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Dolly wink eyelash glue review

Saw that the dolly wink glue was on sale at Watsons a few weeks back!
And I was out of eyelash adhesive so I purchased this on a wimp!
I have been using eye puchi as a replacement haha.
Do note this is the older version of the eyelash glue.
Apparently Dolly wink has released a new improved version!

Review under the cut!
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New Dolly wink false eyelashes: Baby Girl review

I finally caved in and bought the new Dolly wink range that FINALLY came into Watsons!
I purchased No. 13 Baby Girl
Costing S$24.90 per box~ The same price as all the other dolly wink lashes brought in so far~

I have more or less given up on the upper lashes for dolly wink (mainly because they have all soft lash bands and so doesnt support my hidden double eyelid @_@) BUT I’m so in love with their lower lashes keke.


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Heroine kiss me bottom lash no.9 review



Kiss Me Heroine bottom lash no.9 Natural review !

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Palty Natural Brown hair colour review

My ugly roots have been showing these past months haha. So I’ve decided to DIY dye my hair again!
Also have been really sick of my light coloured hair recently! When I saw August’s issue of PopSister, I just instantly wanted a dark chocolate hair colour!

So I went to hunt for Palty’s natural brown.
It’s ony available in Ngee Ann City’s Watsons. Couldn’t find it in any of the other Watsons (>_<);;

Go under the cut!

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i.fairy lens hanabi pink review

So I finally opened a pair of i.fairy lenses the other day (^_^)
I ordered 4 different pairs for cosplay and decided to open the hanabi pink one!

The lenses comes in bottles and to take them out, what I did was:
1. Prepare an empty contacts case
2. Open bottles that contain the lenses
3. Pour contents into the case


Anyway I was quite disappointed at how the colour came out when I wore them (>_<)
The pink wasn’t vibrant enough !
Ok granted, I took the picture around 4-5pm in the evening, but there wasn’t any sort of vibrancy I liked (>_<);;

When worn !

Close up!

But what shocked me was, wow these are really huge lenses ! Haha.
I don’t usually wear 16mm ones and they really shocked me for a while.

I had to put on lower falsies so my eyes don’t look too weird (@_@);;

I find that it lacks moisture though so I have not worn it for long (especially for work!).
I think I only wore them for about 4 hours max on that day because I happened to go back home early haha.

Would prefer to try the ruby pink one as this one doesn’t work for me!

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HOW TO: Make double lashes + MELLIESH 01 review

This post is a review for Melliesh, Dorru (DOLL) 01 type lashes, produced by POPTEEN/POPSISTER model, Yui~!
And this post will also show you how to make double lashes (or more!)
I will also to show you why inner/hidden double eyelidders should AVOID transparent band lashes
UNLESS you are going to use eyelid glue or stickers~!

All under the cut (^_^)

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Liz Liza Eyes: Lower Lash review

Got this in Tokyo for a steal at the Harajuku Liz Lisa store !!
800+ yen !
They had some promo going on~!
Purchased this and another pair of upper lash falsies.

All under the cut~!
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Eyemazing no.002 review

False eyelashes produced by Jun Komori~! (ex popteen model & currently a popular tv star~!)
Eyemazing No.002 review under the cut~
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Palty Raspberry Macaron Review

Because I had very very ugly roots showing, I decided to dye my hair using Palty hair dye (weeks back!)
I saw it in Brisbane, Elizabeth Arcade at aud25 per box.
I know it’s really expensive, but it’s supposed to be good for Asian hair and TSUBASA & YUI ENDORSES IT!
(plus I was mad, really insane. It sells cheaper online, me thinks!)

Let’s go under the cut ~!
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Slickers Horse Riding in Brisbane

Taking a break from working on my Ad Campaigns assignment. (@__@);;
I’m pulling a “Joy”, which is to say, updating about stuff really really long ago! Hahaha ! :P

Photos from Joson~

We got to Slickers pretty darn early, so we took time to have breakfast which we packed and pat horses~

Had to take off my usagimimi cause we were gonna wear helmets later~
We took a horse riding trail for 1.5hours ~
Can’t remember the exact price, but it was less than AUD50 for sure!

Wear helmets for protection!!
Because one time when I was younger, I actually fell off the horse! My lil bro too.
So to prevent your skull from cracking open, its helmet time!
Helmets thankfully didn’t stink haha.

We are the threadless pals!
All our shirts are from threadless haha~

Group shot!!

After waiting for more people to assemble, it’s time to MOUNT ON!

We knew our horses names before hand and mine’s called Raj.
We kept thinking it was some Indian horse! Haha!
Everyone kept teasing me about it but when Raj finally arrived, ITS A WHITE PRETTY HORSE OMO!
In your faces! It’s karma for teasing me! Nehnehnehpoopoo ! Haha~

I loved that it was a huge horse too!
Because I had gone horse-riding before in Aussie / NZ and coz I was shorter, my horse was like puny :(

Nicole helping to adjust the straddle.
I should have definitely left it loose and not tight.
Mistake! Before we even left for the trail, my legs hurt haha.

Jean with Dosh and me and Raj~

For this horse-riding trip, you have to book in advance and arrive at the allocated timing.
Unlike my previous experiences, we just popped into the ranch and asked if they were free and was well on our way.
Also you would have other people joining you in the trail.
Which depends on your luck, could be enjoyable or… noisy.

Thankfully the noisy screaming people were pretty far away from us as they had trouble with riding.

Slickers horses are definitely very well-trained and disciplined!
Well, most of them anyway!

Like most, horses move on their own and you only have to steer them if they are running into plants, causing you to be hit by branches.

In my past experience, I had a nasty old horse who refused to leave this place and wanted to lick the cold metal rod (=_=)||

Raj was really awesome ! But he was OH SO VERY SLOW.
I almost wanted to tap him harder to make him run a little faster but I was afraid he would overtake the others.
He ate only when we had to stop and pooped only at the start haha.
I turned back at the wrong timing and had a face full of his farts (>_<);

One thing I didn’t like about the trail was that it felt too guided.
I would like some quiet time to look at the scenery and not be constantly reminded about mudane things.
Also the scenery was very blah?
Not much to see but we did spot one wild kangaroo~

– Good horses, well-taken care of and well-trained and disciplined
– The toilet is really clean and is an actual toilet haha
– Friendly staff! (most of them anyway!)

– In a big group
– Not much scenery
– Didn’t let you do much with the horses (we only dashed for a while :/ )

Bad bad group shot which as a horse’s bum in haha.

Despite everything, it was still fun and I enjoyed it lots~~!
I simply love horse-riding ~! (^3^)/

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