{sleepy troublemaker} WARNING: BOYS LOVE / twin-cest

(a) Adult situations
(b) Yaoi / Shouen-ai / Boys Love
(c) Twin-cest
(d) Dolls

If you disturb kaito when it’s raining..
And he just wants to sleep…
You’ll be in for a treat.


I don’t like incest.. but I like BL twin-cest HAHAHA

Kaito: So… tell me again, Katsuro, what’s so important you had to wake me up… *snuggles*

Katsuro: … I… uhh…

Kaito: Do you know, it’s a wonderful feeling to sleep when it rains….

Katsuro: *looks away* Uhh.. that…

Kaito: Maybe.. you could sing me a lullaby to pay for your sins

Katsuro: Lulla..what?

Kaito: Hmm.. Or maybe a story?… Or maybe you can wear me out..

Kaito: What do you say?

Katsuro: Whaa…what? Wait..

Kaito: Hmmm…

Kaito: I’ll even help..

Kaito: If you’re too shy…

Katsuro: I’m anything but!

Kaito: That’s good. But I regret to inform you…

Kaito: Fun’s over.

Katsuro: ?!

Kaito: So.. how does it feel, to be denied of something you want? Disturb my sleep for no reason again and I’ll make sure your life’s a hell, Katsuro.

Chie: …. Kaito nii…? Katsuro… nii? I… the sky is making noises… I… Um.. Could you tell me a story?

Kaito: Of course, anything for my sweet princess.

Katsuro: Arghh.. What timing..

Kaito: Let me tell you a story of a brute! His name is Tsuro. Tsuro was a very bad man, he was also an idiot! Once he…….

Katsuro: This is about me isn’t it…

======== and later =======

Katsuro: Time for bed, princess.

Chie: You’re not… a baddie… Katsu…ro…nii… *yawns*

Katsuro: Hn.

“I will bite your heart and run away like a cat
You will keep getting irritated, so come to me and get mad
My sexy walk ignites the inside of your head”
– troublemaker

I’ve also gotten a treat when I dragged Kaito out to shoot…
Damn boy kept falling asleep on me and won’t stand… =_=
All my dreaming eyed kids are all sleepy heads =_=|||

This is NOT what I intended to shoot for a photostory.. but it was raining.. and Kaito looked pretty in his yukata T^T
I will shoot the intended photostory another day when it’s sunny! haha

… I honestly feel kinda dirty now HAHAHA, having shot suggestive scenes for the first time.
I’m not a HUGE yaoi fangirl.
But I love some BL twin-cest! (Think Ouran high school host club!) Haha!
Didn’t dare to post this on SGCafe incase I taint the minds of younglings. haha.

The back-story for Chie is that Katsuro was once saved by her and now he takes cares of her.
Katsuro also obviously has a huge brother complex.
And when Kaito’s mad… he lashes out on his brothers Katsuro and Kaya this way HAHA.


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    Sandy said,

    Lol it is so not JQ rated… XDDD

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