cooking & baking

Since I’m bored and have nothing to do, I’ve been cooking and baking lots!

Few weeks back, I made a Brownie for my mum and lil bro (=3=)
The recipe was from a cookbook we found in our apartment in Brisbane! Haha.
Kelly used to make them all the time and it was always delicious, so for the first time (I think?)
I made it on my own haha!

Bro ate up so many <3
Tastes best with icecream hurhur~

I also bought this sandwich press!

It trimmed off the bread’s edges perfectly!
Good for people who hate the sides of bread~
I know I used to hate them, but I’ve learnt how to eat them coz it’s such a waste to throw the sides away!

Made french toast coz I had a sudden craving for smth for maple syrup! (But NOT pancakes coz I’ve been eating WAYYY too many of those haha)

The first time I ate this was when in Primary school!
1 slice would sell for 40cents each and they ONLY sold it after school recess hours.
This was because it was deemed unhealthy and my school was on a very strict regime to make sure it had the least amount of overweight students (.__.) So anything oily the hawkers would sell, would have to be sold after the usual recess hours. Even things like fried nuggets, french fires etc were not allowed to be sold!
Throngs of students would rush madly to the noodle store (weird right, but they usually sell the unhealthy stuff!) after school, and it would be a mad dash to get a snack before the bus ride home.
We had to be fast cause the drivers left at a certain time!
If you were in the morning stream, these were sold in the weeeee hours of the morning! So students get their oily snack before school~

One of the days I also made chocolate chip cookies, but failed to take any pictures of it ._.||

Most recently, I made bear-shaped pandan madeleines from raspherri cupcakes!

They all developed humps but it’s hard to see in this picture (@_@)

I think the green is VERY shocking.. I probably put too much pandan paste.
The taste was great though!
But I’m so sick of eating them haha. My lil bro hates any food in green so he shied away from these.

Close up!
The trick for getting these babies out is to VERY generously grease the mould with butter!

I’m actually waiting for a chance to use my loaf pan to make a banana loaf, but I can’t find ground hazelnuts and I’m too lazy to grind them myself (X_x)

I’m also now considering to bake a red velvet cake, but I’m lacking the courage!

We’ll see! (:


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    Mayonade said,

    Brownie looks like chocolate smothered toast! …yum

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