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You’re beautiful

Ahhhhhhh.. this drama is driving me nuts more than BOF, mainly cause I have no idea what the storyline is haha.
I loveee Shin Woo! But poor poor boy :(
Yonghwa did such a good job, he should have kept Shin woo’s style man, whats with the weird cut in CNblue :(

My younger brother was a bit shocked cause I was throwing stuff all over the place in sheer frustration arghhhh.
Show some Shin Woo love mannn roarsssss.

Pity it’s such a short drama!! :(
However one thing that is driving me nuts is that the characters all loveeeeeeee to talk to themselves. I wish story telling was done better without the whole “lets talk to ourselves to explain the situation” 24/7 of the time. Like once or twice, yeah ok cool. But all the time like omgggg. How is that even normal for a person? At least label it as “thoughts in your heads” where the character doesnt even move his mouth. ://

Oh well.
Shin woooooo oppppppa fighting!

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