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hiiro no kakera

I’m playing hiiro no kakera on my DS now.
They were not kidding when they warned it had a lot of kanji and dialogue.

At least with kanji I somewhat understand but there’s a lot of shit going on on the very first day (=__=)|||
Yuuichi is my choice for the first round ~~ hurhur.

I’m super upset that my PSP went kapoot.
I did nothing with the damn thing and it died?

I think i only played it 4 times at most in aussie. all the while its in my cupboard, how could it die?!
I didnt drop the thing, i didnt spill water on it?
Arghhh. It wouldnt even charge now.
It doesnt look too good and if i have to change the fucking motherboard, i must as well get a new one.
The fucking thing is, ITS SO NEW.
Arghh if it was my DS, (choy!!!) i’ll at least have reason to get the new DSi since i play it alot but i only play tekken on my psp now :/ And i’m wanting to play another otome game on it.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHGYYYYY. Please have some sort of miracle when i wake up tomorrow (fat hope) :/
I wanna kick some virtual ass on tekken (>_<)

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