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A female SD-sized doll.

So freaking badly!!
I mean I have Chie and she’s all cute as a button but I need some womanly power amongst the older kids.
And I’ve been sitting on getting my “grail” female doll since I first bought a doll.
How sad is that! Since 2007 I’ve been in this hobby and 5 years later, still nothing!

Okay, at least I’ve gotten into tinies. Which I NEVER envisioned myself collecting… like..EVER. Haha.
I blame that on Cupid and Sandra for poisoning me with their cuties.

I’ve always pushed the thought of owning a female 1/3 doll around because I just know my bank funds would just be gone instantly. I like girl dolls in FRILLS AND LACE baby. And omg I’ve spotted so manyyyyyy pretty shoes!!! And honestly my boy’s wardrobe is already a sad state with so few pieces, I’m not sure how I’m going to fund my female doll’s wardrobe collection ;A;

But since my job is starting, I should be able to afford it! (and buy 298349284923 things for my boys especially dress-shoes!)

Initially I wanted to buy another hyul to make into a twin girl for Hikaru… but the more I’m looking at pics of other Hyuls.. the more I’m unsure. Maybe if I see it at a good price? Currently MP is selling at USD200-280. But I’ve seen hyuls go as low as USD150-180! (saw these at the graveyard section) … Hmm.. we’ll see, I’m starting to grow out of the twin-thing haha. And if I get a female hyul, my grail doll will look just about the same… everyone will be sleepy ._. haha

However I’m very sure I do not like Date Masamune anymore! The jaw is kinda funny haha. *strikes off list*

My ideal is to get my grail doll and another female doll so at least I can dress 2 of them in frills!! (*____*)
Unsure what I want in the 2nd doll though so I’m keeping my options open haha. It is leaning towards Volks though. That’s all I can say for now ;A;


Ok pointless post today, BUHBYE~

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dark love {Kaya//LUTS Lishie boy hybrid}


We don’t need any words
Just whip me hard and stab me with a thorn
I’ll never oppose you,
So tie me up, get on and do me.

Iya iya iya
If those words means, “I love you”, please show me
I think we are on our way to a sweet love story

I’ll lock up the door if it isn’t you
And just go to bed 

Just take me for a fool
And cherish me as always 

Ara ara ara
Your eyes light up like a beast,
Let’s be self-sufficient and go hunt for a corpse 

Lyrics: Freeeze – Aural Vampire

Kaya makes one of four vampires in my crew~ And is the oldest haha~
Anyways freaking love Aural vampire!!!!!
What genre is this? Dark-trance??? (is there such a thing? haha)


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A Game of Thrones & other dolly things

Went to Kino to pick up a book!
Had lots of help from Nigel since I didn’t do much research! haha.

But I really had no time left after meeting a buyer, and so went to meet Kiyomi, YL and Foo for lunch!

Which is really money wasted, coz at 2pm? I really had no appetite.
I havent had any appetite recently :(
Like today, All I ate was half a cheesecake and drank half a moccha and my stomach felt weird after :(
Hopefully I’ll get better!

It was so good catching up though!!

We went back to kino later~:

Saw this haha!:

Decided to pick up book 2, which is season 2 of the TV series, A clash of kings!
But then realised… :

WTF why?! Why so many to choose from?! And the thickness was different too!
The last two are from the same publisher though.. I’m confused!

The thing is, YL and I checked the font size, the thicker book had a smaller font size.. So I’m really  like WHUT?! YL think it’s probably the spacing though.. hmm…
I settled for the prettier one which was also thinner haha! I don’t really like thick books!

My kino hauls :

Cosmode ONLY because I appeared in cure cosplay snaps worldwide!!! 8DDD

Right smack in the middle! Parfait prince! Oh yeahhh~ ^^
Anyways, aw man, couldnt stop reading a clash of kings!!! I realised the TV show really speeds forward too much haha!
Although some of Tyrion’s intentions get revealed in the book much earlier.
Fucking love the whole series!!!
I’m all for Dany!! Don’t give up Dany!! Love you to bits!
I also love Tyrion so much!!! (Told you I don’t go for looks! Haha!)
There are also so many interesting quotes !! It’s really well-written and well-thought of!
The characters are all so so very interesting!!

I think I may buy the other books once I’m done. This is saying something, because I DON’T LIKE TO READ LONG NOVELS ACTUALLY DD: I couldn’t get through LoTR and the only book that could captivate me before this was the Harry Potter series (and I only made it till the 5th book haha!)  My BFF shared with me the e-books but the feeling is not the same! I love the feeling of paper between my fingertips and the smell of a new book! *_*

What I was worried about was the book spine. I’m very careful with my books! I hate to see creases on the spine. But I thought, if I’m going to lend this to my father / brother, it would be covered in creases anyway, so I read comfortably, but till this day (my third day with the book and 200+ pages later), no creases! 8D Whee!

Anyways today I took a break from reading, and met mk for tea / lunch / for her to pass me her doll head!
We are sending out our DOD boys together for a faceup ^^
We live really near to each other haha so we met at a nearby mall~
Had great fun!!! Ahhhh, I want to attend a doll meet soon!

See you soon my love!:

I helped her scrub out the remaining faceup Mk couldnt get off her Camine too~
Thank goodness I bought a new bottle of thinner last year!

Her doll is about 4 years old? Mine is actually 5 years old. Look at the resin diff D: Gahh!

Been doing a lot of dolly-related stuff recently!
For some reason, I had courage to sew a dress for Chie! D8 :

I think I was motivated because I sewed Kazamori for my Inga cosplay haha!
I sewed another dress halfway (coz I screwed up the sleeves and Im lazy to save it now) and also a T-shirt! But I havent decorated the T-shirt so i’m just staring at it haha.

I bought some new stuff for my dolls too!
A new wig and dress for Chie and a new wig for Kaya~

Also recurled Kaya’s old blonde wig, what a fucking nightmare. In the end it still looks untidy haha.

Because some of my PVC clothes are flaking badly, decided to follow Sandra’s advice to pack them between tracing paper.
So I went to daiso to get more ziplock bags, moisture sucking things and tracing paper! :D

So I packed my doll shoes, clothes etc

Also bought fluffy socks 8DDD :

And also cute lingerie HAHAHA! They are all candy inspired! Love love love !
When you wear cute lingerie, mood = instant up haha!

Ok, I think I’m tired now, gonna read more and sleep perhaps! Keke!

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{sleepy troublemaker} WARNING: BOYS LOVE / twin-cest

(a) Adult situations
(b) Yaoi / Shouen-ai / Boys Love
(c) Twin-cest
(d) Dolls

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BJD meme – tagged by sarahmeow!


在某个V-K forum 里看到 DELF EL,我就问下朋友,她就跟我说是个BJD,好奇的我就在网上查一查。




其实,满喜欢Angell Studio。


Volks, LUTS, DoD, Crobidoll, Rosen Lied



6.你一共有多少只BJD? (飞头也算)

7. 按顺序写出娃的型号、名字(特别的、飞头、曾经拥有的及未归家的请注明)

Dream Of Doll Homme ducan: Raiden Tatsuya
LUTS Dreaming Lishie head on fdoll body: Murasaki Kaya
LUTS Vampire Breakaway 08 limited head on fdoll body: Kayden ‘Raphael’ {purchased 2nd hand}
SoNyeonGi Hyul limited on fdoll body: Maion ‘Hikari’ {purchased 2nd hand}
Crobidoll Lance on AA body: Takeshi
Soom limited Glot: Kumiko
LUTS El: Murasaki Katsuro
LUTS Dreaming El head: Murasaki Kaito
LUTS Summer event head : –
RosenLied Beige: Chie
Volks limited White Rabbit: Naoki





目前是,Kayden 和 Naoki








Tatsuya (T___T)




不好意思说是 Naoki, 因为他最贵 (.______.)||||








废话! 当然不会哈哈。


没 (T__T) 还要满多个娃娃!


会。但是迷上BJD 时, 我只要 3 个娃娃,目前养了十个 (=__=)||| 也还要养些女儿。。。 啊,不能停下呀!




Volks Alice / Charlotte, Crobidoll Jun, SNG Hyul




有时候会~ :X








可能是 Kayden, 因为能帮忙赚钱。哈哈哈哈哈!!!


快找些工作! 带钱回家!! >D


32.娃配件喜欢买哪家的? (国内和国外)
Crobidoll, Doll Heart

Doll Heart 衣服 ?


35. 如果你的钱只够在娃和其它想要的东西间选一, 选娃还是想要的东西?


如果够钱的话,是 Volks Hikaru Genji ?


可爱的 Sarah!




Volks Hikaru Genji, 快过来!! XDDD

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kaito & katsuro

Finally had a chance to photograph my twins! Who are back from a face-up trip  at Monni’s !
This is after 2 wardrobe and wig changes!
I need to purchase 2 pairs of eyes for them.. the current ones I have on hand don’t work well!

Their eyes are supposed to be purple in colour (>_<) But none of the purple eyes I have suits Katsuro (=_=)

Started to shoot Kaito first! :

This wig he has on… it’s really funny..
I bought it in 2007! HAHAHAH.
I knew back then I was definitely bringing a pair of Els home haha.
Or that someone in my crew would use it.
For years I tried placing this wig on other dolls but no one suited it haaha.
He didn’t cooperate very well, so I only took like 5 photos and moved on hahaa.


Had so many wig changes for him (>_<)
Thank goodness he suits this leekeworld wig, I’m going to sell the other since it suits no one!
I bought it for my other doll, Kayden, but he doesn’t look nice with it either. (>_>);;
Also changed his eyes to blue … it’s not the colour I intend for him, but sigh (.__.);;

I need more clothes for my babies! (>__<);;
Shall look into that properly tonight haha.

Kaito and Katsuro are brothers of :


Would like to take a photo of all 3 of them together :3
I have to save for another body for Katsuro though as the current one he is borrowing… it has yellowed D: so the skin doesn’t match (>_<);; Thinking of a female-to-male body… but will see how it goes! I don’t like bulky bodies!!

However I must say, Katsuro who is on a LUTS Type 3 body, holds poses quite easily !
But his head has limited movements compared to my other dolls who are on a hybrid doll with a neck donut.
You win some, you lose some? Haha.

Shop shop shopping for my kids soon (=3=)

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{夢の masqueradE} opens!

Finally! It’s open!

Hikaru, who is usually my main model pulled a “diva Kaya” act on me.
I reckon it’s because I’ve neglected him.
In fact when I took him out, Kaya was next to him..
I should just isolate Kaya haha.

I had muchhhhh better luck with Kayden for some reason.
When he’s not being a dork, the boy can work it! D:

In fact I took 4 different pictures of Kayden for this one (*___*)

It’s funny because the pieces with roses were to be modeled by Hikaru…
Coz he’s has a “girly” vibe… but Hikaru just killed my brain that day haha.

I seriously love Kayden (=3=)
He’s one of the dolls I would never ever sell haha.

Kumiko was being naughty too (=_=)|| I didnt like ANY photos of her.
But I have no choice, I’m too lazy to re-take haha (>_>);;

You can find all these pieces and more at:
– Den of Angels –

I tried wiring Kayden today.. and I found out I found the wrong size of wire!
I feel stupid because I was looking at both wires and decided on the thinner one…
It doesn’t work if it’s too thin! ORZ

Going to get the right type of wire soon so I can wire all of them !

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