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before gaga

Before Gaga talked about being different… there was Pink… (=3=)

Had so much fun singing (more like yelling and jumping during the chorus) this during KTV keke.
Loved her ever since listening to “don’t let me get me” <3

Anyways KTV was a “farewell gathering” for my supervisor and bossu~ (T^T)
And man, I love advertising people srsly.
No walls up, just go wild. That’s how partying / ktv-ing should be.
Hate it when I’m like the only one who wants to headbang to rock songs or jump around!
Why so serious hey!

Would love to go on a roadtrip while blasting music and being all crazy in the car!
Keke !

Anyways a lot of shit happened during these past week, but I’m really thankful for Kymmie and my bros!
Thanks for being there always! (=3=)/

I’m seriously thinking of looking at other options right now… life likes to mock me. I end up liking issues/ things I didn’t like in the beginning. FML!

But ever since my elder bro talked to me, I’m seriously considering that option due to all the shit I’m getting now. But I don’t wanna get away yet coz of my pooch :(

I’m gonna see how :///

Things are not looking up at work. I thought I had a glimmer of hope but that hope has recently been distinguished.


I’m gonna just wait it out for another month and think about my options :/

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more shopping hurhur

Been spending like mad ever since I’ve been working~
It’s a great stress reliever haha ~

Hauls from April till now~:

Mum paid for the Hakubi pills (=3=)
Purchased the hada labbo mist and left it in the office~
Also purchased my 3rd aqualabel product~ Eye gel~~~
After I finish using my clinique face wash, I will purchase the aqualabel one hurhur.

Also happened to be at funan to get my bro his bday gift!

Purchased Rilakkuma items and sentimental circus stuff!
Rilakkuma clock was ONLY $10!!! My mum asked me why I didn’t get more… haha like, what for? There’s only one design! haha
The files were for my venomania gorup ^^ Bought 5 in total~
Purchased a black marker for the office~
Finally purchased Shappo’s head! Cost me $50! But it’s made me really happy (=3=)
Also gotten a A4 file (NO REASON) and index tabs ~

Went back to funan and gotten this a5 file, for no reason also (._.)

My starbucks cup is ickly and gross !! (the straw!!) So I bought another cup~

I don’t even know why I bought it… cost me $29.90, when I could have bought a smaller sentimental circus cup for $15 D8
Srsly wasn’t thinking!
Today I went to raffles shopping center and there was a bigger sentimental circus corner 8DDD

Purchased a book holder for my “current month” mags that have been sitting on my table, also purchased glass cups, an eraser (coz it’s cheap hahaha), a mulitcoloured pen, what i thought was sticky notes but isn;t (just mere paper .__.) and gotten a free paper bag and pamphlet 8D

I later went to taka’s kino and saw this handphone charm !!
But the colour I want, Shappo’s painting wasn’t well done (T__T)
I’m hoping the Liang court one has it!
I also want to buy another sentimental circus pen (=3=)

Ever since I saw sentimental circus items in Hong Kong, my collection has been growing steadily (X__x);;
Besides all the above, I have notepads and a handphone holder from HK haha.

Went to kino, and bumped into Wilson Kor!!
Caught up a bit and then left to grab more mags!

CanCam is useful if for young and stylish office lady wear haha.
I FEEL SO OLD HAVING UPGRADED TO OL MAGS !!! Although the target market is 20+ working adults… still!! (.__.)
I still read popteen to look at stuff for weekends though haha.

Purchased clips for work, going to buy more if I see cute ones… and stapler remover!
I srsly HATE plucking out damn stapler bullets (@_@)
Wanted to buy the device that doesnt use bullets, and merely punches the paper into each other (ever since i saw a colleague of mine use…) but it was like $20+ and I honestly didnt need it haha.

Oh stapler bullets, stuck with you for a while longer haha.

Hoping to get more sentimental stuff soon (=333=)
Hoho, wait for me shappo!
I wish they sold bedsheets!! Would totally splurge on those haha.

Till next time~

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MAY コーデ


Jacket: Mango
One piece and bag: Liz Lisa
Underskirt, socks, waffle clips : no brand
Necklace: Paris Kids
Shoes: Dream V x Kumiko collaboration

Finally I can wear my dream v heels out keke!
They are really really comfy!!


One piece: Dolly Girl by Anna Sui
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Bag: Fendi

(=A=) I’m not a huge brand whore… but somehow this cordi came out that way (@___@);;

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很想快出多点cos !!
因为公司目前很乱, 我无法找出时间准备cos 的东西。

如果能够辞职的话… 生活应该好一点吧。


薪水一来,我就会去准备cos 的衣服了 (*__*)

因为没chalet 了, 我就能用钱看BB 了!
其实打算别看了,但是最近一直在看BB的综艺节目….. 又迷上了BB XDDDD
会先去问下谁要去~~ 不如,KHTW 也好~ 有MBLAQIE (=3=)
总之,能去一个kpop 演唱会就好了 (=3=)

心情真烦~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ORZ

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Duke of Venomania’s Madness shoot


FINALLY, I will talk about this shoot hahaa.

I felt really bad because my costume arrived late, and so instead of “early 2011 (Jan- Mar)”, we shoot this in April haha.

But I’ve said this so many times, BUT I REALLY MEAN IT.
I have the most superb team ever!

Super duper happy all these wonderful people joined me!
Especially Ning! Who was skeptical about joining groups.
Because after my Kaito quit, she psychoed Bren to be our Kaito keke!

Also very thankful for the support of Yee Long and Ah foo! Though foo couldnt be there, I’m grateful! (^_^)
And thanks to everyone else who impressed interest in joining the shoot or applying to be helpers and photographers!

Ok moving on to shoot day…
Decided to cab over to Ning’s instead of taking a train over haha. I had to send my elder bro to the airport at 5am, so I was a zombie! (X_X);;

Actually I’m most comfortable doing my preparations at my own place so I can slowly do everything at my own pace haha.
So this was actually my first time doing prep at someone else’s place D:
Ning’s family was very welcoming though! XD

Helped Yvonne with her makeup first then did my own~

We then rushed in a cab over to the location~
We got lost! D8
THANKFULLY Bren knew where to head to.
Yeelong and amanda were also lost..
Later onwards, so was Kiyomi HAHA.


I’m so sorry I suck at explaining the directions too! (>_<);;

Nothing much to say about the shoot (Coz omg I’m really lazy hahaa) but I had so much fun!!
We cam-whored, my phone got kidnapped so the girls could camwhore hahaha…
And it was all in all a good experience!

Wasn’t really satisfied with my cos though haha! Sad to say the only cosplay I’m proud of is my Ciel strawberry version one [Should I just cos Ciel forever?!!! HAHAHA] . D8
Ok and my Ayane Kubou one haha!

parfaitprince : Gakupo
Kiyomi : Lukana Octo
Ning: Mikulia Greonio
Hitomi : Gumina Glassred
Amber : Meilis Belzenia
(Photo: Yee Long)

I think only towards the LAST SHOT, I somehow had the best chemistry with posing with Amanda haaha.
I don’t even know why!!! Hahha.

parfaitprince : Gakupo
Hitomi : Gumina Glassred
(Photo: Yee Long)

There actually is another pose we did, that was more intimate but it was more or less a failed shot due to some reasons haha.

We had dinner later at Viviocity together~ I was starving by that time! I didn’t eat lunch (T_T)
And then bubble tea (not me and randy though!), took a mrt with the usual westies and then cabbed home from clementi haha.

We vaguely discussed some plans for future cosplay, and I will be overjoyed if we could team up again (^_^)v

For the rest of the photos, please check out my dA:

I will be slowly uploading photos there !

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kaito & katsuro

Finally had a chance to photograph my twins! Who are back from a face-up trip  at Monni’s !
This is after 2 wardrobe and wig changes!
I need to purchase 2 pairs of eyes for them.. the current ones I have on hand don’t work well!

Their eyes are supposed to be purple in colour (>_<) But none of the purple eyes I have suits Katsuro (=_=)

Started to shoot Kaito first! :

This wig he has on… it’s really funny..
I bought it in 2007! HAHAHAH.
I knew back then I was definitely bringing a pair of Els home haha.
Or that someone in my crew would use it.
For years I tried placing this wig on other dolls but no one suited it haaha.
He didn’t cooperate very well, so I only took like 5 photos and moved on hahaa.


Had so many wig changes for him (>_<)
Thank goodness he suits this leekeworld wig, I’m going to sell the other since it suits no one!
I bought it for my other doll, Kayden, but he doesn’t look nice with it either. (>_>);;
Also changed his eyes to blue … it’s not the colour I intend for him, but sigh (.__.);;

I need more clothes for my babies! (>__<);;
Shall look into that properly tonight haha.

Kaito and Katsuro are brothers of :


Would like to take a photo of all 3 of them together :3
I have to save for another body for Katsuro though as the current one he is borrowing… it has yellowed D: so the skin doesn’t match (>_<);; Thinking of a female-to-male body… but will see how it goes! I don’t like bulky bodies!!

However I must say, Katsuro who is on a LUTS Type 3 body, holds poses quite easily !
But his head has limited movements compared to my other dolls who are on a hybrid doll with a neck donut.
You win some, you lose some? Haha.

Shop shop shopping for my kids soon (=3=)

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i.fairy lens hanabi pink review

So I finally opened a pair of i.fairy lenses the other day (^_^)
I ordered 4 different pairs for cosplay and decided to open the hanabi pink one!

The lenses comes in bottles and to take them out, what I did was:
1. Prepare an empty contacts case
2. Open bottles that contain the lenses
3. Pour contents into the case


Anyway I was quite disappointed at how the colour came out when I wore them (>_<)
The pink wasn’t vibrant enough !
Ok granted, I took the picture around 4-5pm in the evening, but there wasn’t any sort of vibrancy I liked (>_<);;

When worn !

Close up!

But what shocked me was, wow these are really huge lenses ! Haha.
I don’t usually wear 16mm ones and they really shocked me for a while.

I had to put on lower falsies so my eyes don’t look too weird (@_@);;

I find that it lacks moisture though so I have not worn it for long (especially for work!).
I think I only wore them for about 4 hours max on that day because I happened to go back home early haha.

Would prefer to try the ruby pink one as this one doesn’t work for me!

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