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I’m such a Narutard right now, words cannot explain!
I’m so so so excited for Naruto SD!

It comes out of the 3rd of April in Japan!
I actually don’t like Rock Lee so much, but I’ve seen the previews and it looks super cute!
Chibi Naruto charas!!

Since I was so excited for it, I decided to read the manga too haha!

They made Neji silly too haha.

I laughed so hard and so long at this whole chapter, where Lee tried to use Byakugan:

OH GAWD. Haha.

And Neji being shit silly:

Aw man Neji is so cute, I don’t even…

When I read Neji going Hmm?” I SQUEALED LIKE NO TOMORROW.

But not as hard as when I saw Chibi Gaara! I kept wondering if Gaara would make an appearance, and he did!
AND OMG I squealed nonstop for about 3 mins? OMG SO MUCH CUTE.


I have so much love for Gaara after reading his fight with his dad ;A;

And of course the forever cool ninja, Kakashi!:


Ok, I’m done fangirling haha!
Tomorrow I’ll be going to Hort Park with Foo, YL and Celine!
Whee! First time meeting Celine keke!
Can’t waitttt~~

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cos frenzy~~

I am most definitely going to be working at AFA 2012 this year.
And would be attending AFA Msia and Indonesia as well.

I would still want to cos in Singapore though ;A;
So I have  think of comfortable cosplays to do ._. With no props or anything blocking my vision.. And most likely flats! No heels or platforms!
And so after a long night of thinking (haha)
I decided I should do female characters haha!  So I can breathe properly and help carry stuff around!
And I should do game cosplays! (coz I seriously havent done any!)
Now I’m deciding between Lili or Alisa from Tekken.
The other day I would probably do FF13’s Serrah.

Still thinking of other characters though but I think this should be most likely it?

I also want to some Naruto cosplay soon. I know I have Konan done and just waiting for a shoot, but I want to cos other charas too ;A; But I don’t know who haha.

Recently my obsession for Naruto has revived!!!


Look at all these:


And Genma baby <3

My revived husband finally gets some action with his lil brother. <3

I’ve been thinking, ahhh I really don’t want to be the kind of cosplayer who only does certain “type” characters.
As in personality-wise? Like the quiet / bishie (??!!) type?? [Nemu, Ciel, Gakupo, Takasugi.. ORZ]
Also I think more often than not, I’ve been cossing a lot of one-eyed characters too D8
1. Ciel (who I did twice! And plan to maybe do more??)
2. Takasugi
3. Inga

Planning to cos:
4. Date Masamune (basara)
5. Zange
6. Kyubei (x2)
7. Badou
8. Kirashishou

Actually… from brave10, I considered Date Masamune and Rokoru, BUT SERIOUSLY WTF.
Too many one-eyed characters.
I must break out of this haha!

I want to do more funny characters haha.
So I’m highly considering Kagerou from Inu x Boku SS.
I will be very happily going around listing all the S and M items :3 hahaha.
That man is Hilarious with a cap H!!
But I can’t stand all the mushy gross moments in Inu x Boku SS. When the main charas open their mouths, my toes are curling and I feel like gagging. I think I’m M, to continue watching it, but I’m seriously only watching it for Karuta and Kagerou. I hope they have moments together haha. I really like them together 8D  I almost want to read the manga, but thinking about all the lovely dovey shit the main charas are going to get into, I almost want to vomit (>_>);; I’m just really not a mushy lovey dovey person =_=

A guy once told me, he looked into the Brisbane skyline and he thought of me.
And a part of me probably died cause that was so disgusting (to me anyway). It was so gross I was freaking out.

Yes, I’m a weird girl .__.

Anyways, the point is, I hope I can branch out to do more humourous characters and challenge myself with regards to portraying the character :3

Also, I’m very very grateful that my Takasugi cos has gotten quite a lot of love!
The other day I commented on another local deviant’s picture, and he was all “oh hey! i saw ur takasugi cos! nice!” So ahh I’m really thankful for the love I’ve gotten ;A; I wasn’t really expecting it.

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Uehara Takuya!!!


He was in the Kuroshitsuji musical as Grell, and I cannot tell you how GREAT a job he did!!!
He completely embodied the character!
I think he outshone both Ciel and Sebby… to be honest, the actors for these 2 charas were the ones I was most uncomfortable with! Ciel to me was not represented well AT ALL! For BOTH musicals… (>_>);;

Especially from 0.34 onwards!!
(And how the hell did he manage to run so cutely in heels!!)

The funny thing is.. Grell is not even my favourite character! Haha.
But I loved him in the most in the second musical!!  (*didn’t watch the first one*)

And when Takuya-sama dances… it’s just woohoo!
Especially for the Shinigami part! <3333


Totally reigniting my love for this series!
I almost feel like churning out more Kuroshitsuji cosplays! …Almost… haha.
Especially undertaker (>///<);;

But if I have no job… I have no $$$… so will just KIV that plan for now!

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Journey to Otome Road

Finally I’m not being lazy and writing the entry about Otome Road at Ikebukuro, Japan.
First off, guides that I used to get me there were: Dark Mirage’s and ochanomu’s.

Otome Road is the Yaoi/Boy’s Love central for female otakus in Tokyo.
Although, not everything is about BL, a large portion of goods found in stores cater towards such an audience: fujoshis!!.

First, we have to get to Ikebukuro!
Take the Yamanote Line (The light green one) to Ikebukuro station or take to JR station and get off at Ikebukuro and head to sunshine city.
[[Click here for subway map if you need it~]]

I took metro, so directions here are from metro station.

Follow the signs and exit out of the East exit.
Alternatively, look for signs saying “To Sunshine”

If you have exited wrongly (like me!), don’t panic.
As long as you know the exit heads towards Sunshine, you should be fine!

Head out of the station, if  you see 2 BIG camera stores, head for the one that looks like this:

Follow along this road and follow directions heading to “Sunshine building”

Follow it!

You will reach a crossing with Lotteria:

From Lotteria you want to continue walking straight all the way!

Walk pass Sanrio gift gate,

You are on the right track!

Continue straight!

Forward forward!

Pass Tokyu hands:

A bit more!

You will come to another crossing  after walking past Tokyu hands.

As you can see, Toyota Amlux building is directly opposite you.
This is towards the start of the Otome Road !

When Ochanomu mentions in his/her guide that there is a “highway bridge” above your head, this is the place!
Cross the street and head towards the Toyota store.

On your right, you should see Family Mart some what near.

Walk pass Family Mart and TURN left

What you see when you turn left!

Edited pic for clearer instructions:

Head straight down after you turn, and you will find the very first marker of Otome Road, the Animate building!

Oh my~!

This is the main branch of Animate, so even non-BL fans can go into this building.
It’s actually very safe (even for guys who hate yaoi!) haha.

I spent hours and hours here~!

Next to the  Animate building is Sunshine city.
I didn’t go in.
But my brothers and parents went into Namco’s Namja Town.
It is a theme park located inside Sunshine city.

There’s all sorts of things to do inside apparently, but my brothers are not anime-fans so they didn’t know about the characters and such inside.
My elder brother however took flyers for me for the 2 cafes he passed by.
Bleach cafe and Kuroshitsuji cafe!!

My mum apparently went to the Bleach cafe to get a Kon-inspired dessert because they looked pitiful. (Everyone went to the Kuroshitsuji one! Haha)

I would want to visit it sometime! The food looks really good!
There are cakes, sundaes, ramen and what not all with Kuroshitsuji themes / characters!

However, I’m not sure if the cafes change every time. So hopefully it will still be there when I go back (T_T)

Anyways enough about Sunshine City! I can’t write about it much anyway since I didn’t go there this time.
However, besides the theme park, there is a lot of shopping outlets there!
Your family or friends not interested in anime can hang around in that building while you walk around Otome Road~ !

Back to Otome Road!
By the time I got out of Animate, I was dizzy with happiness + it was late.
So I didn’t take photos of how to get to the other stores.
What I did was walk around quite aimlessly! I think all I did is walk straight frankly.

At Dark Mirage’s page, if you read through all of it, you will find a link in their to a map!

So, walking down:

It’s Lashinban! 2nd hand store! with some first-hand items too~
Find character goods, DVDs, games etc~!


You will also find K-books stores.
Go into one of the stores, and you can get flyers ~
Flyers for cosplay news, Swallowtail butler cafe and directions to the other K-books stores.
The various K-books stores are all near each other~
So it won’t be too hard to find~

I only took pictures of K-books Cosplay store and their dollfie store

If you are a J-rock fan, Brand X is located next to the cosplay branch! :D
I went in to get some J-rock flyers~
There’s photographs and autographs of popular J-rock bands inside there too.
Makes it worth while to check it out!

At the cosplay store, all I bought was a second wig cap for 500yen haha.
I wasn’t there for costumes anyway! :P
You can also get wigs in there too~

As you move forward, you want to cross over to Mandarake and K-books Doll store !

To go to Mandarake, you take the stairs down to the basement.
K-books doll store is on the street level.

I went to the doll store first and spent hours there.
It’s a 2nd hand store for BJDs.
The prices are a steal for some !
You have to be patient and find those treasures though.
Volks sets are much cheaper here then getting them 2nd hand on DoA’s marketplace!

They group clothes according to sizes~!

Before making purchase, the saleslady will take out the pieces in their packing for you to check.
There are no refunds so you must be satisifed with the condition of these outfits.

They sell clothes, shoes and wigs ~ But no dolls!
Although there are doll displays in the store. Please do not touch them though!

If you are looking to buy 2nd hand dolls, sometimes stores like Lashinban/K-books will have them in their display cases~!

Mandarake is a doujin and manga store FILLED with yaoi and shounen-ai books! (Also games and audio CDs!)
It’s practically heaven haha.
It would be good if you know the japanese characters of your favourite mangaka, so you can go to search in the shelves or ask a sales assistant about it.

I’m not a hardcore BL fan, but I desperately wanted to buy something haha, so I lingered in this store for very long trying to find something haha.
But I didn’t get any manga in the end and purchased 2 yaoi doujins. A Kuroshitsuji one (I got the last copy! Phew!) and a Sengoku Basara one haha.

The Naruto section was HUGE. They even labeled it with “Sasuke Seme” or “Naruto Seme” dividers for convenience.

And that’s about it~!
It was super late when I came out of Mandarake so I decided to go back to the hotel~

These were my gets!:

Isn’t alot because I blew a lot of $$$ on gyaru clothes haha (^_^);;


About this, I bought it to support Mii-chan at Animate and it came with a hand-shake fan event ticket (T^T)
However, I wasn’t able to make it cause I wouldn’t be in Japan then (T___T)
*super sad*

Hope I’ll have better luck next time~~!!

If you need more help and info about Otome Road, you can also check Xandria’s store guide and information~!
Hope I’ve helped in your fujoshi adventures in Tokyo~ (^_^)

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【らっぷびと&ゼブラ】Just Be Friends

I can’t help it.
This song is just awesome!
And this cover is so much win seriously!
Gonna love a song with a bit of rap!

See the original and another cover here
Weirdly I don’t like the Gero piano cover.

I know all I’ve been doing is posting music, because honestly my life is sad, and is surrounded by:
1. Assignments
2. Anime
3. Sleep [4am-2pm :( ]
There is NOTHING interesting in my life thus far haha.

Speaking of anime, I’m now watching:
1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Older anime, like what, 2007? But super good! I love Kamina, he is hilarious and full of warped theories of life.

2. Kuroshitsuji II

3. Sengoku Basara 2
I don’t care that it’s illogical and some characters look ghey *coughkenshincough* it’s mad awesome with Masamune, Motochika and Sasuke!

4. Hakuouki Shinshengumi Kitan
Finally finishing this boring anime! It seriously only has hot guys! Everything else about it seems boring and so freaking illogical as in the conversation between the girl and others. It’s like eveyrone turns stupid for a moment (or 10 moments rather) I’m not motivated to play the psp game anymore haha. BUT IT HAS REALLY CUTE GUYS. Like really. Hahaha.

David asked me what I was watching and we shared and stuff and we were both put out cause there is simply nothing nice to watch anymore (X_X) Someone hit me with some good anime recs! I think kuroshitsuji 2 has ended so I’ll have one less thing to watch now haha

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Pandora Hearts Marathon

My PH marathon has ended D:

Initially I watched it right after finishing Kuroshitsuji and found it to be even more dark, in a sense, more gothic than the latter. I stopped after like 8 episodes or so cause honestly, the chains and creepy annoying toys + bunny crept the shit outta me after a while. I picked it up again just yesterday and completed the whole series. I watched the short omakes today and is looking forward to more. You just HAVE to love Break, Vincent and Echo :P

The characters are really interesting and character designs are fabulous. However the storyline is so confusing and because its an anime, a lot of stuff gets left out. In fact I feel like they made the anime for people who can’t be bothered to read mangas nowadays (aka me) to get them all confused and having withdrawal symptoms just so they buy the manga and read. Cause man…. that’s what I feel like doing now. They ended the anime at such a weird stage and didnt explain a whole lot of shit and it made me furious ! It was worse than Kuroshitsuji’s ending (=A=)|||

I think I seem to have short-term memory of some sort cause I always forget what I’m watching or what I wanted to watch (=_=)||

CUT for long anime rant/ list for those uninterested!
Read the rest of this entry »

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K-on Season 2

Spent the whole day watching anime ORZ
Didn’t do my work at all, going to try to wake up early to do it tomorrow!

I watched:
– Seikon no Qwaser (very good despite hentai-ness)
– Naruto Shippuden (old eps)
– K-on season 2
– Kiss x Sis (weird, do not watch!)

Actually I don’t get the big whooha over K-on, but I like how light hearted the anime is, but certainly not on par to how i love azumanga daioh!

My friend came up with an explanation I never thought of:

WoShi KuKu  says:
you just wan to see them eat cake

hahahahah! I think it’s true! And then:

Kym says:
Hahahahahah you are so easy to satisfy
Should just keep you as a pet and throw bread to you everyday
Wouldn’t you love to have Mugi-chan as your friend?

Geraldine says:
but to the last part

And ate cake and cookies, they did.
arghhhhh totally hungry now (T^T)

I’m definitely going to eat butter toast with sugar tomorrow!

I really want to eat a cream cake though (T_T) *pulls hair*

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