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{夢の masqueradE} opens!

Finally! It’s open!

Hikaru, who is usually my main model pulled a “diva Kaya” act on me.
I reckon it’s because I’ve neglected him.
In fact when I took him out, Kaya was next to him..
I should just isolate Kaya haha.

I had muchhhhh better luck with Kayden for some reason.
When he’s not being a dork, the boy can work it! D:

In fact I took 4 different pictures of Kayden for this one (*___*)

It’s funny because the pieces with roses were to be modeled by Hikaru…
Coz he’s has a “girly” vibe… but Hikaru just killed my brain that day haha.

I seriously love Kayden (=3=)
He’s one of the dolls I would never ever sell haha.

Kumiko was being naughty too (=_=)|| I didnt like ANY photos of her.
But I have no choice, I’m too lazy to re-take haha (>_>);;

You can find all these pieces and more at:
– Den of Angels –

I tried wiring Kayden today.. and I found out I found the wrong size of wire!
I feel stupid because I was looking at both wires and decided on the thinner one…
It doesn’t work if it’s too thin! ORZ

Going to get the right type of wire soon so I can wire all of them !

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