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red bean soup with tangyuans

I had a huge mad craving for red bean soup and glutinous rice balls after watching 2 animes with the mad characters eating them haha. In Japan, it’s called oshiruko (お汁粉)!

I never really made red bean soup. My granny always made them for me (>A<)

On my first try, after soaking the beans overnight, I left it in the pot but forgot to bring down the heat to bring the water to a simmer and after half an hour, everything was burnt haha!

The inside of the pot was black!!

Then I quickly went to google on how to save the pot! Haha! As I know my dad purchases expensive kitchenware (X_X) Didn’t want to get into trouble!

So while the pot was still warm, I quickly scooped out the roasted beans, threw them into a bag.. and filled the pot with water.
Then with a few squirts of the dishwashing liquid, I started to scrub off the blacken parts with a spoon and metal sponge. Everything came out!

To make it better, I left vinegar overnight to sit in the pot. Although I found that I really didn’t need to do that, since it just made the whole kitchen stink. Haha!
On my second try, I left the beans to soak for way too long and they started sprouting hahaa!! Hilarious!!
On my third try I finally just let the beans soak for 3 hours and had the soup for supper with my lil bro :)

Adapted from various places… :

Red bean soup with glutinous rice balls
serves approximately 1 – 2 person(s) 

What you need:
1/2 cup red beans
About 2-4 cups water
1/4 sugar (add to taste)
Store bought glutinous rice balls  (I used sesame ones! *_*)
1. Wash beans with water before soaking in a small bowl of water for about 3 hours

2. Drain the beans (I took this time to also throw away beans that look weird haa)

3. Bring 2-4 cups of water to a boil. (I used 2 big mugs of water). Add the beans and bring the mixture to simmer (Real low heat!).  Cook for 45mins – 1 hour. Continue to check on bean soup. If it doesn’t look watery enough, add more water.

4. Add in sugar and stir in to taste

5.  In another pot, bring water to boil. Add in glutinous rice balls. Cook until balls float up.

6. Add the rice balls to red bean soup. And done!

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cooking & baking

Since I’m bored and have nothing to do, I’ve been cooking and baking lots!

Few weeks back, I made a Brownie for my mum and lil bro (=3=)
The recipe was from a cookbook we found in our apartment in Brisbane! Haha.
Kelly used to make them all the time and it was always delicious, so for the first time (I think?)
I made it on my own haha!

Bro ate up so many <3
Tastes best with icecream hurhur~

I also bought this sandwich press!

It trimmed off the bread’s edges perfectly!
Good for people who hate the sides of bread~
I know I used to hate them, but I’ve learnt how to eat them coz it’s such a waste to throw the sides away!

Made french toast coz I had a sudden craving for smth for maple syrup! (But NOT pancakes coz I’ve been eating WAYYY too many of those haha)

The first time I ate this was when in Primary school!
1 slice would sell for 40cents each and they ONLY sold it after school recess hours.
This was because it was deemed unhealthy and my school was on a very strict regime to make sure it had the least amount of overweight students (.__.) So anything oily the hawkers would sell, would have to be sold after the usual recess hours. Even things like fried nuggets, french fires etc were not allowed to be sold!
Throngs of students would rush madly to the noodle store (weird right, but they usually sell the unhealthy stuff!) after school, and it would be a mad dash to get a snack before the bus ride home.
We had to be fast cause the drivers left at a certain time!
If you were in the morning stream, these were sold in the weeeee hours of the morning! So students get their oily snack before school~

One of the days I also made chocolate chip cookies, but failed to take any pictures of it ._.||

Most recently, I made bear-shaped pandan madeleines from raspherri cupcakes!

They all developed humps but it’s hard to see in this picture (@_@)

I think the green is VERY shocking.. I probably put too much pandan paste.
The taste was great though!
But I’m so sick of eating them haha. My lil bro hates any food in green so he shied away from these.

Close up!
The trick for getting these babies out is to VERY generously grease the mould with butter!

I’m actually waiting for a chance to use my loaf pan to make a banana loaf, but I can’t find ground hazelnuts and I’m too lazy to grind them myself (X_x)

I’m also now considering to bake a red velvet cake, but I’m lacking the courage!

We’ll see! (:

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Breakfast foods for dinner

..always makes me happy!

Long overdue post!
Went out to catch up with Aussie buds at Wild Honey, Scotts!

The first time I’ve been to Wild Honey was the one at Mandarin Gallery..
I ordered pancakes / the canadian, and it was the WORST PANCAKES EVER.
Maple syrup slid off the rockhard pancakes =_=

I was skeptical about how this restaurant fared, i mean, COME ON, ITS BLOODY PANCAKES.
But I heard a lot of friends, who ordered other food on the menu, say that the food is fantastic, so I decided to give it another try… (and order anything but pancakes)

The Scotts outlet allowed us to make a reservation! So we did so for a weekday night, afraid that it may be packed!
but it wasn’t!
One thing great was, it wasn’t “self-service” anymore too D:

Anyway coordinate of the day, the theme was Chocolate caramel vanilla-iced cupcake:



Back to dinner!
I ordered the English set, because it has scrambled eggs and baked beans!! Plus it sounded the safest haha:

The scrambled eggs tasted kinda funny to me. I didn’t like the baked beans…
The potatoes were kinda meh too.

Over all it was very “meh”, but I was really hungy so I ate everything but the 2nd slice of bread (whcih I made only half way through) haha.

Prolly will not excitedly go back again. But I do love all-day breakfasts very much, so we’ll see~


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Kimichi jeon

The other day I ate kimchi cup noddles and made a very fail-tasting tamago…
As my hunger was not satisfied, and I had really old kimchi in my fridge… I decided to make kimchi jeon / kimchi pancake!

Do follow aeri’s kitchen’s recipe for it here! 

The sticky batter~
I didn’t have frying mix.. so I used more flour…
And I added more water to thin it down…
It didn’t turn out crispy at all ;A;

I think it’s also because I failed to cut the kimchi into smaller pieces haha ^^;;

^ This was on my 2nd try to flip the pancake haha.
My first try was terrible!
I want to try it with frying mix soon~ =3=

Also I ate everything on my own over 2 days X_X;;
Think I should half the recipe in future haha

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Nutella hot chocolate recipe


Came across different recipes for Nutella hot chocolate, but decided to make my own..
Too lazy with cinnamon and all that haha.

What you will need:
– Milk
– Nutella

1) Pour the amount of milk you want to consume into a cup to measure how much you will need
2) In a pot, heat up 1/4 of the milk and stir continuously

Milk burns quite fast, so remember to switch your fire to low heat.

3) Once milk turns hot, stir in one spoonful of Nutella spread [depending on how sweet you would like it, feel free to add more. In my first attempt, I used 2 spoons of Nutella and found it wayyyy too sweet!]
4)  Start melting the nutella by stirring continously

5) When chocolate is melted, add in the rest of the milk. Stir until well combined then pour to serve~!

It’s really yummy!

You can make it more “complicated” and fancy by adding cinnamon powder, whipped cream and dusting off with cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles.. but I’m too lazy for such things and just wanted a quick hot chocolate fix :P

Enjoy your cuppa! <3

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figuring out vday gifts

Totally having a mental battle as to what I should do for vday gifts~~
Currently thinking between:
1) Deco pocky

Most likely will do this coz I ALWAYS wanted to do deco pocky!

2) Bottled chocolate

From Sweet Anne 
Although i would personally, use different bottles and use cloth and ribbons to decorate~
I’m not a fan of printables and stuff @_@

3) Piped heart cookies
– No pic because I’m just going to make dragon cookies but will pipe it in a heart haha-
Prolly will do this as I need to make use of the milk powder I bought last week. It’s organic so it expires real soon (x_x)

4) Chocolate coated strawberries~
– no pics coz everyone knows how it looks like haha –
Another idea I’m considering to do for my family but I’m too lazy to do:
5) Strawberry hot chocolate

More pictures & recipe from Baking Dom 
But ahhhh it’s so pretty!!!! ;A;

We’ll see.. we’ll see..
So far deco pocky wins hands down!

Too lazy to bake ;A;

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Strawberry Milk Macarons with Cookie Dough Buttercream

This looks so precious!!!
But I’m too lazy to make macaroons!

Get the recipe from raspberri cupcakes here !

On the side note, I totally want that cute milk carton glass jar.
I think I saw it when I was in Aussie, but didn’t purchase it in the end ;A;

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