AFAID BACKTRACK!(ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆彡ワーイ♪

Finally backtrack to AFAID !

What can I say but.. wow! Haha.
AFAID experience prepared me for what was to come for AFASG’12!

It was chaotic and scary! Haha.
But I forged stronger bonds with many people!

This time, it was my responsibility to take care of the cosplay celebrity guests as well as some of the exhibitors.

We invited popular cosplayer Akatsuki Tsukasa!
She was admittedly, not my 1st choice, but I could not contact Mon Shie (.__.);;
BUT! Tsukasa was a surprise! I’m so happy it all worked out!

There were many embarrassing moments I will not say, but thank you for putting up with me, Ah Si!
We became friends since, together with Judy!
Also became friends with their care-taker, Alvin!
He’s amazing and always watching out for our health haha!

With the pretty Ah Si!

With Judy Jie~

Team Tsukasa!!!

I also got closer to Hajime-san, famous Japanese photographer! Haha!
He is hilarious! He gave me lots of gifts, keep squishing my cheeks and SUDDENLY did Japanese stretching exercises with me haha!


Also got closer to Mika-boo, whom we shared a room with!

I was worried for her non-stop (T_T)

Another person I got closer to was Kaname-san haha.
We finally talked haha!
I had to rescue him from fans and get him to his schedules on time!

He also crashed one of our colleague’s hotel room on the last night to eat all our left-over food haha!
4 of us were having a pity-party! haha!

We were so out of it, we bursted into song while watching MTV while Kaname looked at us like (o_O)? .
Kaname kept going “piKAAAchu!” on the second day too haha.

He is super good looking as Saruhiko!
I told him I wanted to cosplay characters from K too, and he suggested I go Kuroh~
Well, it’s on my list as well hah!

All the handsome butlers:

I gained another dongsaeng, the very good looking, Jino! (Top left) Haha!

All the pretty maids:


Missing Tora though (.__.) I forgot to colleage her pic aigo…
I also got closer to other colleagues as well! It was a good trip that I made many wonderful memories from!
I had the most fun there really! (>A<)

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