, I’m done fangirling haha!
Tomorrow I’ll be going to Hort Park with Foo, YL and Celine!
Whee! First time meeting Celine keke!
Can’t waitttt~~

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    Hassan Honeycott said,

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