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A Game of Thrones & other dolly things

Went to Kino to pick up a book!
Had lots of help from Nigel since I didn’t do much research! haha.

But I really had no time left after meeting a buyer, and so went to meet Kiyomi, YL and Foo for lunch!

Which is really money wasted, coz at 2pm? I really had no appetite.
I havent had any appetite recently :(
Like today, All I ate was half a cheesecake and drank half a moccha and my stomach felt weird after :(
Hopefully I’ll get better!

It was so good catching up though!!

We went back to kino later~:

Saw this haha!:

Decided to pick up book 2, which is season 2 of the TV series, A clash of kings!
But then realised… :

WTF why?! Why so many to choose from?! And the thickness was different too!
The last two are from the same publisher though.. I’m confused!

The thing is, YL and I checked the font size, the thicker book had a smaller font size.. So I’m really  like WHUT?! YL think it’s probably the spacing though.. hmm…
I settled for the prettier one which was also thinner haha! I don’t really like thick books!

My kino hauls :

Cosmode ONLY because I appeared in cure cosplay snaps worldwide!!! 8DDD

Right smack in the middle! Parfait prince! Oh yeahhh~ ^^
Anyways, aw man, couldnt stop reading a clash of kings!!! I realised the TV show really speeds forward too much haha!
Although some of Tyrion’s intentions get revealed in the book much earlier.
Fucking love the whole series!!!
I’m all for Dany!! Don’t give up Dany!! Love you to bits!
I also love Tyrion so much!!! (Told you I don’t go for looks! Haha!)
There are also so many interesting quotes !! It’s really well-written and well-thought of!
The characters are all so so very interesting!!

I think I may buy the other books once I’m done. This is saying something, because I DON’T LIKE TO READ LONG NOVELS ACTUALLY DD: I couldn’t get through LoTR and the only book that could captivate me before this was the Harry Potter series (and I only made it till the 5th book haha!)  My BFF shared with me the e-books but the feeling is not the same! I love the feeling of paper between my fingertips and the smell of a new book! *_*

What I was worried about was the book spine. I’m very careful with my books! I hate to see creases on the spine. But I thought, if I’m going to lend this to my father / brother, it would be covered in creases anyway, so I read comfortably, but till this day (my third day with the book and 200+ pages later), no creases! 8D Whee!

Anyways today I took a break from reading, and met mk for tea / lunch / for her to pass me her doll head!
We are sending out our DOD boys together for a faceup ^^
We live really near to each other haha so we met at a nearby mall~
Had great fun!!! Ahhhh, I want to attend a doll meet soon!

See you soon my love!:

I helped her scrub out the remaining faceup Mk couldnt get off her Camine too~
Thank goodness I bought a new bottle of thinner last year!

Her doll is about 4 years old? Mine is actually 5 years old. Look at the resin diff D: Gahh!

Been doing a lot of dolly-related stuff recently!
For some reason, I had courage to sew a dress for Chie! D8 :

I think I was motivated because I sewed Kazamori for my Inga cosplay haha!
I sewed another dress halfway (coz I screwed up the sleeves and Im lazy to save it now) and also a T-shirt! But I havent decorated the T-shirt so i’m just staring at it haha.

I bought some new stuff for my dolls too!
A new wig and dress for Chie and a new wig for Kaya~

Also recurled Kaya’s old blonde wig, what a fucking nightmare. In the end it still looks untidy haha.

Because some of my PVC clothes are flaking badly, decided to follow Sandra’s advice to pack them between tracing paper.
So I went to daiso to get more ziplock bags, moisture sucking things and tracing paper! :D

So I packed my doll shoes, clothes etc

Also bought fluffy socks 8DDD :

And also cute lingerie HAHAHA! They are all candy inspired! Love love love !
When you wear cute lingerie, mood = instant up haha!

Ok, I think I’m tired now, gonna read more and sleep perhaps! Keke!

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miss my elder bro!

Last night, he skyped with me for a bit, and I realised omg, I really miss my elder brother (T_T)
He will be graduating end of this year though! (>w<)

Can’t wait!

Forgot to post pics of the day we sent him off to the airport!

Coordinate mostly from Taipei haul XD:

Top, skirt, shoes and bag (not featured here) all from shopping in Taipei haha.
Necklace from taichou sama!
Hair clips from random places!

Make up:


Somehow the lighting makes me look really fair..
In reality I’m not T^T *sobs*
Btw this is with dollywink lower lashes, baby cute (only 3 bunches of it each side) and also candydoll blusher!
I’m really into using dual coloured blushers now! =3=

On the way to the airport, with the lil bro:

At Saboten with my elder bro:

Elder bro is NOT photogenic AT ALL haha:

The Siblings in order:

Mum asked us to do whacky poses:

My lil bro says that is his whacky face =_=

Saboten, in my personal humble opinion, serves up one of the best katsus EVER in Singapore.


Come back soon elder bro, miss you lots T_T Please stay away from psychos while you are there.
You know who I’m talking about =_= haha!

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Karaoke with friends! Woot!

Snoozed till the last min and changed my outfit like 5 times before just throwing on anything and giving up haha.
Met Steve & Kym for Karaoke wheee!!!
We went to Kbox at *scape~
As I’m almost certain their kpop selection was better.

With the original MVs and all~
Extremely disappointed that the Japanese selection was very sad though.
They had Golden Bomber and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PONPONPON BUT NO GAZETTE !! D8

With Steve ! For some reason in this picture, his hair looks like a curry puff ? haha

With bestie!!

It was so much fun because we danced around and all!
Video here:

Division 12 ftw!
My first cosplay was of Nemu too haha. I really love Division 12! Woot!

After karaoke, we went to walk around and as I needed new tees badly, went to uniqlo and!! OMG CATWOMAN SHIRT! *_*
Bought it with no hesitation! Haha!
Cat woman is my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE female villian EVERRRRRR.

Anyways my parents came to fetch us and take us out to dinner ~
My dad & elder bro came along too~

Pork ribs at the wine company.
REGRET!! Should have ordered the cod mann!! Or the all-day breakfast!



Shared a dessert with Kymmie~

Update another time~~~ Chuuu~~~ =3=

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year of the dragon

The year of the dragon is here~~~
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

This year I baked German cookies & Danish cookies~

The front 2 tubs are for Kym and her cousins.

I baked another batch of german cookies but they were so fail because I used cheaper butter ;A;
Should ALWAYS stick to SCS or Lurpak! Booo!

Thus I lost all motivation to bake dragon cookies :(

When Kym came to collect her CNY goodies, I received my belated bday pressie!:

It’s the rilakkuma I was eyeing since I first laid sight on it! WHEE!
Also she bought me zooland biscuits.
It’s so expensive in msia though! Like SGD2?
I saw it at ntuc for 75cents D8

Anyways! Had to go attend childhood friend’s dance performance at NLB~
Family (minus lil bro) and I went to Raffles Hotel for some dinner.. and there, our first yusheng:  

Wasn’t super amazing though!

My starry stockings that I love love love! :

Went to KTV after that~
Def canceling party world out of “KTVs I’ll visit” list haha

Anyways, DAY 1 cordi! :

Though… I’ll admit my mickey top is not new haha.
Was too lazy to go out and shop for a new top :P

I didn’t do my makeup until like the afternoon, so with a fresh face, I went visiting haha.
But at a relative’s place, a really cute toddler came up to me, wished my happy cny and said I was pretty! KEKE.

On my way out of the place, I was stopped by a diff relative coz she said the little boy wanted to say goodbye to me personally haha.

Sooooo cute!

After makeup:

Nails for CNY:

It’s really messy though so I took it off later at night haha.
The dog dressed up too! His clothes had the same pattern as my lil bro!:

In fact, elder bro, lil bro and I all were wearing the same colours hehe.

Mum bought a fishing game for my nephew!
Adults were all trying to play it. But it was MADDENING!
The speed was WAYYYYY too fast!! I’m proud to say I caught the most fish though haha :P

I realise I really behave like a man with regards to the way I’m sitting D8 haha

The octopuses were really difficult to catch! But my cousins were so good at it D8:


The BBQ mood was dampened by the rain! We had to even build a tent with canvas sheet haha.
But it was great fun with the cousins!


Home-made yusheng by my Aunt IS THE BEST!!

I had a stomachache suddenly at night so I retreated to my room early (>_<);;

Cordi for day 2:

Had to go visit God-grandmother and childhood friends~
Had a good time catching up with everyone ^^

Later onwards, went home to entertain more family friends~
Was really fun and had good laughs.
Family friends encouraged me to cheer up and not overstress myself haha.

Everyone said I lost a lot of weight, the thing is, Ive been pigging out on cny goodies and kueh lapis before CNY, so I don’t get it ? Haha. I was actually worried I couldn’t fit into my clothes for day 2 haha coz the shorts fitted me just nicely when I first tried them on in Taipei~

Managed to talked to another childhood friend of mine that I haven’t talked to in ages!
She’s my junior but she is really mature !
Really cute! Remember her following me around and all and picking the same type of foods I took. Haha.
Really really cute girl~
Wish her well in her studies & her new relationship! Hope to meet up with her again soon!  =3=

Not really an eventful CNY, but I had fun catching up with everyone!
I truly love gatherings like these~ Keke!

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neater living areas

Been spending a lot of my time tidying up my living space.
Somehow I feel like if my living space is messy, I also feel messy inside haha.

So I threw out more junk and arranged my TV space properly. Tada:

Daiso is truly my friend. Been visiting daiso almost every week!
So glad there’s one a 15-min walk away!

I also found out I have 2 guitars in my room (>_>);;
Argh. So maddening! Taking up so much space D8

I also went to take more pictures of things I wanna sell away!
Though undecided about my sandplay luka set for now.. since I havent even worn the gown yet (@_@)
But it didnt really suit me when I tried for STGCC ;A; so I don’t know.. kinda sitting on the fence with that one!

Anyways find all my sales items here:

Cosplay & gyaru stuff:

Ball jointed dolls:


Today’s also my dad’s bday wheee!!
Though we were gonna celebrate but we didn’t really haha.
I went to get him a cake and help him around the house though :3

Forgot to take a pic of the cake though |||ORZ

Anyways met up with Rhoda for korean nomnom yesterday~~

Ahhh so much food!
Recently I have a very very small appetite, it’s not even funny (@_@)
So couldnt finish everything.. and look at the kimchi fried rice, SO MUCH RICE OMG.
But the soup is really yummilicious!

That’s all ~ keke.

Can’t wait to:
1. Get new TV cupboard so I can re-organise my bags
2. Go for Qi Gong classes
3. Eat CNY cookies
4. Do a photoshoot

I am determined to bake cookies on Monday .. which means GOOD BYE rilakkuma nails! ;A;
Good bye long nails ;A;

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I love Jesus

“See when I was God’s enemy and certainly not a fan,
He looked down and said I want that man.”

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happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!
Here’s hoping to a better year ahead!

I, myself, will be wishing for a healthier and prosperous year ahead.

Been sick non-stop since I had my allergy attack.
If it’s not allergies, it’s anxiety attacks or too much wind in my stomach.
And now I’m down with an infection that makes me shiver cause it’s too cold and break out in cool sweats coz it’s suddenly too hot.

But I ushered the new year in with great company last night!
We played mahjong and had cake :3

I totally want to play more mahjong but I think my luck is really bad recently haha.
Awaiting Chinese New Year instead! :P

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