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My face seems like in a bad condition. Not too major, but I hate looking at my pores.
Did a “mini facial” for myself today.
Steaming, exfoliating, cleansing + masks!

Super thanks to Kelly for many tips hehe!

The steaming + exfoliation + blackhead strip worked a little.
But not all of it came out :(
Even though I also extracted some ~

I’m going to do this once a week >(
If it doesnt go any better, I’m going to go to that Korean beauty salon I found last week ~

Going to do some retail theraphy this week hehe.
My cotton on shorts and jayjay dress awaits~!!

Hopefully we’ll catch alice in wonderland soon too~!

Also despite me not liking the seohyun x yonghwa pairing, I watched We Got Married yesterday and omg seohyun is super naiive, thats what makes her cute i guess. I hope soshifanboys dont attack yonghwa oppa :( As long as they dont, i’m ok!


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im gonna get ya get ya

I was never a fan of the body shop until I bought some peach body butter which smelt delishhhh!
However I’m having a battle with blackheads on my nose and was researching about removal and all.
Apparently steaming is the way to go~
Going to do that tomorrow since I only have a lecture~

Also found some products that after researching, came with good reviews! All from body shop~ :
1. Facial brush
2. Tea tree blackhead exfoliating wash
3. Honey & oat 3 in 1 scrub mask

Facial brush and exfoliating wash is my main priority~~

I’ll purchase scrub mask and body butter another day :P
Please dont rain tomorrow when im in the city!! (>_<)

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