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panty & stocking cosplay photoshoot


All  I wanna say is… THANK GAWD I WASNT SICK.
And we prayed so hard it wouldnt rain (coz it was raining every single freaking day) and it really didnt rain!
BUT!!! It was 34 degrees out!!! RAWR. My feet were cooking in my boots X_x;;

For the first time I changed clothes at a random toilet (the one in the MRT) haha, usually I’m in costume already!
Met Rea at the toilet haha. It was funny coz I wasnt sure if I gotten the right toilet, so I was texting her while in the vicinity. And she was changing while I was texting haha. There were so many people using the restroom so kinda paiseh to talk over the cubicles haha.

Anyways I couldnt escape taking a cab as usual :( SIGH
We had some mishaps, with Ria forgetting to bring her socks! She only brought one hahaha!
We had to call for help!! AKA. YeeLong, one of our photographers haha.

He had to go down to Ngee Ann City to purchase a pair of socks.. .SO HILARIOUS.
Like some hentai jiji!!! Hahahaha!!! The saleslady looked at him funny apparently hahaa!

Anyways IT WAS BLAZING HOT! Rawrs!

I was half afraid no one was gonna turn up actually coz we shot this on April Fool’s day haha!

Photo: Yee Long

We had lots of stares and we walked the same places like 5 times I think?!! Haha just going back for shelter / mcd to wait for the sun to stop being annoying! Haha.

photo: Foo!

Anyways super thankful to everyone again (;A;)

Things I regret:
1. Not styling my wig properly wtf at my fringe :(
2. Not getting new boots haha. My boots were flaking!

Anyways more pictures on:

Rea had to go finish her work (>A<) so Foo, YL and I went to Liang court for foodie! Yumyum!

Out of cosplay!

Also gotten mephisto charm from Yee Long! Keke! Thanks! <3
Promise to treat Foo and YL after I get my first pay keke! (^_^)/


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A Game of Thrones & other dolly things

Went to Kino to pick up a book!
Had lots of help from Nigel since I didn’t do much research! haha.

But I really had no time left after meeting a buyer, and so went to meet Kiyomi, YL and Foo for lunch!

Which is really money wasted, coz at 2pm? I really had no appetite.
I havent had any appetite recently :(
Like today, All I ate was half a cheesecake and drank half a moccha and my stomach felt weird after :(
Hopefully I’ll get better!

It was so good catching up though!!

We went back to kino later~:

Saw this haha!:

Decided to pick up book 2, which is season 2 of the TV series, A clash of kings!
But then realised… :

WTF why?! Why so many to choose from?! And the thickness was different too!
The last two are from the same publisher though.. I’m confused!

The thing is, YL and I checked the font size, the thicker book had a smaller font size.. So I’m really  like WHUT?! YL think it’s probably the spacing though.. hmm…
I settled for the prettier one which was also thinner haha! I don’t really like thick books!

My kino hauls :

Cosmode ONLY because I appeared in cure cosplay snaps worldwide!!! 8DDD

Right smack in the middle! Parfait prince! Oh yeahhh~ ^^
Anyways, aw man, couldnt stop reading a clash of kings!!! I realised the TV show really speeds forward too much haha!
Although some of Tyrion’s intentions get revealed in the book much earlier.
Fucking love the whole series!!!
I’m all for Dany!! Don’t give up Dany!! Love you to bits!
I also love Tyrion so much!!! (Told you I don’t go for looks! Haha!)
There are also so many interesting quotes !! It’s really well-written and well-thought of!
The characters are all so so very interesting!!

I think I may buy the other books once I’m done. This is saying something, because I DON’T LIKE TO READ LONG NOVELS ACTUALLY DD: I couldn’t get through LoTR and the only book that could captivate me before this was the Harry Potter series (and I only made it till the 5th book haha!)  My BFF shared with me the e-books but the feeling is not the same! I love the feeling of paper between my fingertips and the smell of a new book! *_*

What I was worried about was the book spine. I’m very careful with my books! I hate to see creases on the spine. But I thought, if I’m going to lend this to my father / brother, it would be covered in creases anyway, so I read comfortably, but till this day (my third day with the book and 200+ pages later), no creases! 8D Whee!

Anyways today I took a break from reading, and met mk for tea / lunch / for her to pass me her doll head!
We are sending out our DOD boys together for a faceup ^^
We live really near to each other haha so we met at a nearby mall~
Had great fun!!! Ahhhh, I want to attend a doll meet soon!

See you soon my love!:

I helped her scrub out the remaining faceup Mk couldnt get off her Camine too~
Thank goodness I bought a new bottle of thinner last year!

Her doll is about 4 years old? Mine is actually 5 years old. Look at the resin diff D: Gahh!

Been doing a lot of dolly-related stuff recently!
For some reason, I had courage to sew a dress for Chie! D8 :

I think I was motivated because I sewed Kazamori for my Inga cosplay haha!
I sewed another dress halfway (coz I screwed up the sleeves and Im lazy to save it now) and also a T-shirt! But I havent decorated the T-shirt so i’m just staring at it haha.

I bought some new stuff for my dolls too!
A new wig and dress for Chie and a new wig for Kaya~

Also recurled Kaya’s old blonde wig, what a fucking nightmare. In the end it still looks untidy haha.

Because some of my PVC clothes are flaking badly, decided to follow Sandra’s advice to pack them between tracing paper.
So I went to daiso to get more ziplock bags, moisture sucking things and tracing paper! :D

So I packed my doll shoes, clothes etc

Also bought fluffy socks 8DDD :

And also cute lingerie HAHAHA! They are all candy inspired! Love love love !
When you wear cute lingerie, mood = instant up haha!

Ok, I think I’m tired now, gonna read more and sleep perhaps! Keke!

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overdue blog post: UN-GO Inga cosplay shoot

Oh dear, how long ago was this haha.
Anyways very grateful to Foo and Garion for agreeing to shoot!

I really love Inga, he’s silly, playful and eccentric. It was easy to get into character and pose.
However, not so much for the “crazy” looks Foo was expecting, sorry! Haha.

I also like adult version Inga, but I’m too lazy to cos that haha :X

Anyways, 2 days before the shoot, I decided suddenly, that i should sew a Kazamori plushie.
So I did..

And gawd was it ugly HAHA.

I made the ears too pointy and it become neko-like =_= , so I re-did the ears again.
Then even though I have 29480283482 buttons (I bought a button pack in Thailand years ago) I had no buttons to fit!!
So I bought wooden ones from daiso and painted them XD

My first time sewing a plushie ;A; so it had many errors, like, me closing the head too early and realising, OH SHIT FORGOT TO SEW THE MOUTH. Then I used thread so thin it’s like =_=

Anyways on the day of the shoot, I planned to take public transport in half my costume, but I left late and had mild food poisoning.
This is like the second time in a row for a shoot!
(First was Takasugi, then about 1-2 weeks later I shot Inga, and I gotten food poisoning again =_=)

I had to push back the shoot to an hour later coz my stomach felt so sick (@_@)

Then it rained! OH GAWD WHY.

We were gonna shoot at alleyways.. but arghhh…
Thankfully Foo had his car back so we sat down thinking of where else to go to.
We couldn’t go to many places coz there was no shelter and the photographers didnt bring any lights (x_x);;

I couldn’t do the scenes I wanted! I bought chalk to draw on the floor like a crime scene. Sobs.

Anyways we found a good place to get some light at least haha!!


So far only Foo’s coz Garion hasn’t passed me any (X_X)

After the fast shoot, we wanted to go crash Yeelong’s shoot at the botantic gardens but alas, he canceled his shoot coz it was raining big time there.

So we met at Plaza Sing for dinner! With tenjin too~
Then I went to play gachapon! AGAIN!
The previous night, after going to hort park, we went there too, and I gotten a Gintoki charm.
I tried my luck again … and.. GINTOKI AGAIN!! WAEEEE?!!!
I love you Gintoki, but I wanted Takasugi!!

Initially, I gave it to Foo/YL.

Then we went to the upper levels to play gachapon AGAIN!
I gotten Kagura! And Foo got Hijikata, so we changed! haha.
Then later, Foo gave me his Okita since I gave him Gintoki.
Yay! Good trade!
So thankful keke!
When it got later, Foo sent us home! Whee! Thank you!!

All in all, happy day despite being upset about the rain and my food poisoning (X_x)

Will update next about my Panty & Stocking photoshoot.

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cos frenzy~~

I am most definitely going to be working at AFA 2012 this year.
And would be attending AFA Msia and Indonesia as well.

I would still want to cos in Singapore though ;A;
So I have  think of comfortable cosplays to do ._. With no props or anything blocking my vision.. And most likely flats! No heels or platforms!
And so after a long night of thinking (haha)
I decided I should do female characters haha!  So I can breathe properly and help carry stuff around!
And I should do game cosplays! (coz I seriously havent done any!)
Now I’m deciding between Lili or Alisa from Tekken.
The other day I would probably do FF13’s Serrah.

Still thinking of other characters though but I think this should be most likely it?

I also want to some Naruto cosplay soon. I know I have Konan done and just waiting for a shoot, but I want to cos other charas too ;A; But I don’t know who haha.

Recently my obsession for Naruto has revived!!!


Look at all these:


And Genma baby <3

My revived husband finally gets some action with his lil brother. <3

I’ve been thinking, ahhh I really don’t want to be the kind of cosplayer who only does certain “type” characters.
As in personality-wise? Like the quiet / bishie (??!!) type?? [Nemu, Ciel, Gakupo, Takasugi.. ORZ]
Also I think more often than not, I’ve been cossing a lot of one-eyed characters too D8
1. Ciel (who I did twice! And plan to maybe do more??)
2. Takasugi
3. Inga

Planning to cos:
4. Date Masamune (basara)
5. Zange
6. Kyubei (x2)
7. Badou
8. Kirashishou

Actually… from brave10, I considered Date Masamune and Rokoru, BUT SERIOUSLY WTF.
Too many one-eyed characters.
I must break out of this haha!

I want to do more funny characters haha.
So I’m highly considering Kagerou from Inu x Boku SS.
I will be very happily going around listing all the S and M items :3 hahaha.
That man is Hilarious with a cap H!!
But I can’t stand all the mushy gross moments in Inu x Boku SS. When the main charas open their mouths, my toes are curling and I feel like gagging. I think I’m M, to continue watching it, but I’m seriously only watching it for Karuta and Kagerou. I hope they have moments together haha. I really like them together 8D  I almost want to read the manga, but thinking about all the lovely dovey shit the main charas are going to get into, I almost want to vomit (>_>);; I’m just really not a mushy lovey dovey person =_=

A guy once told me, he looked into the Brisbane skyline and he thought of me.
And a part of me probably died cause that was so disgusting (to me anyway). It was so gross I was freaking out.

Yes, I’m a weird girl .__.

Anyways, the point is, I hope I can branch out to do more humourous characters and challenge myself with regards to portraying the character :3

Also, I’m very very grateful that my Takasugi cos has gotten quite a lot of love!
The other day I commented on another local deviant’s picture, and he was all “oh hey! i saw ur takasugi cos! nice!” So ahh I’m really thankful for the love I’ve gotten ;A; I wasn’t really expecting it.

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Gintama – Takasugi Shinsuke cosplay shoot

Shot this about 2 weeks back!
Finally, my Takasugi cosplay gets an official debut haha!
I did the cos-test so long ago (@_@) And I cosplayed him to be featured in my childhood friend’s uni project about identity and cosplay.
I heard she got an A!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
I’m always happy to help for such projects if you are sincere and nice about it!
I talk ALOT during interviews and I know how difficult it is to get the statements you would need, so please feel free to look for me if you need help in your project about cosplay haha!

Anyways, this was my first studio shoot!
I never really fancied the idea of studio shoots and it never crossed my mind, but my wonderful friend, Yee Long, has an amazing portfolio of cosplay shoots taken at his home haha. Please see it here! So I was willingly to give a studio shoot a shot!

This is by far, the MOST COMFORTABLE SHOOT EVER. Hahaha!
Reason being, we took our time doing everything and I sat down on a chair 90% of the time when not shooting haha!
And there was aircon! BANZAI! (。・ω・)ノ゙

^ My favourite picture!
Alot of people on deviantart have been asking me how did the butterflies turn out so nice?
The answer is:
1) Yee Long is fucking amazing with lighting
2) These are iron-on butterflies

In reality, this outfit reminds me of a brinjal with golden butterfly stickers plastered all over it haha.

Had so much fun laughing coz the lighting which was peach-coloured made some photos look fluffy.
In other instances, the photo looked like a scene in a brothel.
Although the idea of Takasugi in a brothel wouldn’t be so far-fetched.

Also the katana photos was a pain!
The first few shots were great but we realised the scabbard (or saya) was in the picture and it made the whole pic look kinda awkward haha. So we took the saya off and begun trying to get the same pose and angle all over again haha!
Pretty hilarious though.

The katana is heavy as hell! It’s an actual katana apparently?
So man… it was heavy like (*#$(*@*&* haha.

OH gawd and the licking sword photos (which turned out really fucking hilarious) !!! I never laughed so hard at a shoot before HAHAHAA. Omg thinking about it makes me laugh like mad. I totally killed the image of Takasugi right there and then. It was really “Bakasugi” hahaa!

You can see the whole set of pics including my camwhore pics on FaceBook! 

After the shoot:

Finally gotten a stool in there, and I laid there like a dead fish while Yee Long went around to tidy up haha.
How come I look so thin here? D8:

Camwhoring with Yee Long and what “Bakasugi would look like” :

Every shoot, I would definitely have regrets! Because I have a perfectionist mentality when it comes to cosplay haha!
So what I regret this time would be: MAKEUP!!!! I think I could have done a better job ! (>人<;)
Somehow I didn’t do the kind of makeup I was aiming for, like in my cos-tests!

I think the whole problem was I didn’t draw my double eyelid higher.. and I didn’t line my whole eye (.___.)

But the photos came out great so I can safely put a “DONE” stamp for this character haha!
Also I would have really liked it if Yee Long liquified me so I look thinner HAHAHAHA!
None of my photos were liquified!!! D8 What horror is this hahahaahahah!
Kidding! But for non-liquified photos, I think these are fantastic!
Goes to show that camera angles are important!
Get it right and you never have to PS your photo haha!

Thanks Yee Long, for always shooting for me since my Ciel cosplay, for listening to me whine about my nose HAHA and bitch about 29849283482942 other things.
And for understanding that my vulgarity is a part of me and how much I love little girls. HAHAHAHA!
Anyways, I’m selling this outfit and wig! Please go check it out on SGCafe! 

I’m also going to be shooting Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt in April!
Can’t wait!!! (*´ω`*)

I also hope to shoot other cosplays soon:
1. Konan! Waiting for Rhoda (╥﹏╥)
2. Alois! Gotten everything ready, just figuring out locations to shoot…
3. Inga! The panda hat is taking up a lot of closet space (X_x);;
4. Date masamune (but i need to do a cos test first D8)

I also opened a Star Driver team (specifically for the Glittering Crux Brigade) for Cosfest 2012:

If you are Singaporean or are coming to Cosfest, I warmly invite you to join us!
I’ll be as the President! Secretary has been taken! I’m looking for Banker and the other members!
Visit SGCafe to apply if not please leave me a comment or something!  (♡´◡`♡)””

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Cosfest 2012 day 1

Ahh… my plan for BGS failed again.

I was really upset .. arghwqgdjhajd.
So I pulled out a Kagura cos out of my closet.
In fact I have a few costumes just sitting in my closet collecting dust D8


Went to meet BRS team mates and caught up!
Because Ning and I didn’t finish the cos, we had to do a punishment… (invented by yours truly, coz I was so confident I would make it >_>) so we spent our cosfest time carrying out our punishment (X_x)

With Ning~

Also met YL and Garion (FINALLY) ahha

Hmmmm what can I say about Cosfest…
It was HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!! Like madness.

In the tent area, it was equally hot! And stuffy!!! It was like the air conditioning wasn’t working.
Actually, I’m pretty certain there was no air conditioning at all (X_x);;
It was only then I was half thankful I didn’t do BGS… I would be sweating buckets.

Decided to forgo day 2 because of that!!

Anyways some pics:
Picture credits: The cosplay chronicle

Picture credits: Lawrence Yin

After suffering in the heat, went to take purikura with our BRS team! =3=
It was free purikura, because when we put in coins, the machine didn’t work so when Ning pressed the lever to get back our coins, we got back $8! D8

After that, I went to bum around in their chalet =3=
We had a lot of fun talking and laughing! Keke! =3= Gotta love these peeps !!!

Anddddd… that’s it for today.
I have no mood to blog recently @_@;; Heh… ._.

Until next time~!

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parfaitprince as inga from un-go!

… but this is just a test WAHAHA.

It was a bit difficult because I had only one hand to click shift and the mousepad on photobooth haha.
Plus I only had one eye!! Haha. This is my set of 25 Inga expressions. If it was just myself, this would be a whole diff set of photos. I think being in character is something important when it comes to cosplaying. It’s not only just about the costume you don on ://

See bigger version here: 

Going to change some things with the makeup.. mainly the lower lashes !
And also the wig needs to be styled even more.

Hope to do a shoot for this soon!

Also I finally styled my Konan wig. HIPHIPHURRAH.
Just need to fix on the flower, get me some scandals and I’m done babeh.
Oh wait, and organise a shoot haha.

I feel so super fail because I havent been working for 2 months but I havent done ANY shoots at all ORZ
Blame my epic laziness haha.

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