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dorky glasses with one spo!

I never liked overly round glasses, but my recent trip to Japan and One spo changed my mind when the whole store was filled with shop assistants in cute dorky glasses! (*__*) So much cute!


Taken from one spo blog~ !

I remembered them being quite pricey .. and I know Singapore would have cheaper ones, so I quickly went to Bugis street to get my own XD


Some outfit coordinates :

^ WC top, forever 21 shorts and tattoo stockings (random from Japan)

^ listen flavour top, nekomimi ears, leopard stockings from japan and black shorts from ONLY




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Fukubukuro / lucky bags 2012 Shibuya & Harajuku reveal 福袋中身公開!

Decided to finally blog again due to unrevealing of all the lucky bags I purchased in Shibuya and Harajuku.
To be honest, I was only going to get lucky bags from Shibuya, and not go back into punk and lolita, but there were many good deals, so I couldn’t help it >_<

Harajuku started their fukubukuro sales first.
I eagerly queued up at Liz Lisa’s!
I wanted to get the premium trunk bag!


to my dismay… the trunk bag was sold out !! ahh! I missed it by ONE person infront of me!!
I bought a cheaper lucky bag:


All white coordinates!

The next day, I went to Shibuya 109 at 7.45am, and queued for like 15-30mins at the stairwell.
To my surprise, they had A LOT of trunk bags left, and there were 2 colours! White with pink accents or pink with white accents

Whatever they stated on their brochure / website is more or less what you will get~



The cashier who attended to me remembered me from the day before! She was like, “ah you were at harajuku!!” haha.
On my 2nd last day in japan (5 days after fukubukuro sales), liz lisa in shibuya 109 still had 3 pink trunk bags left~ The white ones were sold out~ they also had all the other bags~

Anyways, I’m not sure what time shibuya 109 opens, but it was definitely earlier than 7.45am! I saw many people with bags by the time I got there!


One of my first lucky bags was from wonder rocket.
I like most of their items (from momo) so I purchased one on a whimp..
To my surprise, it’s all mori-style!
I love a lot of fashion styles, but mori isn’t something I ever though of trying….
I love the skirt though! So poofy! No idea if I want to sell the skirt yet or not.. I’m still thinking >_<



2 IMG_5015


I also went to Swimmer.
I didn’t take much photos cause there were too many items!
Some of which includes, spectacle box, lantern night light, a pot, jewellery stand, a lot of stationery and notebooks, an apron, a pair of shorts



Feeling dismayed on my failed liz lisa trunk get on the 1st day, I went to harajuku and spulruged on alice and the pirates.
The Jumper skirt set was sold out, so I purchased a prince set:


From the site:

I went to Shinjuku Marui one and purchased the Jumper skirt set 2 days later!


In Harajuku, the BTSSB sets were sold out after one day, you can find most of the sets at Shinjuku Marui one though!
Since I purchased a metamorphose set earlier, and gotten a dark blouse, I wanted the coordinate with the white blouse instead.
I told the sales lady and she helped pick a lucky bag with a white blouse! I realised some customers do that when I was shopping, and tried my luck. Actually on the bags itself, the one I wanted to pick had the letter “W” and circled, so I suspected it was a white blouse, and the sales lady also picked that one up! The others were labelled “kuro”, so it was a dead give-away!


IMG_4821 IMG_4827

For me, the ank rouge set was the most disappointing one :(
It had a lot of sweaters / thicker wear which I did not need.



The 5,000yen tralala sets were all very cute, so I bought one and am very pleased!
What you see in the brochure is mostly what you get~




I didn’t want to buy the LDS bag, but the shop assistant was yelling with such passion!! Also the bags were so cute!! I purchased a 5,000yen one (brown bear). There was a 10,000 yen one with a different bear.


Came with a pvc skirt, sweater and another pullover and a bear which I gave away ~


I walked around shibuya 109 and purchased a pinky girls fukubukuro as well!
The sales lady was very nice, explaining to me about what was inside.



For some reason, they also gave me some aroma sticks!

The pinky girls lucky bag is my favourite and most unexpected bag, because I really had no intention of getting it at the start. Also the fukubukuro bag was really well made!!

I wore 2 items (blouse and skirt) from the pinky girls set on my first day of work in 2013:

One of my favourite punk brands is Algonquins! So naturally I would buy a bag! Although I had no idea what would be in it.. the sales girl tried to explain but I didnt understand a word haha.

A bit disappointed with this, I only used the outer wear a lot !

Their lucky bags came with styles, you can choose from, I bought this on the 2nd day of sales in harajuku, so many of the other styles were sold out.


Not too happy with a dark blue blouse, matching a white skirt…. so I may sell something, not too sure yet (>_<)

What I didn’t get cause they were sold out :
1. One spo: I dillydallied on the other floors, when I came down, the person infront of me got to the last bag first arghh
2. D.i.a: I went around the building so many times, but I hesitated, when I finally decided to purchase it, the bags were all sold out >_<
3. Cecil mcbee: I think these were long sold out before  I could even blink
4. Putumayo: they had A LOT of bags on the 1st day, but sold out on the 2nd. Angelic Pretty as well!
Another brand I noticed with long queues besides liz lisa and d.ia is BACKS. So be sure to ge there early!

I didn’t get tutuha, mars, golds infinity, glad news, gilfy, mainly because the coordinates didn’t look nice or I had no clue what was in it @_@

See more gyaru reveals from Universal Doll!

I’m selling some of my stuff!
Please check my facebook album here:

Shipping not included!!!
Please email me at narikodesu[AT] with the items you want and your country, I will get back to you with shipping quotes.

Payment via paypal or local bank transfer.
I ship out every Saturday. But if I have more time, I will ship on weekdays ~

I have feedback on DenOfAngels under nariko_bisshi here

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Dolly wink eyelash glue review

Saw that the dolly wink glue was on sale at Watsons a few weeks back!
And I was out of eyelash adhesive so I purchased this on a wimp!
I have been using eye puchi as a replacement haha.
Do note this is the older version of the eyelash glue.
Apparently Dolly wink has released a new improved version!

Review under the cut!
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miss my elder bro!

Last night, he skyped with me for a bit, and I realised omg, I really miss my elder brother (T_T)
He will be graduating end of this year though! (>w<)

Can’t wait!

Forgot to post pics of the day we sent him off to the airport!

Coordinate mostly from Taipei haul XD:

Top, skirt, shoes and bag (not featured here) all from shopping in Taipei haha.
Necklace from taichou sama!
Hair clips from random places!

Make up:


Somehow the lighting makes me look really fair..
In reality I’m not T^T *sobs*
Btw this is with dollywink lower lashes, baby cute (only 3 bunches of it each side) and also candydoll blusher!
I’m really into using dual coloured blushers now! =3=

On the way to the airport, with the lil bro:

At Saboten with my elder bro:

Elder bro is NOT photogenic AT ALL haha:

The Siblings in order:

Mum asked us to do whacky poses:

My lil bro says that is his whacky face =_=

Saboten, in my personal humble opinion, serves up one of the best katsus EVER in Singapore.


Come back soon elder bro, miss you lots T_T Please stay away from psychos while you are there.
You know who I’m talking about =_= haha!

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New Dolly wink false eyelashes: Baby Girl review

I finally caved in and bought the new Dolly wink range that FINALLY came into Watsons!
I purchased No. 13 Baby Girl
Costing S$24.90 per box~ The same price as all the other dolly wink lashes brought in so far~

I have more or less given up on the upper lashes for dolly wink (mainly because they have all soft lash bands and so doesnt support my hidden double eyelid @_@) BUT I’m so in love with their lower lashes keke.


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Breakfast foods for dinner

..always makes me happy!

Long overdue post!
Went out to catch up with Aussie buds at Wild Honey, Scotts!

The first time I’ve been to Wild Honey was the one at Mandarin Gallery..
I ordered pancakes / the canadian, and it was the WORST PANCAKES EVER.
Maple syrup slid off the rockhard pancakes =_=

I was skeptical about how this restaurant fared, i mean, COME ON, ITS BLOODY PANCAKES.
But I heard a lot of friends, who ordered other food on the menu, say that the food is fantastic, so I decided to give it another try… (and order anything but pancakes)

The Scotts outlet allowed us to make a reservation! So we did so for a weekday night, afraid that it may be packed!
but it wasn’t!
One thing great was, it wasn’t “self-service” anymore too D:

Anyway coordinate of the day, the theme was Chocolate caramel vanilla-iced cupcake:



Back to dinner!
I ordered the English set, because it has scrambled eggs and baked beans!! Plus it sounded the safest haha:

The scrambled eggs tasted kinda funny to me. I didn’t like the baked beans…
The potatoes were kinda meh too.

Over all it was very “meh”, but I was really hungy so I ate everything but the 2nd slice of bread (whcih I made only half way through) haha.

Prolly will not excitedly go back again. But I do love all-day breakfasts very much, so we’ll see~


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year of the dragon

The year of the dragon is here~~~
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

This year I baked German cookies & Danish cookies~

The front 2 tubs are for Kym and her cousins.

I baked another batch of german cookies but they were so fail because I used cheaper butter ;A;
Should ALWAYS stick to SCS or Lurpak! Booo!

Thus I lost all motivation to bake dragon cookies :(

When Kym came to collect her CNY goodies, I received my belated bday pressie!:

It’s the rilakkuma I was eyeing since I first laid sight on it! WHEE!
Also she bought me zooland biscuits.
It’s so expensive in msia though! Like SGD2?
I saw it at ntuc for 75cents D8

Anyways! Had to go attend childhood friend’s dance performance at NLB~
Family (minus lil bro) and I went to Raffles Hotel for some dinner.. and there, our first yusheng:  

Wasn’t super amazing though!

My starry stockings that I love love love! :

Went to KTV after that~
Def canceling party world out of “KTVs I’ll visit” list haha

Anyways, DAY 1 cordi! :

Though… I’ll admit my mickey top is not new haha.
Was too lazy to go out and shop for a new top :P

I didn’t do my makeup until like the afternoon, so with a fresh face, I went visiting haha.
But at a relative’s place, a really cute toddler came up to me, wished my happy cny and said I was pretty! KEKE.

On my way out of the place, I was stopped by a diff relative coz she said the little boy wanted to say goodbye to me personally haha.

Sooooo cute!

After makeup:

Nails for CNY:

It’s really messy though so I took it off later at night haha.
The dog dressed up too! His clothes had the same pattern as my lil bro!:

In fact, elder bro, lil bro and I all were wearing the same colours hehe.

Mum bought a fishing game for my nephew!
Adults were all trying to play it. But it was MADDENING!
The speed was WAYYYYY too fast!! I’m proud to say I caught the most fish though haha :P

I realise I really behave like a man with regards to the way I’m sitting D8 haha

The octopuses were really difficult to catch! But my cousins were so good at it D8:


The BBQ mood was dampened by the rain! We had to even build a tent with canvas sheet haha.
But it was great fun with the cousins!


Home-made yusheng by my Aunt IS THE BEST!!

I had a stomachache suddenly at night so I retreated to my room early (>_<);;

Cordi for day 2:

Had to go visit God-grandmother and childhood friends~
Had a good time catching up with everyone ^^

Later onwards, went home to entertain more family friends~
Was really fun and had good laughs.
Family friends encouraged me to cheer up and not overstress myself haha.

Everyone said I lost a lot of weight, the thing is, Ive been pigging out on cny goodies and kueh lapis before CNY, so I don’t get it ? Haha. I was actually worried I couldn’t fit into my clothes for day 2 haha coz the shorts fitted me just nicely when I first tried them on in Taipei~

Managed to talked to another childhood friend of mine that I haven’t talked to in ages!
She’s my junior but she is really mature !
Really cute! Remember her following me around and all and picking the same type of foods I took. Haha.
Really really cute girl~
Wish her well in her studies & her new relationship! Hope to meet up with her again soon!  =3=

Not really an eventful CNY, but I had fun catching up with everyone!
I truly love gatherings like these~ Keke!

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