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alice in wonderland

There’s a place in Tokyo I really want to visit!
And that’s the Alice in wonderland themed restaurant: Alice of Magic World!

(Pic from here)

Official site here!

Uwaaaa ! (*___*)
I can’t wait to go back to Japan again!

To be honest, I never liked AiW as a child… the whole cartoon freaked the crap outta me!
But I really like the design of all the characters and all the goods that come out of it!

Illustrator: Imai Kira

Out of stock but from strapya!


From kaku

Buy from strapya here
From here

Tsubasa & alice in wonderland inspired nails~

Ciel in wonderland. Watch it on !

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more shopping hurhur

Been spending like mad ever since I’ve been working~
It’s a great stress reliever haha ~

Hauls from April till now~:

Mum paid for the Hakubi pills (=3=)
Purchased the hada labbo mist and left it in the office~
Also purchased my 3rd aqualabel product~ Eye gel~~~
After I finish using my clinique face wash, I will purchase the aqualabel one hurhur.

Also happened to be at funan to get my bro his bday gift!

Purchased Rilakkuma items and sentimental circus stuff!
Rilakkuma clock was ONLY $10!!! My mum asked me why I didn’t get more… haha like, what for? There’s only one design! haha
The files were for my venomania gorup ^^ Bought 5 in total~
Purchased a black marker for the office~
Finally purchased Shappo’s head! Cost me $50! But it’s made me really happy (=3=)
Also gotten a A4 file (NO REASON) and index tabs ~

Went back to funan and gotten this a5 file, for no reason also (._.)

My starbucks cup is ickly and gross !! (the straw!!) So I bought another cup~

I don’t even know why I bought it… cost me $29.90, when I could have bought a smaller sentimental circus cup for $15 D8
Srsly wasn’t thinking!
Today I went to raffles shopping center and there was a bigger sentimental circus corner 8DDD

Purchased a book holder for my “current month” mags that have been sitting on my table, also purchased glass cups, an eraser (coz it’s cheap hahaha), a mulitcoloured pen, what i thought was sticky notes but isn;t (just mere paper .__.) and gotten a free paper bag and pamphlet 8D

I later went to taka’s kino and saw this handphone charm !!
But the colour I want, Shappo’s painting wasn’t well done (T__T)
I’m hoping the Liang court one has it!
I also want to buy another sentimental circus pen (=3=)

Ever since I saw sentimental circus items in Hong Kong, my collection has been growing steadily (X__x);;
Besides all the above, I have notepads and a handphone holder from HK haha.

Went to kino, and bumped into Wilson Kor!!
Caught up a bit and then left to grab more mags!

CanCam is useful if for young and stylish office lady wear haha.
I FEEL SO OLD HAVING UPGRADED TO OL MAGS !!! Although the target market is 20+ working adults… still!! (.__.)
I still read popteen to look at stuff for weekends though haha.

Purchased clips for work, going to buy more if I see cute ones… and stapler remover!
I srsly HATE plucking out damn stapler bullets (@_@)
Wanted to buy the device that doesnt use bullets, and merely punches the paper into each other (ever since i saw a colleague of mine use…) but it was like $20+ and I honestly didnt need it haha.

Oh stapler bullets, stuck with you for a while longer haha.

Hoping to get more sentimental stuff soon (=333=)
Hoho, wait for me shappo!
I wish they sold bedsheets!! Would totally splurge on those haha.

Till next time~

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random random

This whole post is gonna be about random shit !
I randomly took pics with my iPhone :D
Love 5megapix camera. Don’t even bother using my P&S or Gintoki.

Anyways, I recently found myself in a Sentimental Circus obsession!
So cute!!!
So when I went to Hong Kong at some cute store, I purchased these:

Phone holder and lotsa mini notes.
I use notes A LOT coz I like to leave notes when I sell something. (sometimes anyway!)

And today… LOOK WHAT I SAW:

but it’s like SGD55?!
I also want that Rillakuma head, and it’s SGD30.
If Master was SGD30, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Decided to NOT buy both in the end (unless it was cheaper :D), coz my bed has NO more space.
Times like these, I miss Queen-sized bed in Aussie :(

Oh! Also the other day, I met a buyer and so went to Marsling, thought I should pop by my Aunt’s and Gran’s!

My nephew:

Freaking violent kid but OH SO CUTE.

Granny cooked dinner for me!
Yum yum! I never change… I just sniped the potatoes hhaa!



Oh and yesterday I packed my Ciel set for the buyer and realised I didn’t really take any pictures of my awesome hat haha:

I went around town in Brisbane trying to find all the ribbons!
Then went home to fix everything and resew everything~! And made different types of ribbon haha.
I’ve seen a lot of versions of Ciel in this and the hat is always wrong,
it pisses me off coz it’s so easy to do!!

Also I packed all the fake strawberries from Singapore to Brisbane haha.
I have lots of them coz I couldn’t decide which ones worked best (@_@)
The left overs I used for the shoot and it’s now sitting in one of my boxes somewhere (@_@)

Anyways, seriously was annoyed at the buyer :/
I had to wait 30mins for her and she couldnt even tell me to like “oh im going to be late pls walk around first! i’ll let u know when im reaching” kinda thing…
and it was more frustrating coz my lil bro tagged along with me.
It was supposed to be easy!
Go to cck -> bro to collect his ezlink card money and i top up my card ->  pass buyer stuff -> buy dinner -> go home

But I wasted all his time (>_<)
I really hate that feeling!
So I bought my lil bro dinner. He felt bad and bought me bubble tea haha. He’s all grown up !! (=3=)
Arghhhh gonna be on my blacklist for sure (>_<);;

Actually posted more cosplay stuff to sell but haven’t updated the page here at my blog yet (X_X);;
Also I finally sent Jiji a msg about a prop commission and msged someone who I think would be great if not perfect to collab with me on something!


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disney food stuff!

If you know me well enough…
You’ll know I like Mickey mouse A LOT.
I’m like a sucker for his stuff and also Daisy.

I hate Minnie. I think it’s my OLP thing kicking up.

Okay, click the picture, it will bring you to the flickr page.

So cute! Though I’ll prolly wont eat it coz it’s too cute and looks like it has way too much sugar haha.

Photo by Cirencester Cupcakes !

Photo By Tenho uma Ideia!…

Mickey gingerbread!!
Photo by filthyfox

Not mickey, but Jack ~ This is a red velvet cake dessert at disney during halloween (T3T)
I wanna go back to Disneyland!!

by Sally Ann French

One day… (when I’m not lazy…) I bake mickey cookies / cupcakes >(
^ this may never happen haha, coz i am truly lazy.

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