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pains of not using ur dominant hand.

im currently using my laptop by typing with my left hand, soley.
but of course sometimes i cheat and use my right hand haha.

so anyways, i have a hairline fracture in my right hand since a month and 10 days ago.
no xrays coz the medication wld be the same. no operation coz its on my hand.
I need to visit a TCM to help with the healing process though.


Thus its gonna be picture post!

On Sunday, parentals + lil bro and I went to Ivins for peranakan food.
Chendol that day sucked!
But everything else was good~


After doctor and lunch and shopping, went to TWG!
Also met Auntie Clara, Olivia and Angelica there too~
It’s a small world afterall~~~

The service = excellent!
They could almost make it to be a butler cafe HAHAH.

Black nectar tea!
Almost had White Knight Tea, but decided that would be WAYYYY TOO geekish HAHA.

Saw this and decided it was really pretty and I ordered it.
It’s like a HUGE macaron!


Mum’s scones on the top and MORE macaroons for me hehe.
Chocolate + Caramel~

Today’s dinner (*3*)/:

Beauty GET-TO! :

Anna sui perfume for someone else though, the cleanser is for my mum~
First time getting 2 bags at one go ~
I like the vintage box but its like $45+ for NOTHING BUT A BOX.

Really like this!

New foundation sample the kind counter lady threw in ~

Also bought popteen and s cawaii even though i have yet to finish the previous issues, but popteen sells out fast, so better grab it while I could~
I’m thinking of getting BB cream from etude house hmmm.


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KH ramblings.

Skip away!!
Post is about me being a gamer geek haha.

I’m pretty miffed about the following things in KH 358/2 :
1. WTF Xion. She is kinda useless. From the start till now (I’m at day 171). Once she FORGOT how to use her keyblade and Roxas, the sweet boy (aka me) lent her the keyblade and what was my replacement? A FREAKING STICK. And limited usage of magic. So I pretty much let her do all the work while I whack stuff coming too close to me or when I find she is taking too damn long (which was often). And for the love of all things potato, she can’t jump very well.

2. Why can’t I be paired with Axel more?! I keep getting Xigbar and he is always being annyoing. And his attacks, they are sucking. And of course, I get paired with Xion lotsss. Axel by far = best partner ever.  Xaldin’s not too bad too. I feel safe. HAHAA kidding. But they do better work than others.

3. Why don’t I ever get paired with Luxord? I never seen him fight so I’m kinda curious

4. Why did so many people die so fast ? :/

5. Why are the heartless called heartless when I collect their hearts? I DONT GET IT D: And WE are the ones who apparently dont have hearts, but we are called  “nobodies”…. HUH?

6. Why is Roxas so annoying nice /dumb? I shrieked in anger so many times infront of my DS :( Especially in wonderland. I HATE DISNEY’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND!! For reasons too complex to explain but I seriously hate their version. But anyways, Roxas you are sooo cute but omg stop being kuku-brain ok. *pat*

7. Why can’t Xemnus be my partner? HEHEE. I have a thing for silver-haired villains from FF series haha. Except Loz, he’s one annoying crybaby.

But ahhh KH has it’s hotties too:

The only time I ever see him is during cut-scenes :/


^ Why are you so hot ?

My eyecandy who I dont see often. Because.. .
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nice photos make me happy

That aside, it’s been 1 month and 10 days since I hurt my hand (T_T)
Going to the doctor’s tomorrow~

I want to buy the following soon! hehe:
1. DHC lash thingum
2. Fan brush
3. More brushes for whatever reasons haha
4. Eyeshadow palettes [im thinkinggg that instead of a ps3, i’ll get bobbi brown’s 342342342 eyeshadow palette or something :/]
5. Highlighter/ shadowing and concealer stuff

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Was reading Roxas’ diary entries on the game,
“Xemnas summoned us. Nothing he says ever makes sense to me.”


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Game game game!

I’m currently really enjoying Kingdom hearts 358/2 on the DS.
Pity some chara seem to have died or something :/
I hope it is certainly not the case.
I’m not really a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, but playing as Roxas seems much better as compared to using Sora in the first game.

I can totally see the whole axel x roxas thing now hahaha.
I was delighted to find that the sound effects for eating icecream is exactly what i hear when I bite into a lime split icecream ! Hahhaa. It’s really cute. Every time they eat, I would purposely turn the volume louder *whacko* Hahhaa.

Not a lot can be said about Dissidia: FF. I thought it had one of the worst game intros EVER. I was suddenly plunging into fighting something .. also the fighting moves are kinda stupid. Perhaps it was the character I used, but Sephy flew really high in the air and I couldnt hit the opponent who can’t seem to fly that high, or liked the idea of flying for that matter. Haha.

Going to give it another shot later~ Or I’ll just dump the game and stick to my tekken 6 hoho.
Soul Calibur like always is fucking easy. I hate the new charas though, Dempire or whatever shit. And the Kovar or whatever. If you get them at the higher difficulty levels, they can be quite imbar. (T_T) Kotar/kovar AIYA GOD OF WAR GUY especially. Wtf man.

As soon as I was back from my morning facial, all I did was play games haha.
Im having a huge headache now because I only slept at 7am. And I woke up at 9am plus to go for facial. Also I couldnt sleep during it as my beautician and I were catching up.

It’s amazing how I even played KH without dying haha. I love the Chrno Gear keyblade! Works freaking wonders!

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虽然有可能是plastic surgery 过的, 但是还是美人喔!

Heki 是我的新偶像 (for eye makeup anyways!)

After 230 pages of stalking her blog , I’ll be analysing and studying the way to do good eye makeup. Because I think it’s very important, like kaname said and I’m only satisfied with my eyemakeup when im in casual wear (=_=)

Photo: Heki
Cure :

So what I’ve gathered is:
1. Don’t be afraid of too much eyeshadow / eye liner! [i keep thinking OMG PANDA PANDA! but actually its ok if you do it well enough T_T must practise T-T]
2. Have readily diff types of false lashes.
3. Line the crease of your eye! [also learnt from michelle phan]
4. Thinner brows, more arched!
5. Diff contact lenses give different image
6. Please learn to use liquid eyeliner, dear self.

I’m going to invest heavily on it!
So far I like KATE but mine is drying up :/ also anna sui but because I’m stupid with my hands, my lines are always thick :/

I’m going to start practising everyday since I have nothing to do!
I totally must practise *chants to self*

Also I’m going to get a bottle of BB cream and see how awesome it is, if it is even awesome :/
That plus shadowing and highlighting stuff~

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很久没有这种otacool 感觉哈哈!

一起床是3-4点,吃了小吃就用电脑看youtube 和查下allkpop 和kbites。
然后如果有anime 就去看。
今天更cool 了,我在玩psp 和 ds!

1. Soul calibur 4
2. Warrior Orochi [replaying!]
3. Project Diva

在等tekken 6,haouki 和 FF!
我出门时,再去买~ [但是很久没出门~哈哈]

1. hiiro no kakera [pause! too much text @_@]
2. Kingdom hearts [fail to work =_=]
3. Cooking mama 3

啊~ 这种lifestyle 我满喜欢! 哈哈!
一直看video 或 玩游戏~~不想上msn 谈~
也因为这样,让kymmie 担心,抱歉喔!m(__)m

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