A female SD-sized doll.

So freaking badly!!
I mean I have Chie and she’s all cute as a button but I need some womanly power amongst the older kids.
And I’ve been sitting on getting my “grail” female doll since I first bought a doll.
How sad is that! Since 2007 I’ve been in this hobby and 5 years later, still nothing!

Okay, at least I’ve gotten into tinies. Which I NEVER envisioned myself collecting… like..EVER. Haha.
I blame that on Cupid and Sandra for poisoning me with their cuties.

I’ve always pushed the thought of owning a female 1/3 doll around because I just know my bank funds would just be gone instantly. I like girl dolls in FRILLS AND LACE baby. And omg I’ve spotted so manyyyyyy pretty shoes!!! And honestly my boy’s wardrobe is already a sad state with so few pieces, I’m not sure how I’m going to fund my female doll’s wardrobe collection ;A;

But since my job is starting, I should be able to afford it! (and buy 298349284923 things for my boys especially dress-shoes!)

Initially I wanted to buy another hyul to make into a twin girl for Hikaru… but the more I’m looking at pics of other Hyuls.. the more I’m unsure. Maybe if I see it at a good price? Currently MP is selling at USD200-280. But I’ve seen hyuls go as low as USD150-180! (saw these at the graveyard section) … Hmm.. we’ll see, I’m starting to grow out of the twin-thing haha. And if I get a female hyul, my grail doll will look just about the same… everyone will be sleepy ._. haha

However I’m very sure I do not like Date Masamune anymore! The jaw is kinda funny haha. *strikes off list*

My ideal is to get my grail doll and another female doll so at least I can dress 2 of them in frills!! (*____*)
Unsure what I want in the 2nd doll though so I’m keeping my options open haha. It is leaning towards Volks though. That’s all I can say for now ;A;


Ok pointless post today, BUHBYE~

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