Fukubukuro / lucky bags 2012 Shibuya & Harajuku reveal 福袋中身公開!

Decided to finally blog again due to unrevealing of all the lucky bags I purchased in Shibuya and Harajuku.
To be honest, I was only going to get lucky bags from Shibuya, and not go back into punk and lolita, but there were many good deals, so I couldn’t help it >_<

Harajuku started their fukubukuro sales first.
I eagerly queued up at Liz Lisa’s!
I wanted to get the premium trunk bag!


to my dismay… the trunk bag was sold out !! ahh! I missed it by ONE person infront of me!!
I bought a cheaper lucky bag:


All white coordinates!

The next day, I went to Shibuya 109 at 7.45am, and queued for like 15-30mins at the stairwell.
To my surprise, they had A LOT of trunk bags left, and there were 2 colours! White with pink accents or pink with white accents

Whatever they stated on their brochure / website is more or less what you will get~



The cashier who attended to me remembered me from the day before! She was like, “ah you were at harajuku!!” haha.
On my 2nd last day in japan (5 days after fukubukuro sales), liz lisa in shibuya 109 still had 3 pink trunk bags left~ The white ones were sold out~ they also had all the other bags~

Anyways, I’m not sure what time shibuya 109 opens, but it was definitely earlier than 7.45am! I saw many people with bags by the time I got there!


One of my first lucky bags was from wonder rocket.
I like most of their items (from momo) so I purchased one on a whimp..
To my surprise, it’s all mori-style!
I love a lot of fashion styles, but mori isn’t something I ever though of trying….
I love the skirt though! So poofy! No idea if I want to sell the skirt yet or not.. I’m still thinking >_<



2 IMG_5015


I also went to Swimmer.
I didn’t take much photos cause there were too many items!
Some of which includes, spectacle box, lantern night light, a pot, jewellery stand, a lot of stationery and notebooks, an apron, a pair of shorts



Feeling dismayed on my failed liz lisa trunk get on the 1st day, I went to harajuku and spulruged on alice and the pirates.
The Jumper skirt set was sold out, so I purchased a prince set:


From the site:

I went to Shinjuku Marui one and purchased the Jumper skirt set 2 days later!


In Harajuku, the BTSSB sets were sold out after one day, you can find most of the sets at Shinjuku Marui one though!
Since I purchased a metamorphose set earlier, and gotten a dark blouse, I wanted the coordinate with the white blouse instead.
I told the sales lady and she helped pick a lucky bag with a white blouse! I realised some customers do that when I was shopping, and tried my luck. Actually on the bags itself, the one I wanted to pick had the letter “W” and circled, so I suspected it was a white blouse, and the sales lady also picked that one up! The others were labelled “kuro”, so it was a dead give-away!


IMG_4821 IMG_4827

For me, the ank rouge set was the most disappointing one :(
It had a lot of sweaters / thicker wear which I did not need.



The 5,000yen tralala sets were all very cute, so I bought one and am very pleased!
What you see in the brochure is mostly what you get~




I didn’t want to buy the LDS bag, but the shop assistant was yelling with such passion!! Also the bags were so cute!! I purchased a 5,000yen one (brown bear). There was a 10,000 yen one with a different bear.


Came with a pvc skirt, sweater and another pullover and a bear which I gave away ~


I walked around shibuya 109 and purchased a pinky girls fukubukuro as well!
The sales lady was very nice, explaining to me about what was inside.



For some reason, they also gave me some aroma sticks!

The pinky girls lucky bag is my favourite and most unexpected bag, because I really had no intention of getting it at the start. Also the fukubukuro bag was really well made!!

I wore 2 items (blouse and skirt) from the pinky girls set on my first day of work in 2013:

One of my favourite punk brands is Algonquins! So naturally I would buy a bag! Although I had no idea what would be in it.. the sales girl tried to explain but I didnt understand a word haha.

A bit disappointed with this, I only used the outer wear a lot !

Their lucky bags came with styles, you can choose from, I bought this on the 2nd day of sales in harajuku, so many of the other styles were sold out.


Not too happy with a dark blue blouse, matching a white skirt…. so I may sell something, not too sure yet (>_<)

What I didn’t get cause they were sold out :
1. One spo: I dillydallied on the other floors, when I came down, the person infront of me got to the last bag first arghh
2. D.i.a: I went around the building so many times, but I hesitated, when I finally decided to purchase it, the bags were all sold out >_<
3. Cecil mcbee: I think these were long sold out before  I could even blink
4. Putumayo: they had A LOT of bags on the 1st day, but sold out on the 2nd. Angelic Pretty as well!
Another brand I noticed with long queues besides liz lisa and d.ia is BACKS. So be sure to ge there early!

I didn’t get tutuha, mars, golds infinity, glad news, gilfy, mainly because the coordinates didn’t look nice or I had no clue what was in it @_@

See more gyaru reveals from Universal Doll!

I’m selling some of my stuff!
Please check my facebook album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.117462625041411.17872.100003330226925&type=3

Shipping not included!!!
Please email me at narikodesu[AT]gmail.com with the items you want and your country, I will get back to you with shipping quotes.

Payment via paypal or local bank transfer.
I ship out every Saturday. But if I have more time, I will ship on weekdays ~

I have feedback on DenOfAngels under nariko_bisshi here


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AFAMY BACKTRACK!(ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆彡ワーイ♪

Oh goodness, I have not blogged in 6 months!
It must be my addiction to social media recently haha!

I shall now backtrack these 6 months of my life Haha!
As my friends know, I’ve recently joined a different company, after bumming around for 6 months and getting countless of rejections, mostly because I’m demanding too much for my salary haha!

I’m really thankful to have been accepted, Japanese pop culture is my passion. but not just pop culture, I love everything from Japan, from their traditional arts and crafts, their eccentric fashion, the music and down to geeky anime things like cosplay etc.
There were many ups and downs…one time I got so stressed, I went to the stairwell ,called my elder brother and cried my eyes out.
And everyone knows I HATE crying infront of people. Just gahh!
There were many happy moments, like meeting all my favourite artistes and cosplayers! and I got to experience a lot of things I’ve always wanted to experience; event managing and copywriting (although not too big on this part =_=)

So my first event was Anime Festival Asia, Malaysia!
This is AFA’s first satellite event overseas! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆彡ワーイ♪

My first business trip overseas as well!


Set-up of the stage!

Ly’s and my hotel room turned into a war-room/ store room as well haha!:

During my time in Malaysia, I got to meet a lot of wonderful friends! Thank you for a great time!

This is Kenny and Jay ahah!
Another great friend is Jeremy!
Kenny is my favourite bitchy buddy! Jay is always there to help out and so was Jeremy!

There were some unpleasant instances of course, but mostly my memories were filled with happy thoughts!

With super star cosplayer, KANAME!

Didn’t really talk to him much, I was being too fangirly, thinking about SPCats!
And here they are:

GOODNESS. Tasha is my number 1 cosplay idol!
I was too shy to say anything!

When I met them at the hotel to help them check-in, she automatically came up to me to say hi ad give me her cosplay card.
I was like star-struck so I didn’t talk much to them either (TT___TT)
I didnt even take a polaroid with them OTZ
I only snagged one pic with Tasha during the uchiage (>_<)

I also managed to watch some anisong concerts!
One of them being FLOW! fufufu!
They are super laidback and cool!


My fondest memory of flow was them hanging out at uchiage! And the plane ride back, one of the vocalist, Koshi, asked me what I was holding haha. It was 2 cushions from Kuroshitsuji haha!

I also grew really close to this guy, kai:

I actually didnt like Kai at the start HAHAA. He gave me a really bad impression when I first met him.
We became really close after AFAMY! haha!

My spend at AFAMY! Only purchased from MUSE:

Love these! They should come up with ones for Alois and Kuroko no basuke too!

Anyways, I’m really happy I made a lot of friends in AFAMY and forged stronger bonds with others.
There were times when I was scared? nervous? anxious? haha but all these experiences made me a stronger person, I feel! Haha! Also, due to the lack of sleep, I was a lot thinner haha!

I’m now going to fast-forward to AFA ID in my next post!
And skip a lot of things inbetween, like the wonderful, kick-ass OOR event! haha!

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where do you think you’re going, baby?

It’s hard to look right at you baby,
but here’s my number,
so call me…maybe?

And all the other boys,
try to chase me,
but here’s my number,
so call me….maybe?

Coz that’s how I feel right now haha!


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A female SD-sized doll.

So freaking badly!!
I mean I have Chie and she’s all cute as a button but I need some womanly power amongst the older kids.
And I’ve been sitting on getting my “grail” female doll since I first bought a doll.
How sad is that! Since 2007 I’ve been in this hobby and 5 years later, still nothing!

Okay, at least I’ve gotten into tinies. Which I NEVER envisioned myself collecting… like..EVER. Haha.
I blame that on Cupid and Sandra for poisoning me with their cuties.

I’ve always pushed the thought of owning a female 1/3 doll around because I just know my bank funds would just be gone instantly. I like girl dolls in FRILLS AND LACE baby. And omg I’ve spotted so manyyyyyy pretty shoes!!! And honestly my boy’s wardrobe is already a sad state with so few pieces, I’m not sure how I’m going to fund my female doll’s wardrobe collection ;A;

But since my job is starting, I should be able to afford it! (and buy 298349284923 things for my boys especially dress-shoes!)

Initially I wanted to buy another hyul to make into a twin girl for Hikaru… but the more I’m looking at pics of other Hyuls.. the more I’m unsure. Maybe if I see it at a good price? Currently MP is selling at USD200-280. But I’ve seen hyuls go as low as USD150-180! (saw these at the graveyard section) … Hmm.. we’ll see, I’m starting to grow out of the twin-thing haha. And if I get a female hyul, my grail doll will look just about the same… everyone will be sleepy ._. haha

However I’m very sure I do not like Date Masamune anymore! The jaw is kinda funny haha. *strikes off list*

My ideal is to get my grail doll and another female doll so at least I can dress 2 of them in frills!! (*____*)
Unsure what I want in the 2nd doll though so I’m keeping my options open haha. It is leaning towards Volks though. That’s all I can say for now ;A;


Ok pointless post today, BUHBYE~

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panty & stocking cosplay photoshoot


All  I wanna say is… THANK GAWD I WASNT SICK.
And we prayed so hard it wouldnt rain (coz it was raining every single freaking day) and it really didnt rain!
BUT!!! It was 34 degrees out!!! RAWR. My feet were cooking in my boots X_x;;

For the first time I changed clothes at a random toilet (the one in the MRT) haha, usually I’m in costume already!
Met Rea at the toilet haha. It was funny coz I wasnt sure if I gotten the right toilet, so I was texting her while in the vicinity. And she was changing while I was texting haha. There were so many people using the restroom so kinda paiseh to talk over the cubicles haha.

Anyways I couldnt escape taking a cab as usual :( SIGH
We had some mishaps, with Ria forgetting to bring her socks! She only brought one hahaha!
We had to call for help!! AKA. YeeLong, one of our photographers haha.

He had to go down to Ngee Ann City to purchase a pair of socks.. .SO HILARIOUS.
Like some hentai jiji!!! Hahahaha!!! The saleslady looked at him funny apparently hahaa!

Anyways IT WAS BLAZING HOT! Rawrs!

I was half afraid no one was gonna turn up actually coz we shot this on April Fool’s day haha!

Photo: Yee Long

We had lots of stares and we walked the same places like 5 times I think?!! Haha just going back for shelter / mcd to wait for the sun to stop being annoying! Haha.

photo: Foo!

Anyways super thankful to everyone again (;A;)

Things I regret:
1. Not styling my wig properly wtf at my fringe :(
2. Not getting new boots haha. My boots were flaking!

Anyways more pictures on:

Rea had to go finish her work (>A<) so Foo, YL and I went to Liang court for foodie! Yumyum!

Out of cosplay!

Also gotten mephisto charm from Yee Long! Keke! Thanks! <3
Promise to treat Foo and YL after I get my first pay keke! (^_^)/

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dark love {Kaya//LUTS Lishie boy hybrid}


We don’t need any words
Just whip me hard and stab me with a thorn
I’ll never oppose you,
So tie me up, get on and do me.

Iya iya iya
If those words means, “I love you”, please show me
I think we are on our way to a sweet love story

I’ll lock up the door if it isn’t you
And just go to bed 

Just take me for a fool
And cherish me as always 

Ara ara ara
Your eyes light up like a beast,
Let’s be self-sufficient and go hunt for a corpse 

Lyrics: Freeeze – Aural Vampire

Kaya makes one of four vampires in my crew~ And is the oldest haha~
Anyways freaking love Aural vampire!!!!!
What genre is this? Dark-trance??? (is there such a thing? haha)


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A Game of Thrones & other dolly things

Went to Kino to pick up a book!
Had lots of help from Nigel since I didn’t do much research! haha.

But I really had no time left after meeting a buyer, and so went to meet Kiyomi, YL and Foo for lunch!

Which is really money wasted, coz at 2pm? I really had no appetite.
I havent had any appetite recently :(
Like today, All I ate was half a cheesecake and drank half a moccha and my stomach felt weird after :(
Hopefully I’ll get better!

It was so good catching up though!!

We went back to kino later~:

Saw this haha!:

Decided to pick up book 2, which is season 2 of the TV series, A clash of kings!
But then realised… :

WTF why?! Why so many to choose from?! And the thickness was different too!
The last two are from the same publisher though.. I’m confused!

The thing is, YL and I checked the font size, the thicker book had a smaller font size.. So I’m really  like WHUT?! YL think it’s probably the spacing though.. hmm…
I settled for the prettier one which was also thinner haha! I don’t really like thick books!

My kino hauls :

Cosmode ONLY because I appeared in cure cosplay snaps worldwide!!! 8DDD

Right smack in the middle! Parfait prince! Oh yeahhh~ ^^
Anyways, aw man, couldnt stop reading a clash of kings!!! I realised the TV show really speeds forward too much haha!
Although some of Tyrion’s intentions get revealed in the book much earlier.
Fucking love the whole series!!!
I’m all for Dany!! Don’t give up Dany!! Love you to bits!
I also love Tyrion so much!!! (Told you I don’t go for looks! Haha!)
There are also so many interesting quotes !! It’s really well-written and well-thought of!
The characters are all so so very interesting!!

I think I may buy the other books once I’m done. This is saying something, because I DON’T LIKE TO READ LONG NOVELS ACTUALLY DD: I couldn’t get through LoTR and the only book that could captivate me before this was the Harry Potter series (and I only made it till the 5th book haha!)  My BFF shared with me the e-books but the feeling is not the same! I love the feeling of paper between my fingertips and the smell of a new book! *_*

What I was worried about was the book spine. I’m very careful with my books! I hate to see creases on the spine. But I thought, if I’m going to lend this to my father / brother, it would be covered in creases anyway, so I read comfortably, but till this day (my third day with the book and 200+ pages later), no creases! 8D Whee!

Anyways today I took a break from reading, and met mk for tea / lunch / for her to pass me her doll head!
We are sending out our DOD boys together for a faceup ^^
We live really near to each other haha so we met at a nearby mall~
Had great fun!!! Ahhhh, I want to attend a doll meet soon!

See you soon my love!:

I helped her scrub out the remaining faceup Mk couldnt get off her Camine too~
Thank goodness I bought a new bottle of thinner last year!

Her doll is about 4 years old? Mine is actually 5 years old. Look at the resin diff D: Gahh!

Been doing a lot of dolly-related stuff recently!
For some reason, I had courage to sew a dress for Chie! D8 :

I think I was motivated because I sewed Kazamori for my Inga cosplay haha!
I sewed another dress halfway (coz I screwed up the sleeves and Im lazy to save it now) and also a T-shirt! But I havent decorated the T-shirt so i’m just staring at it haha.

I bought some new stuff for my dolls too!
A new wig and dress for Chie and a new wig for Kaya~

Also recurled Kaya’s old blonde wig, what a fucking nightmare. In the end it still looks untidy haha.

Because some of my PVC clothes are flaking badly, decided to follow Sandra’s advice to pack them between tracing paper.
So I went to daiso to get more ziplock bags, moisture sucking things and tracing paper! :D

So I packed my doll shoes, clothes etc

Also bought fluffy socks 8DDD :

And also cute lingerie HAHAHA! They are all candy inspired! Love love love !
When you wear cute lingerie, mood = instant up haha!

Ok, I think I’m tired now, gonna read more and sleep perhaps! Keke!

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