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Packing my room + D.I.Y-ing!

Finally decided to not live in a pig sty and started packing my room since yesterday haha.

Actually it annoys me coz since I stopped work, I’ve already packed my room twice!
And thew out so much junk!
It’s like I have never ending junk seriously.

I’ve watched the interior DIY episode on Tokyo Kawaii TV at tokoyokawaiietc a long time ago!
And was fascinated by this interior design guru who uses cheap items and transforms it to great storage ideas!

The one that stuck me was the wooden rack suddenly used to be a hanger for accessories!
I decided to try it too!
Because what I use to keep my necklaces is this really useless thing:

My mum bought it for me in Japan at a zakka store because it has an “Anna Sui” vibe haha.
As you can see, I removed a lot of my necklaces already coz all they do is tangle up like nobody’s business =A=||

So I went to daiso and gotten a wooden rack ($2) and also to a stationery store to get mounting tape (less than $2):

So cheap!

And now tada!!!:

Love it! What a neat idea! I also placed some badges and trinkets on the “beam” as you can see~
I actually have a whole lot more necklaces, but I am prone to breaking them haha .__.;;

My mum was really impressed and FINALLY is letting me get a new cupboard after pestering her for TWO YEARS!
haha. It’s a long story… (>_>);; but my current cupboard is useless as it can’t store ANYTHING (>_>):; due to measurement errors when my mum bought me a bed years back.

Today I decided that I would also do the wire-net display. I saw it in my old edition of cutie interior book that I bought in HK in Jan~ Although truth to be told, when I first saw it, I never thought I would actually want to put it up. To me the wire makes it look tacky and like those push-cart stores haha.
But I did it anyway! Even though daiso didn’t have a smaller sized wire net, I went ahead and bought the huge 62cm(??) one.

Didn’t take a picture of the net.. (>_<);;
Anyways my plan was to hammer a nail in and hook the net over.
So I hammered away but my mum came in and gave me a better idea haha.
She gave me hooks to just stick on.

No more nails!
Just this:

Looking at the logo, apparently this is also from daiso!



To be honest, it looks more cluttered haha! But now my accessories are all within reach! I don’t have to mess up my room searching for them!
I bought a second wire basket to hook onto the wire net!
Then I just placed my hairbands there and any other smaller hair ties.
It’s really useful! I will probably buy another one because I have too many hair ties @_@

I was really lucky coz I have a smaller storage box flushed to the end, and this wire neck fitted just nicely in between the wooden rack and the storage box :3

I also went to buy a curtain rod and some curtains to fix up (to hide my mess haha):

But it didn’t turn out good because I didn’t do any measuring before… It was an impulse buy haha!:

As you can see, it’s wayyy too long.
I’m going to cut it and sew it soon ~~

I also plan to decorate my storage box cause it’s really ugly now haha.
Actually, I plan to decorate a lot of things in my room haha.
Will keep everyone posted :P

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