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MAMA2011 !


Shall not go into details about what a bad start the day was for me :(
Was super duper sick!
Sorry to bestie who had to tolerate my :( face haha.

But after throwing up, felt better, THANKFULLY!
Couldn’t get into the limited red carpet area, so we went to get some MAMA stuff!

Like this light-stick thingy!


They were also giving away free iPhone covers, so I took one for my elder bro who wanted a new cover:


They were also giving away brownies:

I ate one today and it was freaking sweet. Gross!

Our tickets were bumped to the front!
Thank gawd! Even though I was grumpy about it, these were AMAZING seats~!
With our tics:

We were actually freaking near the stage… TOTALLY REGRET NOT BRINGING MY CAMERA!!!:


Spotted this dude just chilling like a boss at the moshpit area while everyone was squeezing their asses off!:




He was actually just 1 block away from us!!
We were at T07, and he was at T06 preparing for the short intro to their performance and his “flight” to the stage!

Coolios max!!!

Screamt so much during the show!
Dancing and yelling in my chair! Was fucking amazing!
Loved 2NE1,, snoop dogg, SNSD, b2st, Suju and Koda Kumi’s stages!!

Best performance is a tie between, suju and 2NE1!

So happy !! It was totally worth my money!!
I was actually upset at first coz the groups I support (more actively anyway) weren’t going, but the whole exp was amazing!!

Suju saying goodbye:

(T__T) Too blurry ! My Eunhyukkie oppa!!:


It was a freaking nightmare getting a cab out of the area but I saw Jun-kun!
Totally didn’t see him till he shouted my name haha.
But he was with a client, so we didn’t catch up much (>_<);;

Anyways crashed at my granny’s!
Watched 1 episode of Running Man and then went to sleep!
Glad bestie liked her belated bday gifts keke!

She also gave me a gift from Aussieland:

Love!! I love forever new!!

The next day we met for lunch ~ And spent the next day still high about MAMA!
And we watched SNSD’s concert on DVD and Working!! Season 2 ! Keke!

After Kym left, nua-ed a bit before going out to buy dinner~
Granny came home with cookies from my Aunt!

Cannot escape the cute ! Kyaaaa~~

Ok so that’s all for MAMA, too damn tired~
Still missing the MAMA experience (T_T)



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meeting taichou~!

Somehow I woke up and was on time to meet my Taichou~!!
But I didn’t bring my camera |||ORZ

Also managed to send off a wig I sold~ (^-^)

We went to central to have lunch~
Can’t rmb the restaurant’s name but it was cheap lunch but really bad drinks!
How can you screw up iced lemon tea?
I don’t get it (.__.)

We also went to check out the docomo store.
You can’t buy any of the pretty phones there though (>_>);;
Unless you have a Japan address and service or something?
Means, I’ld have to get the iPhone 4 after all

Anyways we also exchanged birthday gifts~!
We are all December babies wahaha.

I got my first nendo!!

Kyaaaa~~ Azunyan <3

Thanks taichou~!! <333

I’m going to get the Ciel, Sebby and Masamune nendo soon!
When they are all in stock (>_<);;

I also went to get my FTT Q&A book *SIGH* !
The only best date is next Friday!!! Because all the feb dates look bad as I’m going to HK!

The textbook looks thick and complicated.
I’m kinda lazy to even open it! (>_>);;

I also bought this:

One of my fav childhood snacks~! :D
It’s more expensive than hello panda, but it tastes nicer (?!!)
Haha. I don’t know why, but I had a craving for this since last week haha.

I also bought pudding chocolate snacks for my younger brother but I REGRET DOING THAT!!
He kidnapped my stuffed elephant even though I told him 298492842 times not to (>_>);;
When I went into his room, it was on the floor (=__=)||

Anyways MBLAQ’s Cry has been in my head since yesterday~!!

I haven’t been supporting mblaq as of late (@_@)
In fact I’ve been very behind all the Kpop news because my fav news site is down!
I don’t like allkpop very much :// They have weird shit headlines (>_>):;

Ahh leader and Joonie~~ still my favs~!
Though G.O looks more charming recently haha.
I’m weird but I actually don’t really like their stage outfits.
Sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it’s not!
What’s with their stylist! >(

Anyways I’m really beyond sleepy now so I’m going to hug my elephant soft toy and go to bed soon.

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Song Joong Ki!

我为了这个人,拼命得看 RUNNING MAN!

(其实没那么夸张啦, 也为了 Ji Hyo + Gary!)

OMO, Joong Ki oppa 真的很可爱 (=3=)
但是我懒得去看他的 drama ||ORZ
我其实不是很喜欢看 drama 的人 (.___.);;

(=3=) 可爱~!!!

啊!!!! ∑(O_O;)

上次生日的时候朋友们送的! :

我的朋友都真的有眼光呀! (*≧▽≦)

Joong Ki oppa 的图是从:

希望他再来新加坡 (T___T)

下次再贴 cos 的照 ~ 其实大部分在 facebook 上了~
我在慢慢得贴在cure 和 dA 上。 哈哈。 *懒惰*

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Seriously Hyuna is smoking hottttt.
I feel motivated to lose weight hahaha!

Yesterday , I made some really yummy beehoon keke ! I finally found a can of stewed pork~ It’s really nasty straight out of the can! But it really makes a difference in the beehoon~ I reckon I put too much pil while following a recipe :/ But it was still yummilicious! I made 2 servings for tomorrow’s lunch~:

Happy~ :D

Most people told me that I looked angry yesterday, that wasn’t the case, but I’m kinda stressed still but not superrr stressed like last time. Phew! That was a terrible experience! How could I be in a bad mood when I went shopping? Keke!

I had a priceline voucher that I used to get the brush~ Animal-cruelty free or something~
Got inspired by Heki’s makeup post the other day and so I bought more silver stuff.
I really want a full blown eyeshadow-brush set! (T_T)
I will save for it! Hehe.

3 more assignments and it’s freedom!
I must keep telling myself to hang on~~~

Sunday’s my last radio session! Finally!
I havent told my parents yet but seriously why do something that troubles me?
I have to remain happy while my sanity is still with me I think. Haha.

Already planned to meet Kymmie on Monday ~! Hopefully for KTV and some local food!
Maybe will meet JH on Tuesday for my long-awaited KFC~~

Can’t wait to go back to Singapore!! Times like these, I’m thankful I don’t have exams.
It’s a love-hate thing :P

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My face seems like in a bad condition. Not too major, but I hate looking at my pores.
Did a “mini facial” for myself today.
Steaming, exfoliating, cleansing + masks!

Super thanks to Kelly for many tips hehe!

The steaming + exfoliation + blackhead strip worked a little.
But not all of it came out :(
Even though I also extracted some ~

I’m going to do this once a week >(
If it doesnt go any better, I’m going to go to that Korean beauty salon I found last week ~

Going to do some retail theraphy this week hehe.
My cotton on shorts and jayjay dress awaits~!!

Hopefully we’ll catch alice in wonderland soon too~!

Also despite me not liking the seohyun x yonghwa pairing, I watched We Got Married yesterday and omg seohyun is super naiive, thats what makes her cute i guess. I hope soshifanboys dont attack yonghwa oppa :( As long as they dont, i’m ok!

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Momo belongs to Kelda.
It used to be Yellow, but it looks Lime green now.
Bunneh was a present from my mum who thought it was cute and just got it for me one day haha.
Bunneh is my drama buddy.
It’s always there to:
1. be a cushion for my laptop HAHAHA (only recently!)
2. Hug buddy for toe curling scenes
3. Subject-of-abuse for scenes that make me want to whack someone

In other cases I also use it to annoy the crap outta both of my brothers.
My younger brohter loves it and makes it do funny stuff too haha.
Elder brother hates it though :( boo.
Bunneh is sad.

Being friendly.. hehe.

And thennnn:

Arrrr bishhhh!

Pumpkin soup and bread by Sammy. There was also other food but I’m too lazy to upload it.

I woke up like a fucking grouch 2904382342 times throughout the night and morning.
I’m pretty over it now but boy was I so annoyed that I want to physically hit something.
But! Kelda, despite me looking like I would kill whoever talked to me, made me “breakfast” the 3rd or 4th time I woke up in the day. Hehe thanks!

Also baked cookies today and the piping bag broke again hahaha!
I really want to make shortbread cookies but arghh the cutter and rolling pin is driving me nuts!

On a happy note,

Kara’s Lupin is addictive~!

I dont like Seungyeon still and think whatever she wears is weird D:
I really like Hara recently~ She’s way cute!
Of course, number #1 spot is always Nicole ~

Don’t particularly fancy BEAST’s new song but I quite new new rookie group D-NA. It’s so sad groups are getting younger while I get older haha.

Going to do work much later or tomorrow. I want to be more hardworking this semester despite the fact that all my units are a bore.

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K.will + outsider = jjang

The fastest rapper in Korea, Outsider has totally blown my mind again with his collab with K.Will

Ballad and rap~!
The lyrics are also nicely crafted and worded ~
It’s on my endless repeat-list with Mblaq~

I watched the horror house on Idol army the other day, whoa G.O really looks super scary and I would have freaked out too haha.

I really want to go and shop moreeee but I have to place a restriction on my spending. Sigh.
News from the dad isn’t very good but email from my mum makes me happier any day :)
Thank you Jesus  for answering my prayers. :)

I memorise and memorise these useless magical spells
fall in love in love in love

A wordless mute and a lump of stubborness
Even the likes of me will promise you an everlasting love

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