panty & stocking cosplay photoshoot


All  I wanna say is… THANK GAWD I WASNT SICK.
And we prayed so hard it wouldnt rain (coz it was raining every single freaking day) and it really didnt rain!
BUT!!! It was 34 degrees out!!! RAWR. My feet were cooking in my boots X_x;;

For the first time I changed clothes at a random toilet (the one in the MRT) haha, usually I’m in costume already!
Met Rea at the toilet haha. It was funny coz I wasnt sure if I gotten the right toilet, so I was texting her while in the vicinity. And she was changing while I was texting haha. There were so many people using the restroom so kinda paiseh to talk over the cubicles haha.

Anyways I couldnt escape taking a cab as usual :( SIGH
We had some mishaps, with Ria forgetting to bring her socks! She only brought one hahaha!
We had to call for help!! AKA. YeeLong, one of our photographers haha.

He had to go down to Ngee Ann City to purchase a pair of socks.. .SO HILARIOUS.
Like some hentai jiji!!! Hahahaha!!! The saleslady looked at him funny apparently hahaa!

Anyways IT WAS BLAZING HOT! Rawrs!

I was half afraid no one was gonna turn up actually coz we shot this on April Fool’s day haha!

Photo: Yee Long

We had lots of stares and we walked the same places like 5 times I think?!! Haha just going back for shelter / mcd to wait for the sun to stop being annoying! Haha.

photo: Foo!

Anyways super thankful to everyone again (;A;)

Things I regret:
1. Not styling my wig properly wtf at my fringe :(
2. Not getting new boots haha. My boots were flaking!

Anyways more pictures on:

Rea had to go finish her work (>A<) so Foo, YL and I went to Liang court for foodie! Yumyum!

Out of cosplay!

Also gotten mephisto charm from Yee Long! Keke! Thanks! <3
Promise to treat Foo and YL after I get my first pay keke! (^_^)/

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