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It’s “Korean” day!


Only with 1 hour of “sleep”, I made my way to Eunos MRT!
Then took a taxi to East Coast Parkway.

All for KOREAN BBQ BUFFET with my musuko~!!



I was so bloody tired, but after eating so much, I was awake again haha.

The service was quite good I think!
The waitress grilled everything for us~

I ate a lot of pork keke!

Went to stare at the pictures of Korean celebrities who visited the place too!
BEG, JGS, 2PM etc. I can’t recognise a lot of the other pictures though.
Too tired and my eyes were growing smaller by the minute!

After the BBQ, we went to Burger King to grab more drinks~
I also grabbed a crown for King Kym wahaha!


“Kym says: (11:41:39 PM)
Btw I am still wearing the crown
It feels so majestic I don’t feel like taking it off”

We then took off to Raffles Exchange to support Tony Moly’s new store~!!
Besides support Song Joong Ki, I was actually very interested in getting some skincare items because of my very bad skin right now!

The Raffles Exchange branch opened today and if you hit a certain limit in spendings, you get free goodies!
Kym and I shared the bill and we hit over SGD120 to get goodies and life-time membership!
So we split the goodies~
I got my Joong Ki poster (=3=) and she got the organiser filled with Joong Ki and BEG pics~

The membership was under my name but definitely sharing it with Kym of course!
One of the questions was “How did you know about Tony Moly?”
I just answered, “Song Joong Ki!”


But really, I did my homework on the products and I knew just what I wanted to get~!
So it’s not completely biased!

Musuko also gave me some Tony Moly items that her sister got for her in Korea!

The haul:

[Sorry I’m covering Narsha’s face haha]
1. 20pc cotton wool (from Kymmie!)
2. BB cream
3. Nail polish
4. Charcoal nose pack
5. Sample pack
6. Mask (From Kymmie!!)
7. Egg pore

The poster:

Not the best pic of SJK, but it’ll do!

I immediately went to try the egg pore blackhead gel when I got home,.
I have hideous blackheads on my nose. AND OMG. ITS AWESOME HAHA.
You have to massage for 3-5mins though.
I played Mblaq’s cry to judge the time hahaha~~!
Will write a proper review another time… when my blackheads are more obvious

Anyways there were many other nice things at TM!
The eyeshadow stick is superb!!
I also want to buy the icecream moisturiser and tomato brightening mask thingum (though it smells pretty funny :/ ) !
I’m getting these next time for sure !!

Ahhhh~~ What a great day~~~
We are going out to shop tomorrow for more stuff keke~~

The reason why I haven’t been blogging or sleeping right.. is because.. I’m enjoying being a hermit!
I was bored, and I ran out of anime and variety shows to watch….
So I turned to k-dramas DDDD: I really don’t like watching dramas much, coz I like to laugh, not cry!
Thus I love love variety shows haha.

I don’t like long-winded dramas at all.
So anything more than 24episodes, I won’t touch it at all! Haha.

I finished “My girlfriend is a gumiho” the other day!
MY GAWD. This drama was hell for me to watch.
I only watched it for No Min Woo/ Rose (ex-Trax).
He’s so hot!

I’m now finishing SungKyunKwan Scandal, featuring the very hot Yoo Ah In oppa and cutie pie Song Joong Ki oppa~!
It’s super niceeeeeeee!
Even though I really really really don’t like Micky.
Haha. My mind just filters him out. It’s quite amusing.

I also want to start on Secret garden (I watched a bit!), Pasta (for Rose again!) and the doctor drama SJK was in haha.


Ok I’m going back to my dramaland then to sleepland!

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meeting taichou~!

Somehow I woke up and was on time to meet my Taichou~!!
But I didn’t bring my camera |||ORZ

Also managed to send off a wig I sold~ (^-^)

We went to central to have lunch~
Can’t rmb the restaurant’s name but it was cheap lunch but really bad drinks!
How can you screw up iced lemon tea?
I don’t get it (.__.)

We also went to check out the docomo store.
You can’t buy any of the pretty phones there though (>_>);;
Unless you have a Japan address and service or something?
Means, I’ld have to get the iPhone 4 after all

Anyways we also exchanged birthday gifts~!
We are all December babies wahaha.

I got my first nendo!!

Kyaaaa~~ Azunyan <3

Thanks taichou~!! <333

I’m going to get the Ciel, Sebby and Masamune nendo soon!
When they are all in stock (>_<);;

I also went to get my FTT Q&A book *SIGH* !
The only best date is next Friday!!! Because all the feb dates look bad as I’m going to HK!

The textbook looks thick and complicated.
I’m kinda lazy to even open it! (>_>);;

I also bought this:

One of my fav childhood snacks~! :D
It’s more expensive than hello panda, but it tastes nicer (?!!)
Haha. I don’t know why, but I had a craving for this since last week haha.

I also bought pudding chocolate snacks for my younger brother but I REGRET DOING THAT!!
He kidnapped my stuffed elephant even though I told him 298492842 times not to (>_>);;
When I went into his room, it was on the floor (=__=)||

Anyways MBLAQ’s Cry has been in my head since yesterday~!!

I haven’t been supporting mblaq as of late (@_@)
In fact I’ve been very behind all the Kpop news because my fav news site is down!
I don’t like allkpop very much :// They have weird shit headlines (>_>):;

Ahh leader and Joonie~~ still my favs~!
Though G.O looks more charming recently haha.
I’m weird but I actually don’t really like their stage outfits.
Sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it’s not!
What’s with their stylist! >(

Anyways I’m really beyond sleepy now so I’m going to hug my elephant soft toy and go to bed soon.

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This remains as one of my fav shots!
Taken by Yee Long!
Phantomhive’s Bocchan~!

Photo by Yee Long~!

I actually had a bit of trouble posing when we came to this area haha.
Glad it turned out ok!
Enough expression-less Ciel !
This is somewhat smiling Ciel haha (?!!)

Please see other pictures at:
My Cure:
My Deviantart:

Still waiting for pictures from another photographer (^-^)

I’m very thankful with the warm reception that I’ve gotten for the photos through FaceBook and Deviantart!
Thank you everyone (^-^)v and of course thanks to the photographers!

I’m retiring from Ciel (?!) haha.
You can purchase this outfit when you click onto “atelier sales” on the top right corner of this blog (^_^)
Also selling other things like wigs and other costumes!

Right now, I want to challenge my “usual” choices so for my next Kuroshitsuji cos, it will be Alois :

He’s a crazy brat haha.
I never portrayed someone like this before so hopefully my facial expressions will be ok!
However, when I want to cos this, I myself have no idea (X_X);; Maybe end of the year???

I haven’t even planned for SOY or ComicFest or whatever.
Still thinking about forming groups or not *facepalm*
And the photographers… Ah, thinking about it makes me dizzy haha.

But I feel really blessed to know wonderful photographers!
Please check out the following for eyecandies! :

oo1. Firstly I have to pimp my cousin HAHA who I’m eternally grateful to (because he was the one I contacted when I went back to the cosplay scene!):
Kazesuki / Wilson :

oo2. And through my cousin, I knew MJ (they work together! So I’m also eternally grateful to!):
Ming Jie / airmortal :

oo3. Then the super amazing and funny Yee Long~!!
BNN / chewyee :

Should check out Ah Foo’s photos too! But I have no idea where’s that! (^-^);;

And then… people I wish to work with someday! Haha:



Would list more but I’m too lazy for now!! (X_X);;

Even though I’m a bit worried, I’m looking forward to another shoot soon~~!
My Miku needs redemption from the half decent cosplay I did (X_X);;

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Song Joong Ki!

我为了这个人,拼命得看 RUNNING MAN!

(其实没那么夸张啦, 也为了 Ji Hyo + Gary!)

OMO, Joong Ki oppa 真的很可爱 (=3=)
但是我懒得去看他的 drama ||ORZ
我其实不是很喜欢看 drama 的人 (.___.);;

(=3=) 可爱~!!!

啊!!!! ∑(O_O;)

上次生日的时候朋友们送的! :

我的朋友都真的有眼光呀! (*≧▽≦)

Joong Ki oppa 的图是从:

希望他再来新加坡 (T___T)

下次再贴 cos 的照 ~ 其实大部分在 facebook 上了~
我在慢慢得贴在cure 和 dA 上。 哈哈。 *懒惰*

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BTT passed!


I woke up [actually I didn’t really sleep (>_>);;] early to go for the test at 10.30~
My elder brother drove me there (=3=) and waited for me ! Yay!

The previous night we were all worried because I didn’t really study haha.
He tried to shut down the internet because all I did was surf the net and went on MSN (=_=)||
Lil brother gave me vote of confidence though! Waha.

The test was quite okay actually. I thought I would fail because I was unsure of some answers.
Turned out I’ve gotten a good score of 49/50 !
It also only took me less than 15mins to complete haha.

Luckily my elder brother didn’t drive home first.
Went to lunch after that~ My favourite soy bean stall was open! (*_*)
The auntie was there but she wasn’t ready!!

I haven’t eaten rojak in so long!! *pout* (T_____T)

Anyways, I’m going to sign up for the advanced one soon and also get my PDL~
Then sign up for driving lessons.
I really wish my elder bro would be here to support me but he has to go to Perth soon |||ORZ
We are now beginning talks with my mum HAHA.
Because I want to learn via the driving school! But she wouldn’t let me (>_>);;

I’ll be soon driving myself to cosplay conventions! WAHAHA.
What a dream!

Ahhhh~~Really sleepy now but I have to persist and not screw up my sleeping timing!
I’m going to get pocky and watch more Running Man episodes >( [ate caramel corn until I was bored (X_X);;]

Joong Ki is really… *dreamy sigh* (=3333333=)

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oh my 太陽餅!

Weimin organised a lovely gathering at a…. hmm, in Joson’s words, “鸟不会生蛋的地方“

Seletar airport, Sunset Grill!

What’s that!! I never heard!
Until I saw the menu about the chicken wings and spicyness level (>_>);; haha

Anyways Joson kindly picked me up from my place. HURRAH!
Coz walao eh, damn far from where I’m staying!

But while waiting… this ensued:

Oh my bunny (T_T)



I have to say goodbye to it, while it stays in the cupboard because of the stupid fengshui geomancer.
My mum will nag me to DEATH if I don’t.

Btw, the lashes I’m using is still EYEMAZING’s 02!
Seriously have to buy more of that~!!

Anyways I feel like a loser but at spicy level #3 of the buffalo wings.
I just wanted to stop eating anything! Haha.
Kept having to drink water. ACKS!

But it was certainly nice to just chill with friends!

We went to Jean’s house for inspection too. WAHHA.
Her room is so freaking neat !!!! IT PUTS MY ROOM TO SHAME.

In fact in my earlier pictures, you can see how messy my table is. (esp the first pic!!)
It’s stuffed full of magazines and wigs, cosplay items AND LOTS OF MAKEUP (@_@)
It’s everywhere (T_T)

My makeup pouch is stuffed full, I hate it :(
I have too many brushes now haha *facepalm*

Jean passed me my 太陽餅 that I requested!
Sobsob. What would I do without you Jean ! Haha.
10 packets of biscuits~! HURRAH!
Also passed her birthday and xmas gifts <3

Also my elder brother bought me 2 packs of caramel corn which I requested (so I can munch on something while I watch drama/anime/ RUNNING MAN!!) and Kels gave me a pressie too!


154 different colours of eyeshadow and lip gloss ! DDDD:
Def going to use for my cosplay makeup haha.

Thanks nuer ! Mummy loves you~!

Also got sent back home HURRAH for Joson and his aunt!
(Coz the car belongs to his aunt haha.)
Super nice car too! Haha!
Except the door is so heavy when I close the car’s door it shuts so loudly I got a bit worried/scared.

Speaking of scary…
I was wearing my fox tail today and when I sat in the car next to Joson.
The tail was resting on the handbreak.
When Joson turned to the handbreak as we were gonna stop to pump petrol,
he really shouted in terror “WHAT’S THAT?!!”

Hahahahaha! Fucking funny.
Coz I also chua tio then realised it was my tail.
hahahahahaha. Super duper funnyyyyyy~~

Can’t wait for the next time we meet <3

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Mind blowing!

This song is just stuck in my head now plus pretty graphics!

HD version:

With Chinese and English subs:

Just wow.
CG work by Ikeda
Lyrics and song by Caz

If you have a nico account:

All vocaloid vids should look like that! Haha.

I’m also looking at other vocaloid 3d art he has done using a software called Shade.
I wish he put some sort of blog or site on his nico vids/profile though (>_<)

Oh! Found it… it seems like he’s .. the software programmer/founder or something???

Alamak, I just want the pretty images of the Vocaloid charas |||ORZ

刚刚看了IKEDA 的 Len 和 Rin 的图。
真的很想出 Len 的 cos!!

这是这么回事 (=___=)|||
我从第一次听vocaloid 到为止都没想过要出 Len 的cos。


一个cosser, 两个角色?

发疯了,发疯了 (T_T)

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