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Mind blowing!

This song is just stuck in my head now plus pretty graphics!

HD version:

With Chinese and English subs:

Just wow.
CG work by Ikeda
Lyrics and song by Caz

If you have a nico account:

All vocaloid vids should look like that! Haha.

I’m also looking at other vocaloid 3d art he has done using a software called Shade.
I wish he put some sort of blog or site on his nico vids/profile though (>_<)

Oh! Found it… it seems like he’s .. the software programmer/founder or something???

Alamak, I just want the pretty images of the Vocaloid charas |||ORZ

刚刚看了IKEDA 的 Len 和 Rin 的图。
真的很想出 Len 的 cos!!

这是这么回事 (=___=)|||
我从第一次听vocaloid 到为止都没想过要出 Len 的cos。


一个cosser, 两个角色?

发疯了,发疯了 (T_T)

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it’s 5am..

but I’m still awake with a few songs stuck in my head, like a sick continuous playlist of doom.
I realise I should be sleeping only because Jean is awake (it’s 7am in Brisbane and she has to go to work) and was like “oi pork girl why are you awake?!”

I was confused like “NO, WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?!!” But then it dawned on me … it was pretty late /early.

Anyways, my current playlist of doom:

Wotamin (=3=)/

She has amazing vocal range! She did both Len AND Luka’s parts!! (*___*)
It’s like… simpsons’ voice actors… except better… and hotter.

Because I watched the Glee preview , this song got stuck in my head haha.

Ok, I better go to bed~
Going to meet Sandra for tea later (=3=)/

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Mii-chan is the bombbbb

The man, has a super duper sexy manly voice and he looks super duper cute too!

Ok the one that got me was actually his magnet cover, BUT the quality was kinda mehh-ish so won’t post it.

When I get back to land of awesome internet (aka Singapore)
I’m going to :
1. Watch all his covers
2. Watch all his appearances on nico events (if i can find!)
3. Stalk his blog hahaha!!!
4. Get all his music!

Feel like purchasing some albums! Especially the “select me” one with clear in it. (at least i think so)

Here’s screen caps of Mii-chan by picaaa on livejournal on the utattemita comm!

He has a very “miyavi” feel, I reckon!!!!!

And he does the whole j-rock screeching thing in his covers VERY well.

I freaking love his voice! and his face and his everything.

I feel like some sort of creepy stalker fangirl.
I shall stop that now…. on my blog anyways.

But please check him out! (^-^)/

I sent a order form for 3 different wigs for the following charas:
1. Konan
2. Baidou
3. Sailor Neptune

So you can definitely look forward to me opening the following groups:
1. Sailor moon!!!! srsly!
2. Akatsuki only!

Actually maybe I’ll just open a sailormoon group hahahaha~

OK I should stop fangirling and should start working on my assignments (@_@)

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When I’m really bored, I’ll add a new category on my blog just for vocaloids haha.
They take up too much of my posts haha.

Clear’s voice = so awesome!

I’m in the school lab now because I crushed my dongle (the USB device I use to connect to the internet)
I’m like bloody pissed at myself.
Cause I was on my bed tossing and turning, and decided “fuck that light is really annoying hey” (light on my laptop charger connected to my laptop), so I moved to unplug it…

the most stupid thing happened…

Malice (my laptop’s name) dropped to the fucking floor!

Thank gawd it was carpeted floor. So Malice was thankfully safe.
I switched it on and it was a blank black screen with the hand mouse thingum and I freaked.
I turned it off and on and started saying nonsense like “Be good Malice, come on baby, Mummy loves you! Come on honey!” and it was like my laptop fell in love with me and started up right.


But my dongle is like crushed pretty darn badly.
Damn thing won’t work, nor be forced back into it’s original form.

On the bright side, it’s ok, it’s just $100+ to replace it?
If dongle was ok and laptop was not = FML SRSLY.

So I should be thankful, or so, I keep telling myself but it annoys me to spend money on silly things, esp since I’m gonna grad.
Kels was saying I could get my SIM card out, I can use someone else’s dongle and it will work cause we have friends who arent using it anymore but when I think about it, is that gold shit the SIM card thing? Coz if it is, IM SCREWED.

Oh good bye $180? (i think)

So thats something “interesting” I guess haha.
I had a more exciting week (compared to the week before where all I did was work) actually, but I’m too lazy to upload the pics from iPhone.. so (=_=)||

My mum complained that my FB is so boring cause I didn’t upload any pictures.
I told her I was studying, and she told me to take a picture of me studying.. .WTF?

According to my mum, my dad planned what/where he’s going to bring me to makan for the week haha.
I touch down like bloody early in the morning, but he wants to bring me to causarina prata for breakfast haha. *touched*
I thought we could get drive-thru maccas and go back home to zzz. haha

He’s gonna take 2098492842 pics with me whether he likes it or not (…he doesnt like pictures)

P.S If the password to the previous post is the name of one of my dolls that Cupid and Sandra and Jie Qi likes. Esp Cupid. Big hint? Y/N haha. Also capital first letter!  It’s BJD related! Sandra, WE SO NEED TO GOSSIP haha.

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【らっぷびと&ゼブラ】Just Be Friends

I can’t help it.
This song is just awesome!
And this cover is so much win seriously!
Gonna love a song with a bit of rap!

See the original and another cover here
Weirdly I don’t like the Gero piano cover.

I know all I’ve been doing is posting music, because honestly my life is sad, and is surrounded by:
1. Assignments
2. Anime
3. Sleep [4am-2pm :( ]
There is NOTHING interesting in my life thus far haha.

Speaking of anime, I’m now watching:
1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Older anime, like what, 2007? But super good! I love Kamina, he is hilarious and full of warped theories of life.

2. Kuroshitsuji II

3. Sengoku Basara 2
I don’t care that it’s illogical and some characters look ghey *coughkenshincough* it’s mad awesome with Masamune, Motochika and Sasuke!

4. Hakuouki Shinshengumi Kitan
Finally finishing this boring anime! It seriously only has hot guys! Everything else about it seems boring and so freaking illogical as in the conversation between the girl and others. It’s like eveyrone turns stupid for a moment (or 10 moments rather) I’m not motivated to play the psp game anymore haha. BUT IT HAS REALLY CUTE GUYS. Like really. Hahaha.

David asked me what I was watching and we shared and stuff and we were both put out cause there is simply nothing nice to watch anymore (X_X) Someone hit me with some good anime recs! I think kuroshitsuji 2 has ended so I’ll have one less thing to watch now haha

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the dude who loves all things pretty

I’ve always be considered a tom-boy since young.
My elder brother tells me, we are male twins, I’m just in the wrong body and got out wayyyy too late haha.
We used to look a little when we are younger, now, we are distinctively different haha.

But people sometimes look at my physical appearance and wonder, what’s so tom-boyish about that?

And I started to come to a conclusion about myself. Inside this shell of a female:
I’m an extremely shallow dude (HAHA) who loves pretty girls.
And since my appearance is a girl and I have to look at her everyday in the mirror, why not make her pretty?
I don’t want to look at a haggard girl 24/7 and live with that. (In the morning when I wake up to wash my face, I get a shock all the time hahaha!)

Thus came my obsession with make-up and clothes to beautify my outer appearance
I started dressing better, taking care of my appearance (When I was younger I was a boy who decided natural beauty was the way to go. natural meaning, no contacts, no doing ur hair etc. WHAT A WEIRD KID I WAS)
I also like my girls in frills and skirts!
In the past I’ll never wear a skirt without some sort of shorts under them, but I learnt to accept skirts and frilly dresses.

Only when I’m dressed proper (to my inner boy’s pref), will I sometimes catch myself staring at my self in the mirror, one too many times (=_=)||
I want to hit the inner-dude in me with a mallet haha.

So in short, I’m a shallow guy who likes oogling at pretty girls (which guy doesnt =_=) so being a girl physically, I would make myself “pretty”, however inside this shell, I sometimes feel like I have a gender identity crisis haha.

Thus I always say I need to find a guy manilier than I am hahaha *ROFL*

Anyways to make this not a totally pointless entry:

I seriously love this song ever sine I played it on my PSP!
I’m listening to halyosy ×ちょうちょ’s cover though, which has more emotion in it, obviously cause it’s being sung by humans !
Which is here:

I screamed with my hoarse voice, rebound and resonance echo in vain
Nothing is left at the end of the unchained me
The bond between us has come apart and is dying away in everyday
Goodbye, my sweetheart, it’s over
We have to leave without turning back

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the miku addict~

Once I started cosplaying Miku, it seems like I can’t get enough (@_@)
Currently addicted to the 3 songs~ Well not really for Mrs. Pumpkin, cause I was long ago addicted to it haha.
Adding all to my cosplay plans! Plus some cosplay piccies cause it’s pretty ~~


Totally addicted to this song!
Append Hatsune Miku rocks my socks!

Translation over here!

CN: 清祇 @ Miku

I actually like the niconicodouga singer’s version more than the original one, but this is cute too~!

CN: Heki @ Miku


So dark~~

No cosplay pictures cause I didn’t find one I really liked to share hmm.

Will start all on if these when I’m back in Singapore again (>_<) Since I personally need to oversee the tailoring (>_<)

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