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HOW TO: Make double lashes + MELLIESH 01 review

This post is a review for Melliesh, Dorru (DOLL) 01 type lashes, produced by POPTEEN/POPSISTER model, Yui~!
And this post will also show you how to make double lashes (or more!)
I will also to show you why inner/hidden double eyelidders should AVOID transparent band lashes
UNLESS you are going to use eyelid glue or stickers~!

All under the cut (^_^)

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HOW TO: Clean your false eyelashes! LASH CARE!

After reading women’s weekly or something [I don’t remember, my mum brings back stacks of mags home (@_@)]
I saw that popular Taiwanese make-up “guru” has a make-up guide released in English~!

Because I’m not going to even try to decipher the different techniques in traditional chinese (@_@)
Anyways this guy is really popular!
He’s always on 女人我最大, teaching the female guests how to put on make-up that suits their skin, tips and what not!

Anyways why I’m posting this is because of a particular segment found in the book!

I initially wanted to share with everyone how to clean your lashes!
BUT ! Because of my laziness, it never happened haha.

So I’ll be borrowing the pictures [I have no scanner :( So I took photos ! haha] and listing down the tips!
Also I’ll be sharing my own tips on how to clean your falsies!!

I personally don’t do step 1 and 2 but here it is anyway:

o1: Using a pair of tweezers, pin down the lashes and brush them with a metal comb.
In the book it says that, “The tweezer and metal comb must be parrallel to each other. E.g not to have tweezer pin down the lash on left side and metal comb pin brush right side” -> YES I COPIED IT WORD FOR WORD. I had to read this sentence THREE times because the English was so bad! Also the book is FILLED with grammatical and spelling errors (@_@)

Anyways what it bascially means is that the tweezers and brush work TOGETHER. Whichever part of the lashes the metal comb brushes, the tweezer should be holding down on said portion.

o2: Clean the lashes with a spiral brush
I personally think that this step is only necessary if you apply mascara on your lashes. When you remove your makeup, the makeup remover would be on your falsies anyway, so to clean off the mascara residue, using the brush and makeup remover residue, just clean it by gentle brushing strokes~

o3: Using another pair of tweezers, pluck out glue residue from the lash rim.
It’s normal to find a lot of glue residue on the lash band/rim. What I do is I hold the lashes with my fingers and pluck the glue off GENTLY using the tweezers. Sometimes I get lazy and use my nails to just tug it off. DO NOT DO THAT unless you are very mild-mannered haha. I’m very… rough ? In dialect we say “chor lor”, which means something like rough and violent. So I usually ruin the lash band and the lashes (.__.);;

o4: Apply makeup remove on a cotton bud to clean the lash band
In fact … I actually do step 4 first before step 3 haha.
I don’t know, I’m weird like that! My “cleaning lashes” technique is all via trial and error and common sense as I couldn’t find any guide on how to take care of them (@_@) Glad to know I’m doing some things right! Haha.


Apparently this is what you do when you STILL can’t remove the adhesive sticking on the lashes.
You soak the lashes in makeup remover for a few minutes and only the rim/lash band.
(Though when you look at the picture, it looks like they just dump the whole thing in O_O)
Quote, “P.S : Air dry the fake lash”

Please DO NOT soak the whole lash in the makeup remover (@_@)
I did that before when I first started wearing lashes many years back..
The shape would be really deformed after haha.
I would suggest dipping the lash band into the makeup remover and physically hold the lashes and wait a while!

Personally, I gently rub makeup remover and use the cotton bud to wipe it more.
I hardly have to soak my lashes.

The makeup remover I HIGHLY recommend is :
BIORE’s  Cleansing Oil :

It’s fantastic!

You should always keep your lashes in their original casing, or in a lash casing (Like dolly wink’s etc)
Your lashes should be kept bent/ curved!

If you have lashes with a transparent lash band, even more so, you should keep them curved !
They are the easiest to go out of shape!
I’ll be posting soon abut why I hate transparent lash bands so much another day haha!
Please look out for it if you are a inner double eye-lidder like me haha.

I hope this helped some people with their lashes (^_^)

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pretty girls [are fake?!!]

If you haven’t already heard who is Qiu Qiu, she is clicknetwork’s Budget Barbie

She’s super funny and I like how LIAN the way she pronounces some stuff, I DONT KNOW, IM WEIRD!

Anyways I went to her blog and found that she said she uses photoshop lash brushes [ONES I’VE BEEN FINDING AGES FOR!!] for some of her pics. So I went on a google hunt and omg i found awesome lash brushes AND contact lens brushes!

To show you how “fake” girl’s makeup can be / how awesome photoshop truly is :

This is my original pic without any photoshop:

Sad thing is I’m actually ALREADY wearing lashes and contacts HAHAA.

After photoshopped lashes:

I didn’t photoshop the ugly marks on my face, DEAL WITH IT. Hahaha.
But wow, my eyes! D:

Now with scary anime contacts photoshop:

Wahaha! I was lazy to do my other eye (you cant see it anyway so who cares! This is just for fun coz I’m taking a break from researching!)
It’s a tinted blue I had to screen/lighten like fuck to make it natural haha.
I always wanted to see how I looked with silver contacts (very scary and I likey) but decided not to scare my readers and just clicked “colour overlay” to make it blue hahaha!

So… don’t always believe everything you see on the internet / magazines :P
A lot of it is photoshop!

Oh beautiful beautiful photoshop, how you corrupt what “natural” beauty is haha.

In other news, man I think I’m gonna get me some fake wigs/ hair soon!

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Cabbage Diet!

In a month, Hamada Britney, gyaru and mangaka.. and actually actress?? (She starred in one episode of smthsmth danshi, the one with my fav Maki chan in it, lost about 7kg!!

From 49kg to 42.2kg (she was wearing heels and all that, so it was about 7kg ok!)

I read about the cabbage diet on Ranzuki too, while looking for the bean sprout diet instead (>_>);;

If you understand a bit of Japanese, you can see it here:




With my sad command of Japanese, I still managed to figure out some stuff!
Basically the rule of the cabbage diet is that you MUST eat 1/6 of a cabbage before ANY meal!
After that, eating anything would be ok!

Cabbage with a bit of dressing is okay too! but NOT like thousand island dressing or mayo coz that’s fattening!
Something like vinegar or with gocchujjang and miso is ok!

I think this diet is better than the one Ranzuki is suggesting, because just eating cabbage with fried stuff like okonimyaki doesnt make sense to me (@_@)

So I rather everyone follow this simple eat rule : to eat cabbage before meals!

I think also it has to be raw cabbage or at least cold temp.
I heard that temperature also affects certain diets (like the bean sprout diet!)

Alternatively this method (of eating something before meals), works with bean sprouts!
But it has to be cold, it was in an issue of PopTeen.
If I ever find a scan for that page, I’ll talk about it.
But I don’t really like bean sprouts… sooo it’s a nono for me on that diet!

Also, as with all diets, you MUST do a bit of exercise !

I’m going to start on this proper when I actually buy dressing :(
I need to lose weight for a Zhen Ji cosplay

I’ve updated what I want to bake/cook and also my cosplay plans! Keke~

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鑽石夜總會: 變臉達人PK賽 makeup transformation segment

Bringing you more shocking transformations!

I like the white team’s better~!

Only posting the part where they do makeup here.
For the other parts, click into YouTube and search for the part before and after~!

The amount of concealer the white team’s candidate uses is so shocking D:

Draw the double eyelid line with a toothpick with tissue wrapped around ~
Actually you can use pencil liner for this, but I guess using toothpick and eyeshadow makes it more natural?
You MUST use tissue paper to wrap the toothpick because it will poke your eyes, obviously! :P

To see other past videos, using the category tags on my blog under “makeup” ~
Will post other videos another time when I have more bandwidth ~
I hate Aussie internet >(

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钻石夜总会: 會美女變臉 make-up transformation segment

Another one!
This marks my 3rd post for make-up transformations :)
LOVE watching this segment!

Make-up tips I gathered besides wearing contacts to enlarge your pupils:
1. If you have small squinty eyes, draw the eyeliner muchhhhh longer than usual
2. When using double lashes, instead of sticking it together, what she does was to stick the first lash on from the end of the lash line and then the second one from the other end. So it will be: sparse —- dense — sparse
It will make your eyes pop
3. Eyebrow colour must be the same as your hair colour, of course!

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钻石夜总会: Make-up transformation segment


Look at the various skills and transformations!

From what I got from watching
1. Use 2 or more lashes
2. Flip eyelid sticker the other way around
3. Use abit of eyelash glue to create double eyelids instead of buying glues for it (save money! :P)
5. Use highlighter for T-areas and shadowing around face!

However, I will not recommend using eyelash glue directly on your eye to stick eyelashes !! That’s bad!!
More from Guess show:
Kitty is on also!:

So sad! Their BFs broke up with them cause of their fresh faces :(

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