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Draw something iPhone game

Oh ho ho ho!

Today, I want to introduce an addictive iPhone game called: Draw Something! by omgpop!

It’s really great fun!
It’s very much like Pictionary with friends~

You choose between 3 words to draw~
And everyone takes turns.

You get to watch your friends guess your drawing and also draw!
Which may be frustrating at times because some take too long!
I also have an annoying friend who draws really badly and then just writes out the answer for me anyway (=_=)|| Haha.
Find friends to play with when you connect to facebook!

This is my wonderful drawing!! XD:

Yes, its a LoTR reference!!
There’s a flower bud below that opens up to a flower.
Can you guess what it is!! My bestie couldn’t!!

The coins you earn allows you to buy colour packs so you get more colours like green! (*_*)
I recommend getting the spring pack (so you get green and purple!) and then the Ice cream pack (you get cream colours and brown!)

– Can’t see the bottom of the drawing as it’s cut off?
With your finger on the screen, hold and slide upwards! The canvas moves up so you can see what your friend drew!

– Bought more than 1 colour pack but only see a random mix?
With your finger on the colour palette on the top of your screen, slide towards your left! You will see a vairty of colours now!

Granted, there are actually a lot of glitches in the app, some of my games get mixed up with others D:
Also the badge notifications don’t really work. I only turned the banner alert because seeing the little “1” badge irks me !
The “turn counter” only counts up to 99! My bestie and I are WAYYYYY over 99 turns!

Here’s more hilarious pictures my friends drew:

I DON’T SEE how this is a lemon.

By the same friend:

??? What on Earth ?
I had to get my bestie to help me!

This is my drawing, to show a FEATHER and NOT A BLUE LEAF WITH A BIRD:


By the same friend AGAIN:

I thought it looked like a “Nobody” form Kingdom Hearts… Turned out to be a Poodle =______= *not amused*

“Draw something” is available at the iTunes store! Search for it!
Comes with paid and free versions~ I’m on the free version :X
It’s also available for android users ~

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