overdue blog post: UN-GO Inga cosplay shoot

Oh dear, how long ago was this haha.
Anyways very grateful to Foo and Garion for agreeing to shoot!

I really love Inga, he’s silly, playful and eccentric. It was easy to get into character and pose.
However, not so much for the “crazy” looks Foo was expecting, sorry! Haha.

I also like adult version Inga, but I’m too lazy to cos that haha :X

Anyways, 2 days before the shoot, I decided suddenly, that i should sew a Kazamori plushie.
So I did..

And gawd was it ugly HAHA.

I made the ears too pointy and it become neko-like =_= , so I re-did the ears again.
Then even though I have 29480283482 buttons (I bought a button pack in Thailand years ago) I had no buttons to fit!!
So I bought wooden ones from daiso and painted them XD

My first time sewing a plushie ;A; so it had many errors, like, me closing the head too early and realising, OH SHIT FORGOT TO SEW THE MOUTH. Then I used thread so thin it’s like =_=

Anyways on the day of the shoot, I planned to take public transport in half my costume, but I left late and had mild food poisoning.
This is like the second time in a row for a shoot!
(First was Takasugi, then about 1-2 weeks later I shot Inga, and I gotten food poisoning again =_=)

I had to push back the shoot to an hour later coz my stomach felt so sick (@_@)

Then it rained! OH GAWD WHY.

We were gonna shoot at alleyways.. but arghhh…
Thankfully Foo had his car back so we sat down thinking of where else to go to.
We couldn’t go to many places coz there was no shelter and the photographers didnt bring any lights (x_x);;

I couldn’t do the scenes I wanted! I bought chalk to draw on the floor like a crime scene. Sobs.

Anyways we found a good place to get some light at least haha!!


So far only Foo’s coz Garion hasn’t passed me any (X_X)

After the fast shoot, we wanted to go crash Yeelong’s shoot at the botantic gardens but alas, he canceled his shoot coz it was raining big time there.

So we met at Plaza Sing for dinner! With tenjin too~
Then I went to play gachapon! AGAIN!
The previous night, after going to hort park, we went there too, and I gotten a Gintoki charm.
I tried my luck again … and.. GINTOKI AGAIN!! WAEEEE?!!!
I love you Gintoki, but I wanted Takasugi!!

Initially, I gave it to Foo/YL.

Then we went to the upper levels to play gachapon AGAIN!
I gotten Kagura! And Foo got Hijikata, so we changed! haha.
Then later, Foo gave me his Okita since I gave him Gintoki.
Yay! Good trade!
So thankful keke!
When it got later, Foo sent us home! Whee! Thank you!!

All in all, happy day despite being upset about the rain and my food poisoning (X_x)

Will update next about my Panty & Stocking photoshoot.

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